Saturday, 13 September 2014

1.1 New Beginnings Part 4

I bit back a swearword. I never sworn before and I don't intend to start now, but I can barely believe it. One of the worst case scenarios has happened.

“Where?” I ask.

The person on the other end is the current Aquiline, the most feared super for several centuries.
She’s also an old family friend and one of my mentors.

“I’ll call the Albion Defenders,” I reply, “Can you help out?”

“No,” replies Aquiline, “I’m an hour out. Call your aunt and I think you should head out in the Sentinel Armour. It’s the most advanced man-made armour in existence. Either you or Lantern can hold your own against Vistorix or another class 4 and the two of you with James and Skyler should be more than enough for Vistorix. Remember, the public is a useful ally for both you and your enemies and collateral damage will turn it against you.”

“Got,” I say as I begin to phone my Aunt Mary or the Warden, “Call for back up, me and Lantern can hold our own and we need to avoid causing destruction to keep the public on our side.”

“Good,” is Aquiline’s answer before she cut the connection.

“Hey Aunt Mary,” I say once she answers.

“Yes Daniel?” asks my aunt, the older sister of my mother.

“Sam, James and Skyler went on patrol,” I say.

“What? That’s illegal-,” starts Mary before I cut her off.

“Vistorix is about to attack them,” I state.

“What!?” shouts my aunt, “I’ll get some others and we’ll be out here. You need to-,”

“I’ll be going on in the Sentinel Armour to help them,” I say, cutting her off again, “Me, Sam, Britannica and Dreadnought are the only people capable of holding our own against Vistorix in the UK and you know it. Don’t worry, we know to avoid cause damage if we can.”

“Don’t do anything stupi-,” starts Mary before I cut the line as I reach one of the forest exits.

The doors open and I fly out, bring up the others locations on my HUD to the south by Brockenhurst.
I increase my speed and as I near it, I begin to hear the fighting.

I spot them before they see me.

James is holding back as Vistorix is probably mentally shielded and telekinesis isn’t much use unless you got something that can hurt the person you’re fighting.

Skyler is also staying back. She forgot to bring any Fairbairn–Sykes Knifes and so did I. Some of modified ones would be very useful against Vistorix. He and Skyler effectively have the same power set with different origins, but he’s much stronger and tougher.

Samuel on the other hand is going at Vistorix. Aquiline was right when she said he could hold his own against Vistorix.

Samuel’s powers come from a psionic field around him, allowing for a variety of abilities. While he doesn’t have all of the ones the first Lantern had yet, he got the superdurability to take Vistorix’s blows along with strength and speed to return them. Plus he had flight, something the supervillain lacks. Samuel also has weak telekinesis, but is refraining from using it for same reasons as James.

“Come on wannabe!” roars Vistorix, “I can take all of you””

“Got to get through me first,” says Samuel as he swings a punch at his foe.

Vistorix jumps back. Samuel may be a good boxer, but Vistorix has plenty of combat experience.

He lunges for Sam, but he flies out of reach.

“Coward!” shouts Vistorix in anger, “Stay on the ground and fight me like a man!”

Skyler leaps up behind the villain and punches him in the left shoulder.

The villain roars and turns to face her, but she has already retreated.  James tosses a swarm of broken sticks at Vistorix, a distraction for Samuel. Sam takes it, swooping in and punching Vistorix in the face before flying back up again.

Vistorix staggers back, lashing out in an attempt to hit his attacker. He grunts and looks around before focusing on James. He charges with animal-like roar.

James uses his telekinesis to fly up into the air as Sky and Sam dash and swoop in respectively.
Sam punches Vistorix in the face again while Sky trips him up.

Vistorix grunts with pain before he tries to get to his feet. Sam goes in for kill, figuratively speaking of course, as a swarm of punches pummelling Vistorix.

But then it goes wrong as Vistorix kicks Sam in the stomach, sending him flying into a tree.

The villain grabs a log and tosses it at James, who easily dodges it. But Vistorix has jumped up at him while James was distracted.

Skyler intercepts Vistorix, sending them both tumbling into the ground.

Vistorix is up first and stomps on her right arm. Sky screams in pain as her arm is crushed. Her regeneration should heal that before morning, but not before the fight ends. Vistorix raises his fist back for the killing blow.

Now it’s my turn.

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