Friday, 19 September 2014

1.2 Partners Part 1

It has been a couple of days since Aunt Mary’s visit on Wedsday and fight with Vistorix the night preceding it.

We have been planning a meeting tonight to find out who wants to join to League of Heroes from the new generation. Once that has sorted, we are then going to have news conference to announce the new members of the League of Heroes to the public.

So far we got me, Sam, James and Sky for certain after the fight. Lucy Baton and my cousin Helen are also joining. The Walter twins are going to join if they can and their parents will hopefully let them. Vance will too. Not sure about Charlie. Maybe even Stefan may join up despite his heritage.
School just finished has finished for today and Charlie and I are walking to the gate together as we usually do on Friday afternoons.

“Hey Daniel!” I hear someone call.

Both me and Charlie stop and turn to face the speaker.

“Hi Lucy,” says Charlie, “Enjoy the Maths GCSE?”

“You bet,” answers Lucy, “Easier than I expected. I will admit they left them a bit late this year. I personally blame the minster of education’s reforms. Congratulations on being named head boy Daniel.”

“And same to you on becoming head girl,” I reply, “Want to come over to base with us?”

“Sure,” says Lucy, “We can talk more there about the other thing that we need to talk about.”

“Kind of why I asked,” I answer.

“So Lucy,” says Charlie as we continue walking again, “What do you think about Sentinel’s performance in the fight with Vistorix on Tuesday evening?”

I glare at Charlie and see a big, stupid grin on his face. Lucy is also looking at him, but with a more thoughtful look on her face.

“He was very good in my opinion,” answers Lucy, “I was impressed when he shrugged off two direct hits from Vistorix. Not many supers can do. A lot would have even been killed by just one.”

“The Sentinel Armour must really good,” I say, grinning like crazy, “Don’t you two agree?”

“Absolutely,” replies Charlie.

“Definitely,” Lucy answers.

“The closest entrance is a fifteen minute walk,” I say, “Give or take.”

From that point on, our topics switch to less interesting subjects than the fight. Such the fact our few GCSE exams this year are now done and what next year’s will be like.

“In here,” I state as we arrive at the entrance.

As the sensors recognise us, the small hatch opens up.

“Down the stairs we go,” mutters Charlie as we begin our single line descent into the base, “You would think we all the advanced technology we have, we would have lifts instead of stairs.”

“The structure of the base hasn’t been updated since the eighties when my granddad retired,” I explain, “The base uses stairs and ladders instead of lifts. Granddad didn’t think they were reliable enough in emergencies.”

“That is a good point,” concedes Charlie as the hatch closes behind us, “I wouldn’t want to be trapped in lift when thing hit the fan.”

“Are you two joining the League?” I ask.

“Sure, but I’m worried about what the public will think,” says Charlie.

“I want to and would, but mum is against it,” says Lucy, “She never wanted to get involved with super heroics despite her powers and wants me to do the same.”

“Same with my mum,” I reply, “But she accepted it.”

“I’m not sure about my parents,” says Charlie, “They were always more worried that I would become a supervillain like grandpa used to be. They will probably be happy that I chosen to become a superhero instead.”

“You can always hope,” I say, “So Lucy?”

“Of course I’m in,” says Lucy.

I look at her. Lucy’s look is usually, even by today’s standards. Tall and skin, her skin is as dark as her South African grandfather. But it is her eyes that stand out. They are a pale blue, so light they almost look white and are sometimes mistaken for that.

Charlie has more of a bulky physique with decently large muscles. His brown hair is messy and doesn’t quite count as short, but is almost there. He has recently taken up boxing like Sam has been doing for the last few years.

“Any ideas for your codenames?” I inquire.

“I’m going with Accelerate,” answers Lucy, “I prefer it to Vibration.”

“I might go with Bulk,” says Charlie, “But to the public, my grandpa has always been a supervillain. One of the bad guys to be hated and despised.”

“I’ll give you a chance to publically redeem the name if you use,” I point out.

“Yeah, but I might use a new name,” replies Charlie.

“You’ll be using an upgraded version of your granddad’s armour,” I argue, “People will put two and two together pretty quickly.”

“I’ll deal with that when it happens,” Charlie replies solemnly.

“Just remember that regardless of how the public and media may feel about you, we will still trust you with our lives,” says Lucy.

“Thanks,” replies Charlie, “It just really sucks to be the grandson of a supervillain.”

“You haven’t got it as bad as Stefan has,” I counter, “His grandfather’s identity was exposed after his initial capture. He and his family have had to grew up and live with being the descendents of one of the worst people to threaten our country.”

“That does really suck for him,” says Charlie gloomily, “No wonder he turned to cannabis last year.”

“I’m just glad the rest of got some sense into him,” I reply, also feeling unhappy remembering Stefan’s temporary addiction, “He’s still feeling the consequences of his actions even if Granddad’s tech did cure him physically.”

“He should be glad he didn’t get expelled or arrested,” mutters Lucy.

I’m glad Kennet talk sense into him and supported him,” I reply, “It helped a lot with Stefan having his granddad’s arch-nemesis support him.”

“It did leave a lasting impression on him,” says Charlie, “Hey, what’s that?”

Charlie is pointing at the main screen of the base. It’s massive, twenty feet by twenty feet.
We mainly use it as a cinema and for playing games, but right now, a is police symbol is flashing on it.

“Hello,” I say as I answer it. I put it on voice only as none of us are in costume and have set so it disguises our voices.

“Is this the New League of Heroes?” a tense male voice, “We got two super powered gangsters on the loose down here.”

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