Tuesday, 14 October 2014

1.2 Partners Part 8

“Okay everyone, the announcement is in thirty,” announces the original Bolt, “Be in costume and ready to go out at that time.”

The first Bolt, Vance’s grandfather Kennet, is a Norwegian immigrant who settled in the south of England once War World II ended. His greying hair is in a mane similar his grandson’s, but not as long as Vance’s. They also share the same costume design, a cos-mat dark blue suit that covers his entire body with white gauntlets and boots. Only their lower face, eyes and hair are shown through their costumes.

Of the surviving three original League members, Kennet is only one who’s still active. Vibration and Psychic are too old for it and have been retired for a while. So Kennet is being our old hand when we get announced as new members of League.

Of the other old League members, only Bulk is still an active part of it. But due to him being commonly known as supervillain rather than as a reformed supervillain turned hero like he is, he’s staying home.

“I’ll be suiting up now,” I say as I walk towards the lab.

All ten of us are here, but I still haven’t got around to telling them about my talk with Agent Lewis last night. It just hasn’t come up yet.

“Same,” says Charlie as he makes his way towards the armoury where the different Bulk armours are kept.

Samuel, Skyler, Stefan and Helen are already in their costumes. Stefan’s is costume a black cos-mat costume with a leather jacket.

I’m going to order a lot of replacement jackets for him later. Or less until he realises what a horrible idea it is and decides to ditch it.

My cousin Helen has brown hair like her mother and green eyes like grandma. Both go well with her white and blue cos-mat costume that covers the entirety of her body, minus her hair, eyes and lower face.

Helen is the oldest of us new members, the only legal adult at the age of eighteen years old.

“Hey Daniel!” calls Vance, “Where are our costumes?”

“In the costume storage room!” I tell him, “Where else would they be?”

I can hear Sam and Sky laughing at Vance; no doubt they’re remembering their own mess up on Tuesday evening.

As usual, the Sentinel armour only takes just over two minutes to put on. I’m probably going to work on that.

Once I’m back in the main room, the others are all in costume as I notice as I look around the room.

Charlie is in the massive Bulk armour while Accelerate in her yellow costume. Vance and Kennet are in identical costumes. Kevin is in a grey special cos-mat costume that covers all of him, but his eyes in addition to being extra flexible so he can uses his powers better.

Carrie is wearing a black cos-mat costume with some dark blue splotches to it. Like with most of the others, her hair, eyes and lower face are the only parts of her body showing.

“Everybody ready to go?” asks Bolt as I stand with the others.


The crowd of reporters looks rather intimidating when you’re the one that is the focus of their attention. Especially when you have no idea what they want from you.

Kennet marches out first in a confident. The cameras start flashing and reporters begin to talk and call out questions.

“Hello folks,” says Kennet with a smile as he speaks into a microphone, “I’m not the best at talking with people so I’m going to keep this short and simple.”

The crowd settles down as they wait for him to speak.

“As you might know,” continues Kennet, “Some of the original League’s grandchildren have started taking up our mantles as we have been getting too old over the last decade or so. Especially given the events on Tuesday and yesterday.”

He pauses to let it soak in before grinning as he starts speaking again.

“The reason behind this gathering is so we can officially announce the renewal of the League of Heroes,” says Kennet, “We’ll also introduce the new official members of the League of Heroes. Unlike many new superheroes, they already have experience in this business due having several family members being superheroes themselves and knowing many others as they have grown up. They, like old League members, will use the League’s base and its resources to help people. They also have knowledge and experience of what it takes to be a good hero.”

He pauses again.

While he claims to be a poor speaker, Kennet is doing a pretty good job in my books. It helps that he’s keeping simple without adding too much detail in.

“Now that has been cleared up,” Kennet continues to speak, “I’m going to have them come out and introduce themselves. However I should warn you that two of them are descended from former supervillains, but I and the rest of the League trust them with our lives regardless of that.”

I stand there nervously. As he begins to call us out, he starts with Lantern, then Commando, then Vision, then Accelerate.

Then I’m called in.

I hesitantly walk forward from the backroom that we have been waiting in. The reporters instantly start talking again as I come into view. They did that when Sam came into view. That may be due to him either be the first out or being the most visible when we fought Vistorix.

I think it’s a mixture of both personally. Sky, James and Lucy were also involved in both of the fights, but they weren’t exactly visible. James stayed back during the Vistorix fight while Sky was taken out before the crowd arrived and started filming it. Lucy was seen during the bank, but she was mostly inside and her speed meant it was hard to see her even when the public at the police lines actually could spot her.

On the other hand, I was highly visible in both fights. Sam and I took down Vistorix in front of the crowd. At the bank, I was out in the street where the public bystanders could watch and film me as I battled Hall and his men. Not to mention I took down Hall and the majority of the bank robbers during that last one.

I focus back on the press conference as I hear the reporters begin whisper amongst themselves. I look at the others. They have already come out with the exception of Charlie and Stefan, who are currently coming into view.

Both have supervillain grandparents even if Bulk has reformed and joint the League.

Now the media’s questions begin and I hate pretty much all of them.

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