Friday, 17 October 2014

1.2 Partners Part 9

I disliked the questions that were asked of us. Halfway through the conference, that dislike turned into hatred. By the end, most of the reporters in the room I hated with a passion.

And yes, it was that bad. It didn’t help most of them were dumb and pointless. Do I mean the questions or the reporters? The answer is yes.

Some of their questions were okay such as ‘what are our powers?’ and ‘which superheroes are we related too?’.

Others were just plain, old and stupid such as if ‘Bulk and Storm Knight could be trusted?’ and ‘how it was possible to be certain that they wouldn’t become supervillains like their grandparents?’.

The rest were simply irrelevant to the point we were making. In fact, I didn’t even bother to remember them.

But enough of me going on about my newfound hatred of the press, the media and all they entail.

Once it ended, we returned to the base and changed out of costumes before splitting up for the night.

Charlie and James decided to head home while the Walters went to some fancy place that their family could afford. Stefan stayed to use the training room and Sam and Sky decided to join him. Vance and Kennet when to a coffee shop for a drink together. Lucy stayed at the base to use one of the high-tech computers to do some of her homework.

I just decided to go home and see my family. I wonder how Lily will react to tonight?

I’m just coming out of the base when Helen runs to catch up with me.

I’m surprised at her appearance, jeans and an sleeveless shirt. While the jeans are normal for her, the shirt isn’t.

“I didn’t expect you to wear a shirt like that,” I say as I stop and wait for my cousin.

“I’m trying out a new look,” explains Helen as we begin walking again, “Girl Stuff.”

“Got it,” I reply.

‘Girl Stuff’ is Helen’s standard way of saying that I won’t understand the explanation. It includes pointless shopping and owning far too many shoes.

Of course my own younger sister, Lily, does the same stuff so it is probably just an example of boys not understanding girls and their strange habits. Not their girls understand all of our male habits.

On the other hand, Skyler also has no idea why anyone would do Girl Stuff.

“Mum is visiting yours,” says Helen, “So I figured I’ll tag along with you and go and see her.”

“Sure,” I reply as I stuff my hands in my pockets, “I guess they’ll both want to see how we are after the conference.”

“I’m going to take a guess and say that you found the reporters and their questions to be dumb?” inquires Helen, “Possible downright stupid at the same time?”

“That obvious?” I grumble in return.

“Nah,” replies Helen, “I just thought they were stupid as well. So did Charlie, Stefan, Samuel, Skyler and Vance. James and Lucy understood where the media was coming from, but they also agreed the reporters were still stupid.”

“Probably trying to play on public fears to get more readers and viewers,” I muse before another thought strikes me, “Have you noticed how many children and grandchildren of supervillains are becoming superheroes?”

“I’ll admit that there are a lot of them,” replies Helen, “I suppose they want to throw off the stigma and make their own name in the world.”

We make other trivial small talk as we walk back to my house in Shirley. It takes us about a good hour and forty minutes and we spend most of that time discussing superhero stuff. And not just about the League as we talked about the Albion Defenders and other English heroes and villains.

“Mum still doesn’t approve of changing the name from Protector to Defenders,” says Helen walk towards the door, “She said it was only done to appease the Americans and their Defenders. Because, as you certainly know, they have the Justice Defenders, the Liberty Defenders, the Freedom Defenders and etc, etc.”

“I get it,” I reply as I get my key out, “That’s one of the downsides of being government funded and one of the reasons the League was kept internally funded.”

“I will never understand how you keep track of all that,” says Helen, shaking her head.

She is referring to how I been managing the League’s resources and assets since Granddad’s death.

“Oh, it’s quite simple once you got the hang of it-,” I start to say as I open the door.

“Daniel!” shouts Lily as see spots me.

Lily’s got blonde short hair and slight tomboy streak to her. As shown by choice of attire with her loose t-shirt and patched up jeans. We have to be careful around her as she hasn’t figured out about how we’re connected to the League and superhero business. And I intend to keep it that way for as long as I can.

“Hiya Helen,” grins Lily as we enter the house, “My Mum and your mum are in my mum’s bedroom. Did you hear about it on the news?”

“About the new members of League of Heroes?” I ask, knowing the answer already.

“Yup,” says Lily, “It’s awesome isn’t it! Having the New League of Heroes about. Especially since they’re local.”

“They’re officially just the League of Heroes,” I point out.

“Who cares about that?” snorts Lily.

“Anyhow, me and Helen are going to see Mum and Mary,” I reply, “I’ll talk with you later.”

“Okay,” says Lily before going back to watching the TV.

Helen and I make our way upstairs to my Mum and Dad’s room where Aunt Mary and Mum are talking at her desk.

“There you two are,” says my mum as she notices us enter, “I guessed it was coming ever since you started going out in dad’s old armour, but it’s still a surprise for any mother.”

“I been involved since before granddad’s death,” I reply, “I just wasn’t going out and fighting before Tuesday. Even that was only to help Sam, Sky and James against Vistorix.”

“Still it’s dangerous and can tear families apart,” says Mum solemnly, “It’s happened before.”

At my Mum’s words, Helen shakes her head and Mary sighs.

“Mum, you know that applies to the Americans and fiction,” I counter, “Granddad and grandma stay together until old natural death did them apart. The same goes the rest of League and their families, ours included. And the Lantern doesn’t count as he sacrificed himself to stop the Invasion. The same goes for the Albion Defenders, the Guardians of Ireland and the Highlanders. Only a few of the heroes in Isles seem suffer like the American ones seem to and even then, its only because there’s so many more American heroes to suffer bad fates. When you look at the percentages, the Americans suffer about the same as most countries ”

“You’re right,” concedes mum, “But it’s still hard for me.”

For that I have no words, but Mary starts speaking again. The conversation continues in a similar fashion from that point onwards before I excuse myself and go to my room. 

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