Friday, 26 September 2014

1.2 Partners Part 3

“Actually I'm going with Accelerate as my codename,” says Lucy to Inspector Oakley.

“We got supers of our own and we outnumber you tend to one,” shouts the voice and my armour says it belongs to Kendrick Hall, “So why don’t you kids go back on home and leave this to grownups.”
Kendrick starts laughing again and several of his men join in.

“Inspector Oakley,” I say, ignoring them, “What’s your plan?”

“Well, do you know their powers first of all,” asks Oakley.

“Hall got bolts of lightning and Edison can manipulate time in a small area around him,” I reply, “I got the Sentinel armour while Accelerate got Vibration’s superspeed plus ice powers from her mum.”

“Normally I might ask you to go in and take them down,” says Oakley, “But we got three hostages in there. I was kind of hoping you might have some ideas because we got nothing.”

“I could get the hostages out with my speed,” offers Lucy, “But I will need a distraction.”

“I can engage them,” I say, “I can take the men and Hall easily, but Edison will be a problem.”

“Once I got the hostages out, I deal with him,” replies Lucy.

“I can hack the security cameras,” says Charlie over me and Lucy’s League communicators, “I’ll be able to get some limited information about what they’re doing once I'm in.”

“We’ll hang back,” says Oakley, “None of us stand a chance against them. We don’t even have guns while half of them have sidearms and two have SMGs or Assault rifles.”

“You can dodge bullets right?” I ask Lucy.

“Of course I can,” answers Lucy, “Besides the costume you made me is bullet-proof.”

“It’s resistant to bullets,” I counter, “There’s a big difference, especially if you get hit something with a punch behind it.”

“Good point,” concedes Lucy, “I’ll remember that.”

“Going yet kiddies!” shouts a man from down the other end of the street before he and some of the others start laughing.

“Another thing first Inspector,” I say.

“And what would that be?” asks Oakley.

“Accelerate and I will need to get back in time for tea with our families and we will also want to avoid the media if it’s possible,” I reply.

“I’ll see what I can do,” says Oakley, “But no promises.”

I turn to face Lucy.

“Ready to go in?” I ask her.

“As much as I can be,” she answers.

I dash down the street, aiming my sonics down at the men. I can’t use my lasers on them as someone will definitely die or get maimed. Lucy is a blur, almost invisible as she zooms towards the bank.

I'm in,” calls Charlie, “Eight guys in the bank with Hall and Edison. Two of the guys inside have assault rifles while three have pistols. One has an Uzi. And at least two guys outside have pistols. Hostages are guarded by two guys, one with a rifle and the other with a pistol.”

When Charlie is finished, I'm only half a dozen metres away from the closest men and they are beginning to respond to my charge.

I fire my sonics and the three I am aiming at drop down to the ground, clutching their ears in pain. I notice one has a pistol in his hands before he dropped it. Better do something about that.
Lucy is already inside by now.

A couple of men open fire on me and more gangsters start to rush out of the bank in response to me.

I spot Lucy come out on my HUD with a hostage. I doubt the men noticed at the speed she’s moving at. I wouldn’t have seen her without the armour.

One of the men rushes me with a knife. I turn to face him and kick in the knee. It cracks and he falls to the ground screaming as he grabs his broken knee in his pain.

I flinch at his pain and screams beneath my armour before shooting a Spyder at him.

The spyder hits the man in the neck and delivers an electric jolt to knock him out. Sort of like a taser, but more effective.

As the man goes limp, I notice two other men charging me. Both have knifes and are hesitating at the sight of their fellow’s failure.

At this point I have lost track of Lucy during the fight. I hope she gets all the hostages out.

I rush one of the men into front of me. I slam into him and he goes flying.

I try to ignore his screams as I spot one of the men shooting me. Three more open fire on me as half of men inside the bank are now outside, including one of the men with an assault rifle.

I hear another one the men go down behind me as he’s hit by a stray bullet. Another soon follows him. These fools are shooting their guys. I hope nobody dies and not just because of the bad press it’ll give me and Lucy.

Four of the seventeen men are down along with a possible three.

I spin around to check on the men I took down with the sonics. One is out cold while the other two are getting to their feet.

I fire another two electro-spyders and both are down for the rest of the fight.

A warning flashes in the corner of my HUD. Only one more electro-spyder left in my armour.

Damn you kid!” shouts Hall as he exits the bank.

His hands are crackling with lightning as he raises them at me. 

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