Okay, this is my first post in both this blog/web serial and my first actually post I have ever done.

For starters, some basic background of myself and the story behind this story.

I just started college at this time this was written. Second day as a matter of fact. I live in the south of England. I come from a loving and supportive family. I never had a girlfriend when this was written due to never wanting one. Also I'm male and born in Great Britain. Now that is all the personal info about myself I want to give.

Not on to the story background. I started writing fiction in year 7. Horribly written stuff that makes me cringe looking back. I used to primarily write military sci-fi as my first choice. I first got into superheroes when I started watching the DC Animated Universe on TV, mainly Justice League and Batman. I never really read comic books. Too dark for kids it seemed to me at the time. I got into the idea of writing superhero stories when I encountered a webcomic at  while researching stuff for my military sci-fi stuff. I read some of the others webcomics I like there. I looked for more superhero webcomics that suited my taste. That caused be to encounter Crossoverkill and it's predecessor Coveroverlord.  I discovered other webcomics. My three favourites were MindmistressFusion and Point Guardian. Point Guardian was my favourite and was that easily imspired my best superhero characters. Mainly due to it having its heroes be real heroes who tried to do the right thing. No parodies or deconstructions of superheroes, but a light, good story about proper heroes. That's what got be into superheroes and what I like about them. Not dark, grim and edgy stuff, just good people with superpowers trying to do the right thing and being heroes that helped people.
I never really succeed at writing superhero literature, at best getting two chapters done before having to start again, At some point in year 10 I discovered TV Tropes. Near the end of year 11, once my exams were done, I discovered superhero web literature. I started reading Legion of Nothing. It had what I liked about Justice League animated series and Point Guardian. Honest, good people with powers trying to help people and doing the right thing. I was hooked. As when ever I discover a new form of writing style or layout, I try it out for myself. In the past, it has also failed miserable. In these case it worked for me. Before I tried to write a conventional from a third person point of view following a main character called Lantern, a character inspired by Ultra and Psi-Kid from Point Guardian. Now I have written a first person point of view from a power armour superhero whose descended from another power armour super superhero, inspired by the main character in Legion of Nothing. Before I knew it, I had over twenty thousand words in less than two weeks through I have slowed down since starting college. So I decided to start this blog as my online story.

As I feel necessary to say that this story was heavily inspired by Point Guardian and Legion of Nothing.

Please note that this story is supposed to PG13 and I will do my best to make it remain so. Any comments which aren't PG13 will be removed so people know.. For the first week, I'll post once a day when I have the time.

Now onto the story.

Edit: I realise that at the start my story can seem quite unoriginal as in my inexperience I taken too much inspiration from others. I have realised this and have done my best to improve later in the story. I will also admit that my first few chapters are quite weak as it took a bit to get into the flow of writing in this world as this is my first attempt at writing in the superhero genre.

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