Tuesday, 23 September 2014

1.2 Partners Part 2

“This is Sentinel,” I reply, “The new one that is. All of the old members are either dead or too old for action.”

“Personally I don’t really care who you are or how young you are if you know what you’re doing,” replies the man, “We can’t handle this and you’re a lot closer than the Defenders are.”

“You do realise that we’re not official yet?” I answer, “You might get into trouble if you ask us for help.”

“Can’t be worse than the mess I’m already in,” laughs man grimly, “You coming?”

I look at Lucy and Charlie. Charlie shakes his head while Lucy gives me the thumbs up.

“Vibration’s granddaughter is with me and already suiting up,” I reply, “I’ll take me two and a half minutes to suit up.”

“Do you need to know my location?” asks the man.

“We already traced it,” I answer, “We’ll be about five minutes, maybe six.”

“We’re counting on you Sentinel,” says man before disconnecting.

Technically speaking I was lying to the man when I said Lucy was suiting up, but she did go to change when I mentioned it.

I make my way to the lab and begin suiting up. Great, now the police are calling us for help with supers. I wasn't that to happen this quickly.

I guess this was to be expected. The League of Heroes and Albion Defenders are only major hero groups in England. Of course you have the more minor teams such as Guardians of Ireland and the Scottish Highlanders for Ireland and Scotland respectively. Not to mention about three dozen street level loners scattered throughout of the Isles.

In hindsight I should have expected the authorities to count on us for the stuff they can’t handle since we will often we closer and quicker to respond than the London based Defenders.

Lucy’s Accelerate costume is made of cos-mat like pretty everyone else’s. It is just one colour, a dull yellow that covers all of her apart from her lower face.

Charlie on the other hand wears an upgraded version of the old Bulk armour just as I wear an upgraded version of the old Sentinel Armour.

Unlike Sentinel armour, which you wear like you would with clothing, the Bulk armour you sit in middle of it and wield using controls.

The modern Bulk armour is relatively smooth and slim. While many would consider it angular and blocky, its edges are curved and smoothed compared to its older versions.

As for size, the Bulk armour is roughly four metres tall and about one and a half metres wide.

Like with our advantage with Vistorix, the old Sentinel had the advantage of flight over the old Bulk 
while they were enemies.

Whether or not the new Bulk suit can depends on whether you count being able to hover as being able to fly.

But I can see why Charlie doesn't want to come. Apart from using the armour of a well-known former supervillain, the Bulk armour will be extremely impractical in urban and sub-urban environments.

“So what’s happening?” asks Lucy as she arrives in the lab while I’m still halfway through suiting up.

I'm going to stay here as mission control and back up if needed,” says Charlie from door way.

“So it’ll be just me and Accelerate dealing with the problem,” I reply, “Almost done suiting up. I’ll fly there. Lucy, can follow me on foot?”

“Sure,” says Lucy.

“Come on,” I state as I rush out of the lab now the suit is on.

The flight is calm, but as I reach our destination, trouble is clearly seen below.

A couple of cars are on fire and several more are wrecked or damaged. Eight police cars are parked down the road, the closest two already destroyed.

The civilians have already cleared the area it seems while there are two different groups are at either side of the street.

About a dozen police officers are hanging around the remaining police cars while eight, maybe nine men are down on the other side, hovering by a bank.

I feel uneasy as I take in the scene. I can’t spot the supers that were mentioned in the call and if the men could be dealt with easily, the police would have done it with their superior numbers by now.

Or maybe not. I don’t what procedures they have to follow.

I spot a man waving at me as I land. His uniform says that he is an inspector. Things must be bad if they got someone of his rank out in the field.

“Glad you got here quickly,” says the man and I recognise his voice as the person I spoke to as Lucy stops next to us, “They’re robbing the Lloyds TSB bank down the street. There are nine of them out here and another eight inside. And that’s not including Kingsley Edison and Kendrick Hall.”

At the sound of those names, I cringe beneath my helmet. Those two are minor supervillains, single power Class 3s like most supers. Not that they won’t put a fight and they got seventeen or their lackeys with them. That has to be most of their followers.

I really wish that Charlie had decided to come with us right about now.

I'm Inspector Norris Oakley,” says the man, holding out his hand for me to shake, “I'm a Class 2 by the way. I can set up mental communications and psychically locate someone, but that is it.”

I am about to really reply when another voice rings out from the other end of the street.

“Ah,” laughs the voice, “The new Sentinel and Vibration.”

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