Tuesday, 4 November 2014

1.3 Dragon Knight Part 5

We all turn to face Britannia as she storms towards us. At the moment, she is rapidly becoming one of my least favourite heroes. Following her is Kennet, Aunt Mary, Green Knight and Restorer.

Restorer is one of the nicer heroes you’ll ever meet. He wears simple white cos-mat costume with a red cross on his chest. Like with many heroes, you can only see his eyes and lower face. He has healing powers that he saves for the more serious cases as too much wears him out.

“So this is the Narszara that Inspector Oakley told us about,” muses Green Knight as they walk towards us, “She looks as impressive as we were told.”

“And as badly hurt,” replies Warden, “Good thing you came Jon.”

“I am fine,” snorts Narszara, “I have only minor wounds at most.”

“You call that a minor injury?” asks Restorer as he walks towards her.

He’s pointing to her left leg.

“Yes,” answers Narszara bluntly.

“You’re either really tough or crazy,” says Green Knight, shaking his head.

“She’s tough,” I say, “But crazy is relative.”

“What about you?” asks Warden as she stands by me.

“I’ll manage,” I reply in a quiet voice, keeping my eyes off of Colonel Gorlack.

“Enough,” says Britannia, “Restorer, heal the girl then we can figure what happened and what we’re going to do next.”

“Fine,” mutters Restorer, “Narszara, can you take off your armour so I can have a better look?”

“No,” retorts Narszara in a harsh voice, glaring at Restorer.

I wonder what the problem could be before it hits me.

“Narszara,” I ask tentatively, “Are you wearing anything under your armour.”

“No,” says Narszara, “Of course not.”

Restorer mumbles something and looks embarrassed from what I can see of him.

“Can you still heal her?” asks Britannia.

“Yes,” answers Restorer, “I’ll just be harder. And won’t be as good a job.”

“I can heal myself,” offers Narszara.

“How?” someone asks.

“Magic,” answers Narszara.

Normally that would sound like a silly or joke answer, but Narszara says in such a deadly serious voice that you can’t help, but take seriously.

“Go ahead,” says Restorer, taking a step back.

Narszara mutters a couple of words.Wazz-ale? Her injuries mildly glow gold light. Her body repairs itself in a couple of seconds. When the glow is gone, you wouldn’t have realised she had been injured if it won’t for the damage her armour has suffered.

“That’s nifty,” says Stefan, “I like the idea of having someone with mage as part of the League.”

“She’s joining the League?” asks Warden.

“She’s one of the good guys, she has sworn loyalty to Sentinel and she’s trapped here since the portal has closed,” Sam points out.

“Good points,” says Warden, “Will she have a secret identity?”

“No,” answers Narszara, “I shall need no such thing.”

“You’ll just live here then?” I ask.

“If that is agreeable,” answers Narszara.

“It is,” I reply, “We got plenty of spare rooms here for cases like this. We also got some spare clothes for you to wear until I fix your armour.”

“Thank you milord,” says Narszara.

Stefan rolls his eyes. Narszara ignores him.

“You guys want to question Narszara now, I’m going to shower,” I say to the Defenders, “Then I got write police statement and finish my science homework.”

“We only got that science homework today,” protests Skyler.

“And I’m already half done with it,” I reply as I turn around, “Bye.”

I leave the room as Narszara, the League and the Defenders start talking again. After today’s events, I got pretty sweaty and a bit of vomit on me. Plus I have been meaning to have one for a few days now as my last was on Saturday morning. Can’t believe I haven’t had one yet.
I spent about five minutes showering before I realised I still need to finish my homework so I could get home on time. Mum is expecting me back at four.

As I finish getting dressed in the changing room, I noticed someone waiting outside.

“Yes?” I say as comb my hair.

It’s starting to get a bit long. I ought to get it cut soon.

“It is I,” says Narszara as she looks into the room.

“Is something wrong?” I ask as I look up at her.

I notice that she’s not wearing her helmet. Her face has a distinct Viking warrior look to it or at least something like a harden Scandinavian. I can tell after spending plenty of time with Kennet, Vance and their family. Plus that was that one time with a time travelling Viking longboat. Please don't ask.

Her hair is dark brown and tied back in several braids. Her eyes are sky blue while her left cheek has what looks like a scar from the bullet that pierced her helmet. Otherwise Narszara’s face looks rather rugged.

From what I can tell of her, she looks like a Viking or Norse warrior, but acts like a chivalrous knight. She also has a dragon-like feel to her which I can’t quite place.

She smiles at me and walks in once she sees I’m dressed.

“I wish to speak with you milord,” says Narszara.

“I thought the others wanted to speak with you,” I reply in confusion.

“They did, but I made my intention to speak with you clear,” explains Narszara.

“I didn’t think someone like Britannia would let you,” I say, still confused.

“She did not, but after I broke her arm when she attempted to stop, none of the others dared try to do the same,” Narszara continues explaining.

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