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Daniel Griffin/Sentinel: The grandson of the Sentinel, he's forms the backbone of the new League of Heroes like his granddad. Daniel runs the bases, the League's companies and other necessary logistics. Basically the guy who keeps the trains running on time for the League. Daniel has inherited vast amounts of resources ranging from money, equipment, raw material, contacts and favours from his granddad and worked hard to maintain and increase them. As result, he has access to magic, alien death-squads and pretty much every governmental group or agency in this part of the galaxy.

Age: 15
Appearance: Slim and Lean Body, Short Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes.
Abilities (1): Master Martial Artists, Master Fighter with Assorted Weaponry, Excellent at Logistics and Engineering, Good at Physics, Decent at Chemistry and Biology, Genius Level Intelligence,
Sentinel Armour (4): Protection, Flight, Spyder-Bots, Lasers, Sonics, Super Strength, Enhanced Speed, HUD Display, Breathable in Space and Water,

Samuel 'Sam' Green/Lantern: The grandson of the Lantern, he was a cloned copy of his grandfather and was raised by the first Lantern's daughter. He's an athelthic loner who struggles to fit it and often doesn't bother. Eager and combat ready, he has always wanted to be a superhero and is more than willing to battle the forces of evil.

Age: 15
Appearance: Strong and Muscular Body, Thick Black/White Hair, Brown /Blue Eyes.
Passive Abilities (1): Master Martial Artists, Master Fighter with Assorted Weaponry, Experienced Boxer, Enhanced Senses and Stamina, 
Activated Abilities (5)Psionic Field, Flight, Nigh-Invulnerability, Super Strength, Telekinesis,

Skyler 'Sky' Lareus/Commando: The granddaughter of Commando, formerly Sergeant Strong. She is eager to fight crime, Sky is both reckless and military brat.

Age: 15
Powers (3): Enhanced Reflexes, Enhanced Senses, Regeneration, Enhanced Speed, Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Toughness, Super Endurance and Stamina,

James Wickham/Vision: The fifth in a line of Telepaths and Telekinesis, he isn't one of the strongest telekinetic out there and lacks raw telepathic power. Despite this lack of mental power, his skill and training make him one of the more powerful ones out there.

Age: 15
Powers (3): Telekinesis, Telepathy,

Stefan Thornson/Storm Knight: The grandson of one of the last centuries most dangerous arch-supervillain, Black Storm. Despite Stefan's grandfather having a public identity, Storm Knight is considered by the public to be a son of an undisclosed child of Black Storm. Stefan is a former drug addict and is known to police as a petty criminal.

Age: 15
Powers (3): Electrokinesis, Sonickinesis, Gravity Manipulation,

Vance Svendsen/Bolt: The grandson of Bolt, a Norwegian supersoldier who fought for the British in WWII, he is one of the more rational members of the League with a versatile powerset. Despite his grandfather still being a semi-active hero, they both use the same name when in costume.

Age: 15
Powers (3): Energy Manipulation (Flight, Protective Coating and Energy Blasts),

Lucy Baton/Accelerate: The granddaughter of the Old League's South African Speedster and daughter of an African-American cryokinetic, Lucy as a double powerset. A hard worker and top grade student, she is headgirl of her school.

Age: 15

Powers (4): Super-Speed, Extended Lifespan, Eryokinesis

Helen Griffin/Gateway: Cousin of Daniel Griffin, Helen has inherited her grandma's powers. Her mother is Warden, a member of the Albion Defenders who wields a set of Sentinel Armour. She is the only younger member of the League that is a legal adult. Born into a family of superheroes, Helen partially became a superhero not out of family pressure, but simply because that is what she knows and is used to. 

Age: 18

Powers (3): Enhanced Reflexes, Portal Generation,

Mary Griffin/Warden: Daughter of the original Sentinel and Gateway, she is also the daughter of the current Gateway and aunt of the current Sentinel. Unlike her other superhero family members, she is a member of the government sponsored team the Albion Defenders rather than the League of Heroes. Not she see lets that stop her from regularly interacting with the League and acting as unofficial liaison between the League and the British government. Mary Griffin lacks the genius of her father or nephew, instead getting her equipment as a gift from her father. On the other hand, she now is a high experienced superhero and knows her armour inside and out after over two and a half decades as an active hero. Due to being an honorary member of the League of Heroes, Mary also has full access to their resources in addition to those of her own team.

Age: 42
Abilities (1): Master Martial Artists, Master Fighter with Assorted Weaponry, Highly Experienced Engineer, Above Average Intelligence,
Sentinel Armour (3): Protection, Flight, Spyder-Bots, Lasers, Sonics, Super Strength, Enhanced Speed, HUD Display, Breathable in Space and Water,

Narszara Geous Couri: Narszara hails from another dimension, a technological fantasy world space fleet rather then another version of Earth. Narszara is a powerful being whose limits have yet to be reach. Shortly after arrival, she decided to swear an oath of fealty to the Sentinel, citing national tradition as her reasoning. Due to her origin, Narszara has a different perspective on life and an outlook that some would consider barbaric. Despite this,  she loyally serves her lord and upholds his beliefs even when it conflicts with her own.

Age: ?
Appearance: Strong and Muscular Body, Highly Attractive, Dark Brown Braided Hair, Rugged Face with Bullet Scar on her Left Cheek, 
Passive Abilities (2): Peak Stamina, Peak Strength, Ultra Tough, Enhanced Senses, Elite Warrior, Regeneration,
Known Activated Abilities (6): Flight, Freezing Opponents, Sonic Roar, Super Speed, Fire Breath, Ice Breath, Temporal Manipulation, Magic (Magery), Healing, 

Charlie Armstrong/Bulk: Grandson of the Sentinel's Arch-Nemesis turned Team-Mate, Charlie uses a modern, less destructive version of his grandfather's Bulk Armour despite not having his grandfather's genius

Age: 15
Abilities (1): Master Martial Artists, Master Fighter with Assorted Weaponry, Highly Experienced Engineer, Above Average Intelligence,
Bulk Armour (3): Protection, Hover-Flight, Lasers, Sonics, Super Strength, Enhanced Speed, HUD Display, Breathable in Space and Water,

Elizabeth Greene/Britannia: Leader of the government sponsored team, the Albion Defenders, Britannia is an veteran superhero and the most powerful of the nation's three 'flying bricks'.

Age: 37
Powers (5): Super Speed, Super Strength, Nigh Invulnerability, Flight, Super Senses, Enhanced Healing, 

Inspector Norris Oakley: Inspector Norris Oakley is a veteran police officer having join when he was able to at the age of eighteen and has spent over half his life helping keep the public safe. As he a result of his limited superhuman powers, Oakley was assigned to the Superhuman Support Unit. As a result of his position, he is currently in charge of any police incident involving superhumans or superhuman equivalents. This ranges from supervillains to when a superhero has simply decided to help stop a speeding vehicle. Despite having his powers from birth, Oakley rarely uses them, instead relying on his skills, wits and experience like his fellow officers. This primarily due to him forgetting he has powers.

Age: 36
Powers (2): Mind-To-Mind Communication,

Commonwealth Power Rating Classes: How strong a person's raw power is. Doesn't take into account skill or how effectively they use their power, use how powerful they are.

0 - Normal - Basically nothing more than your average person. Over ninety percent of the planet rates a Class 0.
1 - Above Average - Particularly skilled or smart humans. The gifted, but not quite superhuman.
2 - Low Superhuman - Includes peak humans and weak or "useless" superpowers. About a third of superhumans are Class 2s.
3 - Average Superhuman - Run-of-the-mill superpowers. Half of the world's superhumans are Class 3s.
4 - High Superhuman - The more powerful superhumans out there.
5 - Ultra Superhuman - The strongest conventional superhumans around. Most Flying Bricks are Class 5s.
6 - Physical God - Basically Gods.
7 - Low Reality Warpers - Limited alterations to reality.
8 - High Reality Warpers - Can change reality on a whim.

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