Tuesday, 28 October 2014

1.3 Dragon Knight Part 3

A man gives a wild war cry from behind me. I barely see him past me as he slams into the power armour man.

At first glance, the new man appears to be some sort of dragon themed knight judging by his full body armour. It’s obviously unpowered and has suffered some serious battle damage.

My first thought is that he must be rather strong to wear something as heavy as the armour. Not to mention tough to take that must damage and still be fighting.

Both of them crash into the ground as the knight yanks his sword out of the power armour. He raises it over the man in power armour.

Before I can stop him, the knight stabs into his opponent’s helmet.

I start to yell something, but the man punches the knight off of him despite the blade lodge in his head. He climbs to his feet and draws a short sword with a black blade that crackles with red energy.

Taking my cue from the knight, I fire my lasers full blast at him. I close my eyes the second before the lasers hit.

When I force myself to look, the man has collapsed on the ground with two smoking holes in his chest. Surprisingly, the lasers haven’t burn through to the other side despite being as powerful as I can make them.

I take a step forward as what I have done fully hits me. I just killed a man.

I feel unsteady and wobbly. My stomach feels gushy and my head is arching.

I drop to my knees and then on all fours. I need to puke. I yank the front of my helmet off, breaking the seals with the enhanced strength that my armour gives me.

I toss it aside before puking onto the ground. I do it a few times before I notice someone standing over me.

I look up to see the dragon knight look down on me, his expression unreadable behind his helmet despite pieces of it being missing.

He holds out his hand and I grasp it. I try to regain my composure as he pulls me up.

“Eikar Rin Min Worlar Err Ornorin Min Thariloth,” says the dragon knight to me.

I notice his voice sound very feminine despite him being a man.

Suddenly the knight bows to me. An old fashion bow on one knee.

“What are you doing?” I ask him.

“Swearing an oath of loyalty to you milord,” says the dragon knight, “Are you a superhero?”

Definitely a female voice this time. The man is a woman, I'm sure of it. It takes me a moment to process her words as well as the fact I can her understand this time.

“What, my lord, superhero,” I splutter, unable to form a coherent sentence.

She cocks her head before waiting for me to process what is going on. Frankly, I’m grateful for the distraction from my actions moments before.

“So let me get straight,” I say as I stand up to face her, “You can speak English, you have just sworn loyalty to me and you know about superheroes?”

“That would be correct Verigar,” says the knight.

“So what does Verigar mean?” I ask.

“Sentinel,” replies the knight, “That is your title after all.”

“Right. Now ignoring how much you seem to know,” I continue, “What is your name?”

“My name is Narszara Geous Coura,” replies the knight as she points into the air, “And the Lantern approaches with the Bolt and Knight of Storm. The guardsman and guardswoman are safe and mildly harm while the other foes have been bested.”

I look to where Narszara is pointing. Sam is flying towards us with Vance behind him and Stefan barely keeping up with them.

“What happened?” asks Sam as he lands.

“This is Narszara,” I say indicating her, “She is some sort of dragon themed knight from another dimension. She’s also a badass and has just sworn loyalty to me for reason she has yet to tell me. Inspector Oakley and Constable Melville are over there somewhere. The men were a bunch of interdimensional invaders.”

“The %&*#!” exclaims Stefan as he looks around.

His eyes settle on the power armour man’s corpse. They widen as he realises what happened to the man.

“Who did that to him?” demands Stefan.

Sam and Vance both turn to look at the body while I bend over and puke again. I straighten up as they and Stefan stare at me.

“Verigar defeated the tokking tokk,” explains Narszara, drawing only blank looks from myself and the others.

“I fired my lasers at full power into him after Narszara stabbed him in the head,” I explain more clearly, “He tried to kill me.”

“Colonel Gorlack has directly caused the deaths of trillions and destroyed over a thousand dimensions,” snarls Narszara, drawing more looks, “His death should be celebrated not mourned.”

Her words cheer me up a bit. I guess knowing I didn’t take a life in vain and the guy really deserved it if not worse.

“He and his forces also slew my entire team,” continues Narszara, “But now he and his remaining warriors have been defeat once and for all.”

“She’s pretty hammy,” mutters Stefan, drawing a look from Narszara.

“So you one of the good guys,” says Sam in a tentative attempt to make conversation with her.

“I believe in courage, honour and duty,” replies Narszara, “Correct me if I am wrong, but are you kin of the League of Heroes?”

“You know about the League?” says Sam, confused.

“They are known in the Multiverse,” answers Narszara, “Especially to people like my own.”

“And you are your people,” inquires Vance.

“The Norgardians,” answers Narszara, “But I doubt you heard of them.”

“No,” I cut in, “My granddad mention them before. I’m sure he had some files on them back at base.”

“Are you okay Sentinel?” calls Oakley as he and Melville approach us.

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