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1.4 Sins of Our Grandfathers Part 4

Narszara roars at Vengeance and they all stagger backwards. That roar of hers must have had some force behind to physically affect Vengeance. Maybe Narszara enhanced it with magic?

She slams into Avenger as she lands. Avenger groans before slumping over.

Narszara rushes the other members of Vengeance and they scatter before her. Forsworn sends his spears at her, but they barely dent her armour without slowing her down at all.

Nightmare covers himself in blades and charges her, but he suddenly gets frozen in a block of ice with a glance from her. She must have used some of her magic on him.

The Mad sisters leap at her at the same time, but Narszara zooms out of the way and slams into Forsworn. He is sent flying as Avenger starts to get up.

Mad Cat rushes Narszara while Mad Dog jumps over Mad Cat at Narszara. Narszara roars at them again. Mad Dog is sent off course while Mad Cat staggers. Now I’m certain it must be magic roar of some kind.

Faster than me or my armour can track her, Narszara punches Mad Cat into the ground whilst stabbing her in the side with her sword. It doesn’t look too deep, but Narszara has made it clear that she doesn’t have any qualms with killing her enemies.

Mad Dog grabs Narszara by the head, but she rolls away, leaving her helmet in Dog’s grip.

As she rises, Narszara has a genuinely happy smile on her face and lets out a laugh.

Not a crazy laugh like ones Vengeance or other nuts like them have, but the kind when you’re on a roller coaster or winning a game of sports or something like that.

Mad Dogs halts her attacks, seeming unnerved by Narszara’s smile and laughter. Plus the disregard for her secret identity is probably confusing for the vigilante.

Mad Dog makes a decision and grabs a large chunk of broken wall. Mad Dog tosses at Narszara, who rushes at the villainess.

A moment before it hits her, Narszara’s entire body turns light blue and transparent. Like a ghost or spirit.

The block of wall goes straight through Narszara and she turns back to normal. She then uses her speed and momentum to slam into Mad Dog. Narszara breathes fire straight out of her mouth at Mad Dog as they tumble. Mad Dog screams as she burns. For that fire to come out her like that without burning her, Narszara has to be fireproof.

Narszara punches Mad Dog in the stomach before grabbing Dog by the back of her head. Narszara slams Mad Dog’s head into the ground repeatedly until the villainess is without a doubt unconscious.

As Narszara stands up straight, the flames on Mad Dog go out while Nightmare breaks out of the ice. He stumbles towards to Forsworn, who is getting to his feet.

Narszara calmly walks towards the two of them, her blade trailing along the ground.

“Do something!” yells Nightmare at his teammate, “The others are down!”

“Don’t worry,” replies Forsworn as he winces in pain, “That bitch’s armour is metal.”

He appears to be attempting to grab Narszara’s armour with his metal control and tries to send her flying.

Emphasis on tries.

 Narszara is staggered, but pushes on, stomping towards them.

“£$%*, “£*$, @#$&,” curses Forsworn, “She’s resisting it.”

“You can’t control her armour!” exclaims Nightmare, panic in his voice.

“No,” replies Forsworn, his voice strained, “I have full control, she’s just too strong for me overwhelm.”

“Let’s see how she deals with this,” snarls Nightmare and he charges at Narszara.

Narszara roars at him again and he goes flying backwards into another wall. Nightmare goes limp and morphs back to his normal self.

Narszara grins at Forsworn and uses her speed to rapidly approach him. Forsworn soon goes down in a fury of superfast punches.

It is only once it’s all over I realise I have just been standing there watching her.

“Narszara!” I call, “Storm Knight and Bolt need help! Can you heal them?”

“Yes milord,” replies Narszara as she causally strolls over to me.

Now it’s over, the police are swarming in to arrest Vengeance.

Narszara bends over Stefan and breaths a green light over him. It heals Stefan’s wounds as Inspector Oakley walks over to me. Another magic power of hers

“Good work taking out Vengeance,” says Oakley as Narszara heals Vance, “You and Narszara did well.”

“The others held out for almost ten minutes,” I point out, “And it helped that Narszara has turned out to be a Class 6.”

Oakley freezes before shaking his head. Sam lands next to me.

“You took them out already,” he says.

“Narszara is a Class 6,” I reply.

Sam looks at me for a moment before laughing.

“You got to be kidding me,” laughs Sam, “That’s awesome! We got a Class 6 as part of the League!”

“I can’t say for certain that Narszara is a Class 6, but after seeing her in action tonight, I would bet good money on it,” I tell him, “Can you carry Bulk back to base? His suit is trashed.”

“I can do that,” replies Sam.

I turn to face Oakley.

“Now what?” I ask him.

“Lock them in power draining cuffs,” says Oakley, “And bring them to justice in court. Just hope that some American heroes don’t cause any problems with that.”

“Why would they do that?” I ask, confused, “Most of the ones that I know hate people like Vengeance.”

“Sticking together against false foreign justice is their reasoning most of the time,” replies Oakley, “Most of them are okay as you said, but you always get a few wackos like that.”

“Has it happened before?” I inquire.

“Nothing in public,” explains Oakley, “It has all been in private or out of public eye or just pressure on government.”

“That won’t happen this time,” I reply quietly.

“You can’t know that,” he replies, shaking his head again.

He starts to say something else, but I cut him off.

“I know it will because the League of Heroes won’t let Vengeance get away with this,” I state in a harsh voice, giving Oakley a hard look, “They just tried to murder two of us based on their grandfathers, one of whom is currently a member of the League himself and other dead before he had grandkids.”

I pause for effect.

“If anyone tries to break Vengeance out, we’ll stop them.”

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