Friday, 31 October 2014

1.3 Dragon Knight Part 4

My helmet’s facial plate flies up and back into place before staying there.

“I’m using telekinesis,” explains Sam over our League communicators as I give him a look.

“I guess you took your mask off to puke,” says Oakley as he reaches us and looks down at the mess I left on the ground.

I nod in reply and Narszara points to the fallen power armour man.

“Ah,” says Oakley, “This is going to be a really bad report to write up. All five of them are dead. Did he kill him as well?”

“Narszara here is a girl,” I answer, “She stabbed him in the head before I fire my lasers.”

“Things just keep getting worse,” says Oakley.

“They were really evil and they all needed to die,” offers Narszara, “They were also soldiers, not criminals or supervillains. Their deaths were those of warriors falling upon the battlefield.”

“Yeah, that might help a little,” says Oakley, “You’re all going to have to write reports.”

“Can we do that later?” I ask, “We need to get back to base at the moment.”

“If you must,” sighs Oakley, “Can you at least explain who she is?”

“This is Narszara Geous Coura,” I explain, “She’s an interdimensional warrior. She’s also a badass and has just sworn loyalty to me. She’s a Norgardian who has just lost her team stopping us from getting invaded. We’re going to find out more back at our base.”

“You best be off now then,” says Oakley wearily.

As we fly off, Narszara flying alongside us, I realise that Inspector Oakley had a gash across his upper arm and bloodied nose. He didn’t mention his own wounds once.


I stand facing Narszara once I have taken off the Sentinel armour. This the first time I taken a good look at her.

Her armour covers her entire body like the Sentinel and Warden armours. Hers has taken a lot of battle damage. Several chucks of varying size are missing while it all seems rather charred and burnt with the exception of her sword and scabbard. It seems to be coloured a mixture of green, brown and grey. Beneath the metal armour, you can see what looks like used to be leather and fur, but that’s all pretty much burnt away.

Her helmet has metal horns point backwards on it and only her eyes can be seen beneath it. Her left cheek has a hole which looks a lot like bullet hole. It has other dents which also like bullet holes, but none of them have gone through like the cheek one.

The armour that covers her body easily conceals it shape and any curves that might lie beneath. At least it explains how no one noticed she was female straight away. It has a multitude of bullet dents and lots of slashes and grazes. A small hole has gone through and has dried blood around it.

Her lower left leg has a cut to it while her upper right has also been cut open, but it’s not as long and appears to be slightly deeper. Her upper left leg has a more serious wound where it’s been stabbed straight through by a blade or spear.

On her upper left arm is another more serious wound. One of Gorlack’s soldiers has brutally slashed it open with a jagged weapon.

Normally such injuries would make me vomit, but after today, I’m too worn out to care that much. Plus how Narszara is coping with these injuries, which is to say that she doesn’t appear to be bothered by them, makes them seem not as bad as they really are.

“She looks really bad,” says James.

Along with me and Narszara, are Samuel, Vance, Stefan, James, Skyler and Lucy.

“Some of the Defenders on their way here,” says Sam, “Restorer is with them. They thought somebody might get hurt and need healing.”

For some reason, our eyes all stray to the corpse of the Colonel Gorlack at the back of the room. Narszara insisted that we bring his body with us and none of us felt like arguing with her at the time.

“He is beyond saving,” says Narszara, “In both Jari and Sari.”

One of the annoying things Narszara seems to be doing is speaking in her birth language, Norgardian, randomly whilst speaking English.

“Jari and Sari?” inquires Sam.

“Body and Soul,” answers Narszara.

“So Narszara,” says Skyler, “Can you tell us more about yourself?”

“Aye,” answers Narszara, “Where shall I start?”

“Summarise please,” replies James.

“I was born to one of the Norgardian Roaming Fleets,” says Narszara, “They travel throughout the Multiverse, seeking out and destroying evil. Mine came across a battalion of the Evil Empire’s forces under the command of Colonel Gorlack. Your grandparents faced another division of the Empire’s forces over four of your decades ago. While the fleet’s main force did battle, I and my squad hunted Gorlack. He had a personal guard of two platoons and a squad of elite soldiers. Laiana fell first in the first clash while Surikos was beheaded by Gorlack in our second encounter.  At our third and final battle, Gorlack had only two squads and two of his elite left. But he also had a dozen of the local mercenaries with him as he tried to flee to your world with his surviving forces. I forged ahead while Stea and Ardi dealt with his first squad. We rallied at the platform after felling half of the mercenaries and Gorlack’s squad.”

Narszara falls silent and closes her eyes. She opens them after a moment.

“Stea and Ardi had suffered many wounds fighting against Gorlack’s men,” continues Narszara, sadness in her voice, “As we leapt across to the platform, Ardi was gunned down while Stea was blasted off the edge as she provide covering fire. I survived unleashed by Mordi and Sari upon the mercenaries. I blow up one of Gorlack’s men as he travelled here.”

“The explosion on the other side of the portal,” I mutter.

“Correct,” says Narszara, “He lost one and the other was set on fire, leaving only him and his two elite. I had to best the remaining mercenaries before I could purse Gorlack. When I did go through, I saw your watchmen fighting the elites. I felled them before they could harm your people further. I then went to the aid of Verigar. When he defeated Gorlack, I pledged my loyalty to him.”

“So what has happened now!?” suddenly demands Britannia as she enters the room. 

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