Saturday, 13 September 2014

1.1 New Beginnings Part 5

I fly in and tackle Vistorix before he can land another blow on Skyler.

He can recover, I fly upward fast and toss Vistorix up. As he falls past me, I punch down hard into his stomach, sending him flying down fast.

“Sentinel?” I hear Sam say, “Heck yeah!”

Sam has clearly recovered.
I feel James’ presence in my head a moment later, followed by the presences of Sam and Sky. Skyler is in a lot of pain.

We got a telepathic conversation for communication, says James

I knew you would come Daniel, says Sam

I only came because Aquiline called about Vistorix. I also called my Aunt Mary. She said she’ll some Defenders with her, I retort, but my heart really isn’t in it.

Did she says something else? asks James

Only not to do anything stupid and keep out of trouble, I tell him.

Of course she would. Too late for that, snorts Sam.

Right, I agree with him.

Vistorix is getting back up from his crater, reports James

Okay. James, keep the link up and get Skyler to safety. She’s out of this fight for now and you’re not going to be much help against Vistorix. Sam, me and you can take him if we work together, I tell them, taking command of this mess.

Got it, says Sam.

I look down. Vistorix has just gotten to his feet. I aim my lasers at him and fire at full power. Due to his invulnerability, they won’t burn him in half like they would do to most people, but they still sting pretty badly.

Sam swoops down once again and punched Vistorix in the gut. The villain takes a step back as Sam flies back up again. Vistorix is breathing heavily.

Good, I think, He’s getting tired.

I got Sky away from you guy, but she’s out cold by the way. Her arm looks better though. The bone is already mended, reports James.

Good. Vistorix is worn out. He can’t take much more, says Sam.

I’ll keep him distracted while Sam gets hits in. James, you can help keep him distracted? I ask.

Understood. How long until Warden and the Defenders arrive? asks James.

Ten minutes? Twenty minutes? I don’t know, I answer.

Vistorix is charging, Sam cuts in.

I spin look down at Vistorix. He’s heading for Sam and is probably going to jump up at him.

I fly down towards Vistorix and aim the sonics at him. I fire.

While you down see or hear anything, you can see the effects on Vistorix.

The villain staggers forwards, clutching his ears and roaring in pain. He trips and slams face first into the ground several meters away from Sam.

Vistorix attempts to rise, but collapses on his first try. On his second, I’m already flying straight at him. I smash into him, sending us both into a tree.

I jump back, checking my rocket fuel. Granddad always complained about fuel running out.
96.8% remaining. More than I expected. Then again, Granddad did go inactive once the nineties started and the Sentinel Armour has greatly improved since then.

I face Vistorix again and realise how getting distracted can cost you in battle.

Vistorix slams his fist into me, staggering me before the other sends flying backwards. I fire my sonics. I feel something moving my arms. It must be James using telekinesis to aim my sonics at Vistorix. I’m rewarded with Vistorix’s cry of pain and swearing before I crash into the ground.

Damage reports come up on my HUD. Slight dents in the outer armour where I got hit, but nothing important was damage. Not even a bruise. The Sentinel Armour really is awesome.

Leap to my feet and adopt a defensive pose. Vistorix is looking up at me in shock before letting off a tirade of cursing.

“How the @#&$ are you still up,” shouts Vistorix in pure rage, “That would have &£%$ing taken down Warden or the Crimson Crusader!”

“I am the new Sentinel,” I reply, my voice calm and cool, “I didn’t even get a bruise.”

At this point I spot a bunch of spectators with phones or cameras recording the fight.   

I snap my attention back to Vistorix. I can’t afford to get distracted again.

Fortunately Vistorix doesn’t have much fight much fight left in him. He’s standing there, barely upright and panting.

Lantern swoops in again and punches Vistorix off his feet as I charge in. I punch Vistorix into the ground before step back out of his reach.

The villain moans before he stops moving except for breathing.

I stand back, hoping that he’ll stay down this time.

Sky pretty much finished healing, James tells me and Sam.

I can’t believe you guys have already taken him down. I really wanted to get him for this, complains Sky.

Glad to hear you’re better, replies Sam.

You can feel the happiness from him and I can see the big grin on his face.

What about our audience? How do we explain this? I ask.

Let the Defenders deal with that. Warden and one of their jets show up a couple of seconds before Vistorix went down, answers James.

Warden showed up when Daniel got punched. She decided to watch rather then get involved, Sam tells us.

I guess she wanted to see how good we were, I mutter.

Suddenly a large voice booms out.

“You have no idea how much trouble you are in.”

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