Friday, 24 October 2014

1.3 Dragon Knight Part 2

Before any of us can react, I receive a message from the base computer.


“What is that?” ask Melville as Oakley mutters something to himself.

“A full sized interdimensional portal,” I reply.

The portal is about the size of a small car. I have no trouble believing that something dangerous could step out at any moment.

“The League base computer says the threat level has increased to high,” I warn the two police officers, “I’m going to call for back up.”

“Good idea,” says Oakley as he gets out his radio.

“Samuel,” I say over the League’s private channel.

“Yeah Daniel,” replies Sam.

“The portal just became the size of a small car,” I tell him, “Threat level has increased to high.”

“Got it,” says Sam, “Give me a few minutes to get over there.”

“Grab some of the others if you can,” I tell him before I end the call.

The portal isn’t doing much, but I am certain it is something as something is about to come through it any moment now.

“I’ve called the Defenders,” Oakley informs me.

“I’ve just called Lantern,” I reply, “He’ll be here in a few minutes. Some of the Leaguers might be with him.”

“Any idea what we’re facing?” asks Oakley as he draws his taser.

“It’s an interdimensional portal that big enough for a monster to come through,” I reply, “If we’re lucky, whatever comes through will be one of the good guys or at least not a threat to us. Otherwise it could get pretty bad.  Generally Class 4s or 5s come through on their own or in small groups. Class 3s do come through, but there generally at least in small groups and normal large groups. Weak beings don’t tend to be strong enough to invade other dimensions.”

“Damn,” curses Oakley.

“Of course it could be a random portal opening and a weak creature might come through,” I say, “But yeah, it’s probably going to be something pretty bad.”

“Hope it won’t be too ba-,” starts Melville when an explosion comes out of the portal.

I stare at it in shock before raising my arms to aim my lasers at the portal and whatever will come through.

“What was that!?” demands Oakley.

“An explosion on the other side of the portal,” I reply just before a man steps out.

He’s wearing bulky power armour that makes him just over two metres tall. The armour is bone white with the exceptions of his helmet and large shoulder pads, both of which are blood red. In his hands is what looks like a compact and bulky HMG or something with a lot of firepower or punch.

From his movement, the explosion happened behind man to his right.

Suddenly another body comes flying out, a flaming man in black full body robes.

Another man in the same outfit of black robes staggers out, but is only partially on fire. He’s clutching a crude assault rifle of some kind. It’s clearly inferior to any modern military grade weaponry.

Two more men come out of the portal as well. These two are wearing bone white robes and black boots, but have blood red body armour on their chests and backs plus a helmet coloured the same shade of red. Their large shoulder pads are golden and in their hands are large, shiny shotguns. Parts of their robes are on fire as well like the men in the black robes.

I make a split-second decision and decide these guys are the bad guys. It helped my HUD indentified them as hostiles despite me being unable to remember granddad telling about anybody like these people. Plus the three in the armour looked too much like what the old Commando described as our part of the Multiverse’s very own evil empire or something like that.

I fire my lasers at the shotguns, melting partially melting their middles.

I turn to face the man in the power armour, but he’s already aimed his weapon at me. I try to fire first, but he’s already pulled the trigger.

I stagger back under the swarm of bullets hitting me. Definitely a HMG. I’m shielding my face with my arms. My armour should hold out easily against the bullets, but I don’t want to risk a lucky shot piercing the eye lenses and killing me.

Suddenly the enemy fire stops. I look at the man and see Melville attacking him with her sonic powers.

She’s not doing much other than surprising and distracting the man. I rush the man in the power armour before he can switch his target from me to the policewoman. I doubt she’ll survive the hail of bullets like I can.

I glimpse the second black robed man as he runs in circles. He’s desperately trying to put hold the flames on him.

I tackle the man in power armour, sending us both flying backwards. I grab his gun and clench it. It crunches under the increased strength of the Sentinel armour. I toss the now useless weapon aside mere moments before the man grabs me by the shoulders and tosses me behind him.

Whilst in midair, I use my rocket pack to stabilise my flight. I spin around to see the power armour man getting to his feet. I really hope he can’t fly.

Oakley and Melville are dealing with the other two armoured men while the last man is still trying to stop himself from burning to death.

My foe uses a silver jet pack that I failed to notice before to fly at me. I cut the fuel to my own and drop to the ground. I jump to the side as the man tries to stomp-land on me.

And yes, I know that’s not a proper word.

He charges at me, but staggers as something flies into his side.

I look at the projectile. It appears be a sword with some sort of green crystal blade.

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