Tuesday, 25 November 2014

1.4 Sins of Our Grandfathers Part 3

When I reach them, the situation is downright awful. The Bulk armour has lost an arm and is barely standing with the Mad Sisters circling Charlie. Storm Knight is down and I can see blood on the ground next to him. Bolt is staggering backwards, blasting away at Forsworn’s metal spikes and 

Avenger’s firebolts. Nightmare is walking up to Stefan, his hands transformed into bloody razor sharp blades.

The police are only just arriving and Narszara is still two minutes behind me.

I zoom at Nightmare before he can harm Stefan anymore. I slam into him and we crash into the wall behind Storm Knight.

I can hear bones crunching. I don’t care because Nightmare just tried to kill Stefan, my friend and teammate, and I know he can recover quickly with his shapeshifting. I look around and grab a few metal poles. I stab each one into Nightmare’s chest. He’ll have to pull them out and heal the wounds before he can get back into the fight.

I fly back out of the warehouse that we landed in and see Bulk crash into ground in front of me. None of the armour’s limbs are still working.

I spot Mad Dog a few metres away. I raise my sonics at her, but Mad Cat pounces on me.

The villainess slashes away at me, but my armour can withstand punches from Vistorix and her attacks don’t even scratch the armour. I grab one of her arms and twist it in what is certainly the wrong way. Mad Cat screams in pain and I fire my sonics into her face at point blank range. Mad Cat slumps and I throw her into a wall just in time to see Mad Dog rushing me.

I fly up into the air and Mad Dog smashes into the ground where I was. I fire both sonics at her and Mad Dog yowls. Before she can recover, I drop and stomp her into the ground. She’ll be fine and if she isn’t, I don’t really care.

I jump off her, but before I can move, I’m bathed in flames.

Stupid Avenger doesn’t realise that the Sentinel armour has been fireproof since before the World War 2 ended. Granddad wouldn’t have survived if it couldn’t withstand a bit of fire.

I use my HUD to see through the blaze. Forsworn is trying to use his powers on me despite any decent set of power armour being immune to magnetism.


“It’s not working!” shouts Forsworn.

“My wrath is doing nothing!” snarls Avenger in reply, “Try the explosives.”

Forsworn throws a handful small of explosive balls at me. I know because my HUD identifies them as my own creations.

I send the deactivation codes to them. As Avenger stops his flames, the balls hit me. They bounce off of the armour harmless.

“What £$%*?” says Avenger, “You used duds!”

“I did not you moron!” yells Forsworn back.

“Don’t use my own tech against me if you want it to work,” I say as I fly into the air.

I spot Vance behind them. His cos-mat costume and powers protected him from the worse of Avengers flames. Stefan is still down. Charlie is personally okay, but the Bulk armour is junk right now. Just me to take on these two until Narszara arrives.

“Your tech?” mutters Forsworn, “Damn it!”

“Get him!” yells Avenger.

Forsworn summons a swarm of metal spears whilst Avenger’s hands light up with fire. I prepare to attack when I hear Nightmare waking up behind me. Mad Dog is struggling to her feet.

Four to one is a lot worse than two to one especially when that four is a team of highly experienced killers. At least none of them can fly. I really like having that advantage.

Unless Nightmare grows wings or Forsworn uses a metal platform. Then I’ll really be in trouble.

“You’re not going to win this,” I shout, “I’m wearing Class 4 power armour. Narszara is almost here and both Britannia and the Aquiline will be here in less than half an hour.”

Avenger and Forsworn exchange worried looks. I’m about to fire my sonics when Forsworn grins savagely.

“You won’t kill us,” he laughs, “You’re too weak! You won’t even hurt us too badly because you’re so soft!”

Next thing I know, Mad Cat and Mad Dog have jumped up and each grabbed one of my legs. Between the two of them, they’re pulling me down.

Forsworn sends the metal spears at me, but they barely dent the outer armour. That’s when they start spinning. Forsworn is using them as drills.

I’m not worried. I know the metal will break before the armour does.

I’m finally pulled down by the Mad Sisters. Then pin me down and are too strong for me to break free. Forsworn and Avenger stand over me, both are grinning like the madmen they are.
Nightmare walks over to them, his face furious.

“This is the Sentinel?” he scoffs, “I guess it was to be expected he would defend his criminal pals from justice.”

“Justice for what?” I yell at them, “Being born?!”

“They need to pay for their grandfathers’ crimes,” says Avenger, “Don’t you realise that Sentinel? After all, your own grandfather fought to stop theirs.”

“I’m a hero unlike you as was my grandfather,” I retort, “You talk of criminals yet you’re the ones committing the crimes here. Assault and attempted murder this night alone! Not to mention you armed Hall and Edison’s people with all of that firepower!”

Confusion appears on their faces at my last sentence. Something isn’t right I realise.

Before I can anything else a strong gush blows against us, staggering Vengeance. A barrage of flames bombards us.

Vengeance leaps back to avoid getting burn. The Mad sisters are snarling, Nightmare has his hands as blades again while Forsworn has his spears around him again.

I hear a familiar battle cry and look up.

Narszara is swooping down; flames surround her while her sword is drawn in her right hand. 

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