Friday, 31 October 2014

1.3 Dragon Knight Part 4

My helmet’s facial plate flies up and back into place before staying there.

“I’m using telekinesis,” explains Sam over our League communicators as I give him a look.

“I guess you took your mask off to puke,” says Oakley as he reaches us and looks down at the mess I left on the ground.

I nod in reply and Narszara points to the fallen power armour man.

“Ah,” says Oakley, “This is going to be a really bad report to write up. All five of them are dead. Did he kill him as well?”

“Narszara here is a girl,” I answer, “She stabbed him in the head before I fire my lasers.”

“Things just keep getting worse,” says Oakley.

“They were really evil and they all needed to die,” offers Narszara, “They were also soldiers, not criminals or supervillains. Their deaths were those of warriors falling upon the battlefield.”

“Yeah, that might help a little,” says Oakley, “You’re all going to have to write reports.”

“Can we do that later?” I ask, “We need to get back to base at the moment.”

“If you must,” sighs Oakley, “Can you at least explain who she is?”

“This is Narszara Geous Coura,” I explain, “She’s an interdimensional warrior. She’s also a badass and has just sworn loyalty to me. She’s a Norgardian who has just lost her team stopping us from getting invaded. We’re going to find out more back at our base.”

“You best be off now then,” says Oakley wearily.

As we fly off, Narszara flying alongside us, I realise that Inspector Oakley had a gash across his upper arm and bloodied nose. He didn’t mention his own wounds once.


I stand facing Narszara once I have taken off the Sentinel armour. This the first time I taken a good look at her.

Her armour covers her entire body like the Sentinel and Warden armours. Hers has taken a lot of battle damage. Several chucks of varying size are missing while it all seems rather charred and burnt with the exception of her sword and scabbard. It seems to be coloured a mixture of green, brown and grey. Beneath the metal armour, you can see what looks like used to be leather and fur, but that’s all pretty much burnt away.

Her helmet has metal horns point backwards on it and only her eyes can be seen beneath it. Her left cheek has a hole which looks a lot like bullet hole. It has other dents which also like bullet holes, but none of them have gone through like the cheek one.

The armour that covers her body easily conceals it shape and any curves that might lie beneath. At least it explains how no one noticed she was female straight away. It has a multitude of bullet dents and lots of slashes and grazes. A small hole has gone through and has dried blood around it.

Her lower left leg has a cut to it while her upper right has also been cut open, but it’s not as long and appears to be slightly deeper. Her upper left leg has a more serious wound where it’s been stabbed straight through by a blade or spear.

On her upper left arm is another more serious wound. One of Gorlack’s soldiers has brutally slashed it open with a jagged weapon.

Normally such injuries would make me vomit, but after today, I’m too worn out to care that much. Plus how Narszara is coping with these injuries, which is to say that she doesn’t appear to be bothered by them, makes them seem not as bad as they really are.

“She looks really bad,” says James.

Along with me and Narszara, are Samuel, Vance, Stefan, James, Skyler and Lucy.

“Some of the Defenders on their way here,” says Sam, “Restorer is with them. They thought somebody might get hurt and need healing.”

For some reason, our eyes all stray to the corpse of the Colonel Gorlack at the back of the room. Narszara insisted that we bring his body with us and none of us felt like arguing with her at the time.

“He is beyond saving,” says Narszara, “In both Jari and Sari.”

One of the annoying things Narszara seems to be doing is speaking in her birth language, Norgardian, randomly whilst speaking English.

“Jari and Sari?” inquires Sam.

“Body and Soul,” answers Narszara.

“So Narszara,” says Skyler, “Can you tell us more about yourself?”

“Aye,” answers Narszara, “Where shall I start?”

“Summarise please,” replies James.

“I was born to one of the Norgardian Roaming Fleets,” says Narszara, “They travel throughout the Multiverse, seeking out and destroying evil. Mine came across a battalion of the Evil Empire’s forces under the command of Colonel Gorlack. Your grandparents faced another division of the Empire’s forces over four of your decades ago. While the fleet’s main force did battle, I and my squad hunted Gorlack. He had a personal guard of two platoons and a squad of elite soldiers. Laiana fell first in the first clash while Surikos was beheaded by Gorlack in our second encounter.  At our third and final battle, Gorlack had only two squads and two of his elite left. But he also had a dozen of the local mercenaries with him as he tried to flee to your world with his surviving forces. I forged ahead while Stea and Ardi dealt with his first squad. We rallied at the platform after felling half of the mercenaries and Gorlack’s squad.”

Narszara falls silent and closes her eyes. She opens them after a moment.

“Stea and Ardi had suffered many wounds fighting against Gorlack’s men,” continues Narszara, sadness in her voice, “As we leapt across to the platform, Ardi was gunned down while Stea was blasted off the edge as she provide covering fire. I survived unleashed by Mordi and Sari upon the mercenaries. I blow up one of Gorlack’s men as he travelled here.”

“The explosion on the other side of the portal,” I mutter.

“Correct,” says Narszara, “He lost one and the other was set on fire, leaving only him and his two elite. I had to best the remaining mercenaries before I could purse Gorlack. When I did go through, I saw your watchmen fighting the elites. I felled them before they could harm your people further. I then went to the aid of Verigar. When he defeated Gorlack, I pledged my loyalty to him.”

“So what has happened now!?” suddenly demands Britannia as she enters the room. 

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

1.3 Dragon Knight Part 3

A man gives a wild war cry from behind me. I barely see him past me as he slams into the power armour man.

At first glance, the new man appears to be some sort of dragon themed knight judging by his full body armour. It’s obviously unpowered and has suffered some serious battle damage.

My first thought is that he must be rather strong to wear something as heavy as the armour. Not to mention tough to take that must damage and still be fighting.

Both of them crash into the ground as the knight yanks his sword out of the power armour. He raises it over the man in power armour.

Before I can stop him, the knight stabs into his opponent’s helmet.

I start to yell something, but the man punches the knight off of him despite the blade lodge in his head. He climbs to his feet and draws a short sword with a black blade that crackles with red energy.

Taking my cue from the knight, I fire my lasers full blast at him. I close my eyes the second before the lasers hit.

When I force myself to look, the man has collapsed on the ground with two smoking holes in his chest. Surprisingly, the lasers haven’t burn through to the other side despite being as powerful as I can make them.

I take a step forward as what I have done fully hits me. I just killed a man.

I feel unsteady and wobbly. My stomach feels gushy and my head is arching.

I drop to my knees and then on all fours. I need to puke. I yank the front of my helmet off, breaking the seals with the enhanced strength that my armour gives me.

I toss it aside before puking onto the ground. I do it a few times before I notice someone standing over me.

I look up to see the dragon knight look down on me, his expression unreadable behind his helmet despite pieces of it being missing.

He holds out his hand and I grasp it. I try to regain my composure as he pulls me up.

“Eikar Rin Min Worlar Err Ornorin Min Thariloth,” says the dragon knight to me.

I notice his voice sound very feminine despite him being a man.

Suddenly the knight bows to me. An old fashion bow on one knee.

“What are you doing?” I ask him.

“Swearing an oath of loyalty to you milord,” says the dragon knight, “Are you a superhero?”

Definitely a female voice this time. The man is a woman, I'm sure of it. It takes me a moment to process her words as well as the fact I can her understand this time.

“What, my lord, superhero,” I splutter, unable to form a coherent sentence.

She cocks her head before waiting for me to process what is going on. Frankly, I’m grateful for the distraction from my actions moments before.

“So let me get straight,” I say as I stand up to face her, “You can speak English, you have just sworn loyalty to me and you know about superheroes?”

“That would be correct Verigar,” says the knight.

“So what does Verigar mean?” I ask.

“Sentinel,” replies the knight, “That is your title after all.”

“Right. Now ignoring how much you seem to know,” I continue, “What is your name?”

“My name is Narszara Geous Coura,” replies the knight as she points into the air, “And the Lantern approaches with the Bolt and Knight of Storm. The guardsman and guardswoman are safe and mildly harm while the other foes have been bested.”

I look to where Narszara is pointing. Sam is flying towards us with Vance behind him and Stefan barely keeping up with them.

“What happened?” asks Sam as he lands.

“This is Narszara,” I say indicating her, “She is some sort of dragon themed knight from another dimension. She’s also a badass and has just sworn loyalty to me for reason she has yet to tell me. Inspector Oakley and Constable Melville are over there somewhere. The men were a bunch of interdimensional invaders.”

“The %&*#!” exclaims Stefan as he looks around.

His eyes settle on the power armour man’s corpse. They widen as he realises what happened to the man.

“Who did that to him?” demands Stefan.

Sam and Vance both turn to look at the body while I bend over and puke again. I straighten up as they and Stefan stare at me.

“Verigar defeated the tokking tokk,” explains Narszara, drawing only blank looks from myself and the others.

“I fired my lasers at full power into him after Narszara stabbed him in the head,” I explain more clearly, “He tried to kill me.”

“Colonel Gorlack has directly caused the deaths of trillions and destroyed over a thousand dimensions,” snarls Narszara, drawing more looks, “His death should be celebrated not mourned.”

Her words cheer me up a bit. I guess knowing I didn’t take a life in vain and the guy really deserved it if not worse.

“He and his forces also slew my entire team,” continues Narszara, “But now he and his remaining warriors have been defeat once and for all.”

“She’s pretty hammy,” mutters Stefan, drawing a look from Narszara.

“So you one of the good guys,” says Sam in a tentative attempt to make conversation with her.

“I believe in courage, honour and duty,” replies Narszara, “Correct me if I am wrong, but are you kin of the League of Heroes?”

“You know about the League?” says Sam, confused.

“They are known in the Multiverse,” answers Narszara, “Especially to people like my own.”

“And you are your people,” inquires Vance.

“The Norgardians,” answers Narszara, “But I doubt you heard of them.”

“No,” I cut in, “My granddad mention them before. I’m sure he had some files on them back at base.”

“Are you okay Sentinel?” calls Oakley as he and Melville approach us.

Friday, 24 October 2014

1.3 Dragon Knight Part 2

Before any of us can react, I receive a message from the base computer.


“What is that?” ask Melville as Oakley mutters something to himself.

“A full sized interdimensional portal,” I reply.

The portal is about the size of a small car. I have no trouble believing that something dangerous could step out at any moment.

“The League base computer says the threat level has increased to high,” I warn the two police officers, “I’m going to call for back up.”

“Good idea,” says Oakley as he gets out his radio.

“Samuel,” I say over the League’s private channel.

“Yeah Daniel,” replies Sam.

“The portal just became the size of a small car,” I tell him, “Threat level has increased to high.”

“Got it,” says Sam, “Give me a few minutes to get over there.”

“Grab some of the others if you can,” I tell him before I end the call.

The portal isn’t doing much, but I am certain it is something as something is about to come through it any moment now.

“I’ve called the Defenders,” Oakley informs me.

“I’ve just called Lantern,” I reply, “He’ll be here in a few minutes. Some of the Leaguers might be with him.”

“Any idea what we’re facing?” asks Oakley as he draws his taser.

“It’s an interdimensional portal that big enough for a monster to come through,” I reply, “If we’re lucky, whatever comes through will be one of the good guys or at least not a threat to us. Otherwise it could get pretty bad.  Generally Class 4s or 5s come through on their own or in small groups. Class 3s do come through, but there generally at least in small groups and normal large groups. Weak beings don’t tend to be strong enough to invade other dimensions.”

“Damn,” curses Oakley.

“Of course it could be a random portal opening and a weak creature might come through,” I say, “But yeah, it’s probably going to be something pretty bad.”

“Hope it won’t be too ba-,” starts Melville when an explosion comes out of the portal.

I stare at it in shock before raising my arms to aim my lasers at the portal and whatever will come through.

“What was that!?” demands Oakley.

“An explosion on the other side of the portal,” I reply just before a man steps out.

He’s wearing bulky power armour that makes him just over two metres tall. The armour is bone white with the exceptions of his helmet and large shoulder pads, both of which are blood red. In his hands is what looks like a compact and bulky HMG or something with a lot of firepower or punch.

From his movement, the explosion happened behind man to his right.

Suddenly another body comes flying out, a flaming man in black full body robes.

Another man in the same outfit of black robes staggers out, but is only partially on fire. He’s clutching a crude assault rifle of some kind. It’s clearly inferior to any modern military grade weaponry.

Two more men come out of the portal as well. These two are wearing bone white robes and black boots, but have blood red body armour on their chests and backs plus a helmet coloured the same shade of red. Their large shoulder pads are golden and in their hands are large, shiny shotguns. Parts of their robes are on fire as well like the men in the black robes.

I make a split-second decision and decide these guys are the bad guys. It helped my HUD indentified them as hostiles despite me being unable to remember granddad telling about anybody like these people. Plus the three in the armour looked too much like what the old Commando described as our part of the Multiverse’s very own evil empire or something like that.

I fire my lasers at the shotguns, melting partially melting their middles.

I turn to face the man in the power armour, but he’s already aimed his weapon at me. I try to fire first, but he’s already pulled the trigger.

I stagger back under the swarm of bullets hitting me. Definitely a HMG. I’m shielding my face with my arms. My armour should hold out easily against the bullets, but I don’t want to risk a lucky shot piercing the eye lenses and killing me.

Suddenly the enemy fire stops. I look at the man and see Melville attacking him with her sonic powers.

She’s not doing much other than surprising and distracting the man. I rush the man in the power armour before he can switch his target from me to the policewoman. I doubt she’ll survive the hail of bullets like I can.

I glimpse the second black robed man as he runs in circles. He’s desperately trying to put hold the flames on him.

I tackle the man in power armour, sending us both flying backwards. I grab his gun and clench it. It crunches under the increased strength of the Sentinel armour. I toss the now useless weapon aside mere moments before the man grabs me by the shoulders and tosses me behind him.

Whilst in midair, I use my rocket pack to stabilise my flight. I spin around to see the power armour man getting to his feet. I really hope he can’t fly.

Oakley and Melville are dealing with the other two armoured men while the last man is still trying to stop himself from burning to death.

My foe uses a silver jet pack that I failed to notice before to fly at me. I cut the fuel to my own and drop to the ground. I jump to the side as the man tries to stomp-land on me.

And yes, I know that’s not a proper word.

He charges at me, but staggers as something flies into his side.

I look at the projectile. It appears be a sword with some sort of green crystal blade.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Legion of Nothing Kickstarter

Despite no one having actually having visited the site at the time this was written, I feel that as I deeply enjoy the works of this author and his example was one of those that inspired me to start this site, I feel the need to mention this Kickstarter for his second and third book here.

Here's the link - Legion of Nothing Kickstarter

Oh and here's the cover of his first book.

The Legion of Nothing: Vol. 1, Rebirth

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

1.3 Dragon Knight Part 1

I march into the main room of the base, tossing my backpack aside. Folks at school, as they usually are, were being stupid when it comes to the League. Mostly, people have been talking about Charlie and Stefan.

And it was pretty much about the stupid stuff such whether they could be trusted or how cool it would be if they were villains like their grandparents. It hasn’t been helped by the media asking those questions and many others like them.

“Absolutely moronic,” I snarl as I sit down at the main computer.

I take a deep breath and calm down. I got meaningful stuff to worry about.
Right now I got to right a report on genetic and environmental differences for my science class. I may have only gotten it today, but I like to stay on top my school work. Doing so leaves me for free time for the truly important things, especially if something major comes up like another supervillain attack.

I’m about halfway done after ten minutes when an alert starts flashing. I bring it up, hoping it won’t be anything major.


“What’s the threat level?” I ask the computer.

I think about it for a moment. Minimal threat and probably just a really small portal. The police, local council and MI9 have been told and will respond to it. The others are busy. No real need to bother them when I can just take the Sentinel armour and investigate myself.

After all, if I do need help, I can always call someone later.

“Don’t send an alert,” I tell the computer, “I can handle. Just save my homework to my folder.”


I close my text book and enter the lab.

The Sentinel armour goes on quickly as it always does. I’ll have to improve that over the holidays.

Just I’m taking off outside of the base, I receive an incoming call. MI9.

Probably Agent Lewis, I think as I answer.

“Sentinel,” says Lewis as I guessed correctly, “We received your notification on the energy disturbance. Any ideas on how to deal with it?”

“I’m in the Sentinel armour now,” I reply, “I’m flying over to investigate. The base computer says it’s probably a microscopic portal from another dimension, but it isn’t sure for certain. The threat level is minimal, but neither I nor the computer knows for certain how dangerous it is. I haven’t called the rest of the League about it through.”

“Okay,” replies Lewis, “We’ll have the police evacuate the area so you can deal with it.”

“That’s a good idea,” I agree, “I’m almost there by the way.”

“I’ll be keeping an eye on the situation,” says Lewis before hanging up.

I land about twenty metres from it. You can’t see anything with the naked eye, but my HUD is showing it clearly.

“So what am I looking at?” I say out loud to the empty area.

I’ve been waiting for something to happen for about five, maybe six, minutes when Sam calls me.

“Daniel,” says Sam, “I’m in the base. I’ve just seen the alert.”

“Nothing to worry about,” I reassure him, “It started roughly eight minutes ago and has done absolutely nothing since then. No need to come unless you want to be bored like I am.”

“I’ll pass,” answers Sam, “Just call me if something happens, okay?”

“I was planning to anyway,” I say.

“Bye,” says Sam before hanging up.

Another couple of minutes pass before something finally happens. I spot someone approaching on my HUD. I turn to look for the movement and I see a couple of people in police uniform as they approach. My HUD identifies one of the them as Inspector Oakley.

“Good day Inspector,” I call, “Nothing in the last ten minutes.”

“Hello to you too Sentinel,” replies Oakley as he and his companion get closer for me to see them properly.

I notice that his companion is a woman and is a mere constable. She has flaxen hair and a look of youth to her. She can’t be more than twenty two, twenty four at the most.

“This is Constable Eleanor Melville,” continues Oakley, “She’s a Class 3 and has sonic manipulation. She has only been on the force for a couple of months. What’s the situation?”

“Boring,” I answer, “It’s probably a microscopic interdimensional portal with a minimum threat level, but I don’t have enough data to be sure. Nothing has come through in the last ten minute however and seems like it’s going to stay that way.”

“Sounds like you’re just waiting for something to happen,” notes Oakley.

“It something doesn’t happen in the next half hour, I’m leaving,” I say, “I got my homework to finish.”

Oakley chuckles and both Melville and I look at him.

“Sorry,” says Oakley sheepishly, “But I never really imagined a superhero having to do homework.”

I’m about to reply when a swirling circle of multicoloured light appears.

Friday, 17 October 2014

1.2 Partners Part 9

I disliked the questions that were asked of us. Halfway through the conference, that dislike turned into hatred. By the end, most of the reporters in the room I hated with a passion.

And yes, it was that bad. It didn’t help most of them were dumb and pointless. Do I mean the questions or the reporters? The answer is yes.

Some of their questions were okay such as ‘what are our powers?’ and ‘which superheroes are we related too?’.

Others were just plain, old and stupid such as if ‘Bulk and Storm Knight could be trusted?’ and ‘how it was possible to be certain that they wouldn’t become supervillains like their grandparents?’.

The rest were simply irrelevant to the point we were making. In fact, I didn’t even bother to remember them.

But enough of me going on about my newfound hatred of the press, the media and all they entail.

Once it ended, we returned to the base and changed out of costumes before splitting up for the night.

Charlie and James decided to head home while the Walters went to some fancy place that their family could afford. Stefan stayed to use the training room and Sam and Sky decided to join him. Vance and Kennet when to a coffee shop for a drink together. Lucy stayed at the base to use one of the high-tech computers to do some of her homework.

I just decided to go home and see my family. I wonder how Lily will react to tonight?

I’m just coming out of the base when Helen runs to catch up with me.

I’m surprised at her appearance, jeans and an sleeveless shirt. While the jeans are normal for her, the shirt isn’t.

“I didn’t expect you to wear a shirt like that,” I say as I stop and wait for my cousin.

“I’m trying out a new look,” explains Helen as we begin walking again, “Girl Stuff.”

“Got it,” I reply.

‘Girl Stuff’ is Helen’s standard way of saying that I won’t understand the explanation. It includes pointless shopping and owning far too many shoes.

Of course my own younger sister, Lily, does the same stuff so it is probably just an example of boys not understanding girls and their strange habits. Not their girls understand all of our male habits.

On the other hand, Skyler also has no idea why anyone would do Girl Stuff.

“Mum is visiting yours,” says Helen, “So I figured I’ll tag along with you and go and see her.”

“Sure,” I reply as I stuff my hands in my pockets, “I guess they’ll both want to see how we are after the conference.”

“I’m going to take a guess and say that you found the reporters and their questions to be dumb?” inquires Helen, “Possible downright stupid at the same time?”

“That obvious?” I grumble in return.

“Nah,” replies Helen, “I just thought they were stupid as well. So did Charlie, Stefan, Samuel, Skyler and Vance. James and Lucy understood where the media was coming from, but they also agreed the reporters were still stupid.”

“Probably trying to play on public fears to get more readers and viewers,” I muse before another thought strikes me, “Have you noticed how many children and grandchildren of supervillains are becoming superheroes?”

“I’ll admit that there are a lot of them,” replies Helen, “I suppose they want to throw off the stigma and make their own name in the world.”

We make other trivial small talk as we walk back to my house in Shirley. It takes us about a good hour and forty minutes and we spend most of that time discussing superhero stuff. And not just about the League as we talked about the Albion Defenders and other English heroes and villains.

“Mum still doesn’t approve of changing the name from Protector to Defenders,” says Helen walk towards the door, “She said it was only done to appease the Americans and their Defenders. Because, as you certainly know, they have the Justice Defenders, the Liberty Defenders, the Freedom Defenders and etc, etc.”

“I get it,” I reply as I get my key out, “That’s one of the downsides of being government funded and one of the reasons the League was kept internally funded.”

“I will never understand how you keep track of all that,” says Helen, shaking her head.

She is referring to how I been managing the League’s resources and assets since Granddad’s death.

“Oh, it’s quite simple once you got the hang of it-,” I start to say as I open the door.

“Daniel!” shouts Lily as see spots me.

Lily’s got blonde short hair and slight tomboy streak to her. As shown by choice of attire with her loose t-shirt and patched up jeans. We have to be careful around her as she hasn’t figured out about how we’re connected to the League and superhero business. And I intend to keep it that way for as long as I can.

“Hiya Helen,” grins Lily as we enter the house, “My Mum and your mum are in my mum’s bedroom. Did you hear about it on the news?”

“About the new members of League of Heroes?” I ask, knowing the answer already.

“Yup,” says Lily, “It’s awesome isn’t it! Having the New League of Heroes about. Especially since they’re local.”

“They’re officially just the League of Heroes,” I point out.

“Who cares about that?” snorts Lily.

“Anyhow, me and Helen are going to see Mum and Mary,” I reply, “I’ll talk with you later.”

“Okay,” says Lily before going back to watching the TV.

Helen and I make our way upstairs to my Mum and Dad’s room where Aunt Mary and Mum are talking at her desk.

“There you two are,” says my mum as she notices us enter, “I guessed it was coming ever since you started going out in dad’s old armour, but it’s still a surprise for any mother.”

“I been involved since before granddad’s death,” I reply, “I just wasn’t going out and fighting before Tuesday. Even that was only to help Sam, Sky and James against Vistorix.”

“Still it’s dangerous and can tear families apart,” says Mum solemnly, “It’s happened before.”

At my Mum’s words, Helen shakes her head and Mary sighs.

“Mum, you know that applies to the Americans and fiction,” I counter, “Granddad and grandma stay together until old natural death did them apart. The same goes the rest of League and their families, ours included. And the Lantern doesn’t count as he sacrificed himself to stop the Invasion. The same goes for the Albion Defenders, the Guardians of Ireland and the Highlanders. Only a few of the heroes in Isles seem suffer like the American ones seem to and even then, its only because there’s so many more American heroes to suffer bad fates. When you look at the percentages, the Americans suffer about the same as most countries ”

“You’re right,” concedes mum, “But it’s still hard for me.”

For that I have no words, but Mary starts speaking again. The conversation continues in a similar fashion from that point onwards before I excuse myself and go to my room. 

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

1.2 Partners Part 8

“Okay everyone, the announcement is in thirty,” announces the original Bolt, “Be in costume and ready to go out at that time.”

The first Bolt, Vance’s grandfather Kennet, is a Norwegian immigrant who settled in the south of England once War World II ended. His greying hair is in a mane similar his grandson’s, but not as long as Vance’s. They also share the same costume design, a cos-mat dark blue suit that covers his entire body with white gauntlets and boots. Only their lower face, eyes and hair are shown through their costumes.

Of the surviving three original League members, Kennet is only one who’s still active. Vibration and Psychic are too old for it and have been retired for a while. So Kennet is being our old hand when we get announced as new members of League.

Of the other old League members, only Bulk is still an active part of it. But due to him being commonly known as supervillain rather than as a reformed supervillain turned hero like he is, he’s staying home.

“I’ll be suiting up now,” I say as I walk towards the lab.

All ten of us are here, but I still haven’t got around to telling them about my talk with Agent Lewis last night. It just hasn’t come up yet.

“Same,” says Charlie as he makes his way towards the armoury where the different Bulk armours are kept.

Samuel, Skyler, Stefan and Helen are already in their costumes. Stefan’s is costume a black cos-mat costume with a leather jacket.

I’m going to order a lot of replacement jackets for him later. Or less until he realises what a horrible idea it is and decides to ditch it.

My cousin Helen has brown hair like her mother and green eyes like grandma. Both go well with her white and blue cos-mat costume that covers the entirety of her body, minus her hair, eyes and lower face.

Helen is the oldest of us new members, the only legal adult at the age of eighteen years old.

“Hey Daniel!” calls Vance, “Where are our costumes?”

“In the costume storage room!” I tell him, “Where else would they be?”

I can hear Sam and Sky laughing at Vance; no doubt they’re remembering their own mess up on Tuesday evening.

As usual, the Sentinel armour only takes just over two minutes to put on. I’m probably going to work on that.

Once I’m back in the main room, the others are all in costume as I notice as I look around the room.

Charlie is in the massive Bulk armour while Accelerate in her yellow costume. Vance and Kennet are in identical costumes. Kevin is in a grey special cos-mat costume that covers all of him, but his eyes in addition to being extra flexible so he can uses his powers better.

Carrie is wearing a black cos-mat costume with some dark blue splotches to it. Like with most of the others, her hair, eyes and lower face are the only parts of her body showing.

“Everybody ready to go?” asks Bolt as I stand with the others.


The crowd of reporters looks rather intimidating when you’re the one that is the focus of their attention. Especially when you have no idea what they want from you.

Kennet marches out first in a confident. The cameras start flashing and reporters begin to talk and call out questions.

“Hello folks,” says Kennet with a smile as he speaks into a microphone, “I’m not the best at talking with people so I’m going to keep this short and simple.”

The crowd settles down as they wait for him to speak.

“As you might know,” continues Kennet, “Some of the original League’s grandchildren have started taking up our mantles as we have been getting too old over the last decade or so. Especially given the events on Tuesday and yesterday.”

He pauses to let it soak in before grinning as he starts speaking again.

“The reason behind this gathering is so we can officially announce the renewal of the League of Heroes,” says Kennet, “We’ll also introduce the new official members of the League of Heroes. Unlike many new superheroes, they already have experience in this business due having several family members being superheroes themselves and knowing many others as they have grown up. They, like old League members, will use the League’s base and its resources to help people. They also have knowledge and experience of what it takes to be a good hero.”

He pauses again.

While he claims to be a poor speaker, Kennet is doing a pretty good job in my books. It helps that he’s keeping simple without adding too much detail in.

“Now that has been cleared up,” Kennet continues to speak, “I’m going to have them come out and introduce themselves. However I should warn you that two of them are descended from former supervillains, but I and the rest of the League trust them with our lives regardless of that.”

I stand there nervously. As he begins to call us out, he starts with Lantern, then Commando, then Vision, then Accelerate.

Then I’m called in.

I hesitantly walk forward from the backroom that we have been waiting in. The reporters instantly start talking again as I come into view. They did that when Sam came into view. That may be due to him either be the first out or being the most visible when we fought Vistorix.

I think it’s a mixture of both personally. Sky, James and Lucy were also involved in both of the fights, but they weren’t exactly visible. James stayed back during the Vistorix fight while Sky was taken out before the crowd arrived and started filming it. Lucy was seen during the bank, but she was mostly inside and her speed meant it was hard to see her even when the public at the police lines actually could spot her.

On the other hand, I was highly visible in both fights. Sam and I took down Vistorix in front of the crowd. At the bank, I was out in the street where the public bystanders could watch and film me as I battled Hall and his men. Not to mention I took down Hall and the majority of the bank robbers during that last one.

I focus back on the press conference as I hear the reporters begin whisper amongst themselves. I look at the others. They have already come out with the exception of Charlie and Stefan, who are currently coming into view.

Both have supervillain grandparents even if Bulk has reformed and joint the League.

Now the media’s questions begin and I hate pretty much all of them.