Saturday, 4 October 2014

1.2 Partners Part 5

“That went well,” says Charlie as we sit around the large table where we’re having the meeting tonight, “Nobody, but the bad guys got hurt.”

“Daniel was upset by their screams,” replies Lucy, casting a concerned look at me.

“I’m okay now,” I reassure her, “The screams just unnerved me more than I expected them to. So did watching them suffer. The worst part was that I knowing that I had caused it. It felt worst once the fight was over when I could hear them and wasn’t focused on fighting.”

“I didn’t really hurt the men inside the bank,” says Lucy, “Just knocked them out. I mean I could hear the cries of the ones outside, but I concentrated on the fight as well.”

“You both did good,” says Charlie, “Almost wish I was there, but I would have just gotten in the way and caused more problems than I would have solved.”

“It’s not your fault the Bulk armour is so big,” I say sympathically.

“Still,” replies Charlie, shrugging, “I wonder where they got the firepower they had from. A single pistol is rare, let alone seven, an Uzi and a pair of assault rifles.”

“You mentioned that to Inspector Oakley,” Lucy says to me as she looks at me and she leans against the wall, “Any ideas?”

“None really, but I haven’t looked into it yet,” I reply, shaking my head, “But they shouldn’t of had that amount of firepower on their own. I bet somebody give it to them.”

“It couldn’t just be a coincidence,” says Charlie, “Only three days after your fight with Vistorix.”

“I was thinking that myself,” I reply, “But we should focus on the meeting. The others should start arriving anytime now.”

No sooner then I finish speaking, I hear Sam shouting down the corridor.

“I can’t believe it you guys!” shouts Sam as he strolls into the room, “You and Lucy took on Kendrick Hall, Kingsley Edison and all of their henchmen this afternoon. It’s all over the news.”

Sky and James are with him and just followed Sam in.

“It was more that we arrived at the base when the police call us,” explains Lucy as Sam takes a seat next to me.

Charlie is seated next to me while Lucy takes a chair opposite him.

“It was still awesome,” says Sam, “I wish I could have been there.”

“No doubt you do,” I reply as Sky sits next to Sam and James sits next to Lucy and opposite me, 

“Any idea who else is showing up. I know Helen is coming.”

“Vance texted me,” says James, “Him and the Walter twins are coming should be here in a minute or two. I’m certain Stefan is coming, but he might be a few minutes late.”

“All of us have got our names already sort,” I say, “I’m Sentinel, Sam’s Lantern, Lucy’s Accelerate, James is Vision, Sky’s Commando and Charlie’s Bulk. I pretty certain Helen is going with Gateway like grandma. What about the others?”

“Vance mentioned he was going with Bolt like his grandfather,” says James, “I don’t know about Stefan and Walter twins.”

“I’m certain that Stefan isn’t going with Black Storm,” says Sky, “But that’s a given.”

“So tell us about the fight,” eagerly asks Sam.

We spent the next few minutes discussing the earlier fight, Sam and Sky being the most eager to hear about. We stop when Vance, Stefan and the Walter twins enter the room.

Vance Svendsen is of Norwegian descent as the original Bolt and his wife were from there. His mother and her family are English however. His hair is a long mangled mane of dirty blonde whilst his eyes are a sharp blue. He has a particularly rugged look to both his body and his facial features. The beard he has started growing helps.

Stefan Thornson on the other hand has his hair both messy and closely cropped. He’s skinny and has above average height. His eyes are dark brown, almost black. Like usual, he is wearing a lot of black leather for some reason I don’t begin to understand.

Unlike the rest of us, he has had to grow up being publically known as the grandson of one of the League and even the nation’s greatest enemies, Black Storm.

It hasn’t been easy for him as it made him a target for bullies and more than a few people were willing to look the other way when he was picked on.

The Walter twins, despite being twins, look rather different from each other. Kevin is very tall with bulging muscles. His hair and clothes are smart and well maintained. Carrie is the reverse, short and skinny with smooth black hair going down to her shoulders. Her clothes are much more casual than her brother. Both have the same red eyes though.

The Walter family and the Thornsons are two of the richest around, each with a few million pounds in their bank accounts. But I can’t complain as Griffin Engineering has a couple million more than the Walter and Thornson fortunes combined and the Sentinel is one of the richest billionaires in the world.

“I can’t believe you got into another fight Daniel,” says Vance, shaking his head.

“First things first,” I reply with a slight grin, “Take your seats and pick your codenames.”

“I’m going with Bolt,” says Vance with a big smile as they take their seats, “But I’m sure you already knew that.”

“I’m going with Multiform,” says Kevin, “Due to my shapeshifting powers.”

“You know my powers,” says Carrie quietly, “So I’m going with Night Beast.”

Carrie’s a bit uncomfortable with her powers and you can tell. I’m not surprised given what her powers are.

Her power is basically turning with a giant were-monster, a strong powerful bipedal hybrid of wolf and cat. It’s also about half the size of the Bulk armour so it isn’t exactly small. And is most certainly not the prettiest thing out there though I won’t go as far to say that form is downright hideous, just seriously ugly.

“I’m going to go with Storm Knight,” says Stefan, “If my powers turn out to me like my grandfather’s that is.”

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