Sunday, 14 September 2014

1.1 New Beginnings Part 7

It takes me a second to remember whose voice it belongs to. Laura Aquiline, my tip-off about 

Vistorix, using one of my granddad’s voice changers.

I relax, now understanding the confused reactions of the Defenders.

I give James a mental nudge, something he taught me to do if I want this attention.

As he connects our minds again, I can feel their worry and confusion.

It’s just Laura using one of my voice changers, I tell them.

Huh. From their reactions, you think she’s one of the most feared and dangerous people in the whole 
world, says Sky.

She is, James points out.

Never seen her that way, Sam disagrees.

It makes sense I suppose. It’s just strange to think of kind and caring Laura as a mysterious ruthless and cold blooded killer. But their reactions make sense if they never meet her private side like we have, I say.

I look at Laura as she walks out into the open. Dreadnought backs away fearfully while Green Knight turns to face her, trying to avoid openly quivering and failing. Warden stands her ground as she, like me and others, knows Laura personally. Britannia lands facing Laura.

Laura seems quite amused by the reactions of the Defenders. Not that you can really tell due to her outfit if didn’t know her like I do. Long black robes cover her body along with some plated armour that is without doubt enchanted. An assortment of weaponry and gear cover her body whilst a mask of some sort shields her features from onlookers without actually covering her face from view.

Don’t ask me how that works because I have no idea. All I know is that it doesn't do by using science or following the laws of physics.

“I figured you two could take him,” says Laura to me and Sam.

“Wait what?” asks Britannia nervously.

“Laura was the one to inform me about Vistorix,” I state.

“Laura?” asks Britannia, confused.

“We’re on a first name basis,” explains Laura, “Of course I don’t use his when we’re in costume. I don’t mind because I don’t have secret identity. Never felt a need to hide you I am.”

“You’re on a first name...” starts Green Knight before trailing off, his voice shocked.

“Yep,” says Laura as she bends down and inspects Vistorix.

She looks up and turns to me and the rest of our group.

“You ought to go before the police or somebody decides to start causing trouble,” says Laura.

“Now wait just one moment...” begins Britannia before faltering at a glare from Laura.

“What about public story?” inquires Warden, the only unfazed Defender.

“HEY!” shouts Laura suddenly to the crowd watching them, “Vistorix showed up to attack Brockenhurst! Some of the grandkids of the League of Heroes risked their lives to stop and protect people! And they did it without collateral damage to anyone’s property or anyone getting hurt!”

The crowd bursts out in cheers.

The rest of us, Defenders included, are too shocked at Laura’s unexpected and blunt approach to the situation to stop her.

“Now you should go before the press wants any interviews,” says Laura, “I never really got along with them. Guess I killed too many of them for them to ever like me.”

“Good idea,” I reply, “Let’s go. Vision, use your telekinesis to carry Skyler. Flying off will is our best bet as they can’t follow.”

With that I activate the rocket pack and zoom off into the air. I look at the others. Sam is next to me with James trailing behind us and Sky is behind him.

A message notification shows up on my HUD. I open it up. Text message from Warden.

We will take care of the police and press.
Aquiline’s cover story is holding.
Green Knight and Dreadnought are impressed by all of you.
Britannia is still angry, but don’t worry about it.       
I will visit you tomorrow. We’ll talk more then.
Good luck and good night.

I close the message. Things are going well. The public believes Laura’s story. We impressed Green Knight, Dreadnought and Warden. Britannia is angry with us, but that was to be expected. No surprise there.

It takes about couple of minutes of flying before we land at an entrance. Me or Sam could have made it one.

“How’s your arm?” I ask Sky as the entrance opens up for us.

“Could have been worse it weren't for my regeneration,” answers Sky, “Thanks for saving my life back there.”

My reply is a simply solemn nod as we enter the base. It hasn't really hit until just now that Skyler was almost killed by Vistorix. I guess I was too focused on the fight to realise that at the time.

While we did take down an experienced Class 4 in our first fight, we almost had our first death as well and Sky would have been maimed if it wasn't for her regeneration.

“That was awesome!” shouts Sam once we’re far enough underground, “We kicked Vistorix’s arse! Even the American heroes have trouble taking him down.”

“It was pretty good despite my arm,” agrees Sky.

“It was kind of exciting,” admits James, “I'm not sure if I would want to do it again however.”

“Yeah,” I agree, “It was fun. Especially when I kept blasting him.”

“And when I kept swooping in and beating down,” laughs Sam, “He was so angry.”

“Nothing compare to the look on his face when he realised his punches did nothing to me,” I say, “Priceless. I didn’t even get a bruise. Heck, my armour got nothing more than a dent.”

We all start laughing, giddy in our victory. We had successful first super fight and it was genuinely fun when we look back on it.

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