Wednesday, 10 September 2014

1.1 New Beginnings Part 2

“Hey, Skyler,” I greet her.

“Daniel isn’t coming,” says Samuel at the same time with a glare at me.
I feel James’ presence in my mind suddenly. Since we been best friends for longer than I can remember, I know what it feels like to have a telepath in my head. I’m also pretty good at blocking psychic attacks as well thanks to a multiple of sources.

I hear James’ voice in my head as he privately speaks with me. Don’t worry about Samuel’s rudeness; he just really wanted you to come along. I wasn’t lying about them needing sane heads by the way. We could really use you.

It only takes a split-second for me to come up with my reply.

Absolutely not. I told you its illegal and crazy.

Suit yourself comes the reply and I feel James withdraw from head.

No pun intended I guess.

“Your costumes are out in costume storage room,” I say out loud to cover up our mental conversation.

“Guess Samuel didn’t ask where they were,” says Skyler as she leans against the wall.

“He asked alright,” I reply as Samuel glares at me, “He just didn’t look in the most likely place.”

“I bet,” laughs Skyler, “Sure you don’t want to come?”

“Yes!” I snap.

“Suit yourself,” says Skyler, “I’ll be getting changed.”

Again no pun intended I guess.

As the three of them leave for the costume storage room, I call out to them.

“Remember the base only has one changing room!” I shout.

I sit back down and return to my textbook. I only make it to the end of the paragraph before my thoughts keep being drawn to the Sentinel Armour. I really like the armour, the base and all the other gadgets my granddad left me, but superheroing really isn’t my thing. 

I don’t want to go out and injustice, crime and the forces of evil. I mean I’ll fight if something really bad comes up such as end of the life as we know it. But I don’t want to fight for fame, money, honour, justice or duty.

I would much rather invent things like granddad in the latter half of this life. While he kept the best stuff for himself and the League of Heroes, he would invent and make stuff for other superheroes and some governments. Such as communicators, costumes, gadgets and whatnot.

In fact I had been his assistant since I was about ten and had been continuing it since his death earlier this year. I doubted many heroes and villains would have even realised he had died if it wasn’t for the Sentinel’s private funeral.

I sigh before I rise from my seat again. I exit the room and walk down the corridor until I reach the entrance to my granddad’s lab/construction room. It was where he designed stuff and built the prototypes. He had larger room further into the base for mass production.

There are several suits of armour, including the original one from the 40s, the one 60s, the 70s suit, the 80s armour and another suit he built in the 90s that was never used. The latest one is the one I currently been working on, finishing upgrades that granddad want to do, but never got to due to his death.

The current one is rather different to the older versions, being slim and streamline compared to the somewhat blocky versions of the earlier suits. All share the same dull grey with a blue tint colour with black detailing.

Besides the suits of Sentinel armour, there are other gadgets and equipment that granddad used. Such as the Spyderbots or Spyders for short. The name is play on its original look and purpose. The first Spyders were used for spying and looked like spiders. These days, they look more like little fishes, bullets with legs or predator drones than spiders and do all sorts of things, but granddad kept the name.

There are few scattered guns plus a bunch of upgraded Fair-Burn knifes. Skyler’s granddad, the Commando, used them along with normal versions. He preferred granddad’s knives as his upgraded ones could cut through metal and people with invulnerability. I doubt Skyler will use them much as Commando mainly use them in situations that required lethal force.

At moment I decide make sure the current Sentinel Armour is ready for use. While I don’t plan on using it, the others might get in over they’re heads. I’m sure James won’t, but I can easily imagine Skyler or Samuel doing something impulsive and stupid. Such attacking someone with superpowers. Some of the League of Heroes old enemies might even come out to attack them.

So a lot of ways for things to go wrong and get out of hand. I better look up my Aunt Mary’s phone number. As a member of the Albion Defenders, she uses an upgraded variant of 80s Sentinel Armour called the Warden Armour after her codename. She will be able to come and help if things hit the deep end, maybe even bring a few of the Defenders with her.

I fill up the rocket pack on the back of the Sentinel Armour and make sure it’s fully charged. The Sentinel Armour uses another of my granddad’s creations, the Kinetic Energy Redirector. It charges the Sentinel Armour using kinetic energy. The kinetic energy can come from a variety of sources, 
such as the user’s movements or the suit getting hit.

Just as I finished checking it, my mobile phone starts ringing. 

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