Wednesday, 1 October 2014

1.2 Partners Part 4

Hall fires a stream of lightning at me from both hands. It crackles around the outer plating of my armour.

Unknown to Hall it seems, the armour acts as Faraday cage, leaving me unharmed.

I fire the sonics at him and Hall and the two of his men next to him drop to ground, clutching their ears in agony.

I jump back and rush one of the remaining men with a pistol.

He panics as he fumbles with his weapon. I notice that he’s reloading as I close the distance. Lucky break if I didn’t have bulletproof armour.

I punch his arm and he bends over in pain, dropping his weapon. I stamp on the pistol, crushing it beneath my foot.

It occurs to me I might have broken the man’s arm with my enhanced strength.

My next thought is to figure out who is still shooting me.

Two with pistols and a guy with the assault rifle is the answer. Plus one of the guys down next to Hall still has a pistol.

“Lucy has gotten the hostages out to safety,” says Charlie over my communicator, “She’s going take Edison and the guys inside down.”

“Good,” I reply as I march towards Hall, “I got Hall and the rest of them out here covered.”

“I’ll tell Lucy,” says Charlie before hanging up again.

I notice the men are fleeing at this point. The two standing guys with pistols are rushing to the police, their hands above their heads. Smart move.

The assault rifle guy is stumbling backwards, struggling to reload his gun in his fear.

I fire my last electro-spyder at him and he drops down. Down and out for the count.

“&*%$ you kid,” spits Hall at me as he gets to his feet, “Get him!”

His pistol man tries to aim the gun at me, but I fire my laser at it. He drops with a cry of terror as its barrel melts slightly.

The other one rushes me with a knife. I sidestep and kick his knee.

He begins screaming in pain as he writhes on the ground.

The screams are starting to get to me. No one warned me about them and how bad they get to you.

“Damn, damn, damn,” repeats Hall as he backs up, trying to think of a way to win this fight.

I don’t give him the chance.

I charge and he fires lightning at me in reflex despite knowing it is useless against me. I punch him in the gut, lightly as lightly in the Sentinel armour means it still packs an amount of massive force behind it.

I hope I done it gently enough to avoid doing any permanent damage to his internal organs.

He drops to his knees, tears in his eyes. I respond by kicking both of his elbows so he can’t use his powers anymore. I might be immune, but he could still blast any police officers who tried to arrest. Besides, he’ll recover in time.

Hall topples over unconscious. I look inside the bank. All four men inside are down and ice is everywhere.

Edison is in the corner, having slowed down Lucy with his powers.

That simply means that her super speed has mean reduce to normal and she’s still got her ice powers. Lucy is still coming at Edison, but unless he stops using his power, her attack won’t pack any real punch to it.

I fire a quick sonic burst at Edison.

The villain is so focused on holding Lucy at bay he never sees it coming. He staggers and his ability to slow down Lucy is gone with his concentration.

She freezes his arms to the wall and punches him with a fury of fists.

Kingsley Edison slumps against the wall, held up only by the ice around his arms.

“Okay Lucy?” I ask.

“I’m fine,” replies Lucy as she stops in front of me, “Thanks for distracting him. I n”

“Does the screaming make you want to puke?” I ask suddenly in a hurried voice, not sure why I’m talking about this now.

I just really need to get this off my chest right now.

“What?” she replies, confused.

“I just wanted them to stop,” I continue in the same hurried voice, “I had to continue fighting them, but I just wanted their screams to stop. I hated it all.”

“Uhhh,” replies Lucy, unsure of how to respond, “Let’s talk about it later.”

“Okay,” I answer, getting a hold of myself

I turn on the PA system built into the suit as I exit the bank. I turn to face the police at other end of the road and activate it.

“Inspector Oakley!” I call, the sound amplified by the PA system, “The coast is clear. Feel free for you and your people to move in.”

I march down the road, back toward the police line as they swarm down towards us. Lucy is next to me, walking more normally.

Inspector Oakley is waiting for us when we reach him.

“Good work,” says Oakley, “We couldn’t have done this without you two.”

“Yeah I guess,” I reply, “I just couldn’t stand the screaming. No one tells you what it’s like to hurt people like that.”

“I understand that,” says Oakley, “Still, Accelerate got all three hostages out safely and unharmed and took down Edison. And you managed to take out most their men and Hall without getting hurt by the bullets and lightning. None of us could have done that.”

“What about the aftermath?” inquires Lucy.

“You’ll still need to make a police statement,” replies Oakley, “Don’t about the media. We saw what happened and know how bad it would have been without you guys helping. And when it comes to court cases, between the laws, the authorities and your secret identities, the prosecution and defence won’t effectively call you as witnesses. Unless you agree to it of course.”

“We ought to get back to base,” says Lucy, “I only got twenty minutes until my parents expect me home.”

A thought strikes me as I'm about to leave.

“Inspector,” I say, “Do you know where they got the guns? I thought they were rare and hard to get around here. Especially the Uzi and assault rifles.”

“I’ve been wondering that myself,” replies Oakley with a frown, “If I find out anything, I’ll pass it on. It is worrying though.”

“We’ll be going now,” I say as I activate my rocket pack, “If I find anything, I inform you as well.”

“Thank you Sentinel,” says Oakley as I and Lucy fly and run off respectively.

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