Saturday, 13 December 2014

1.4 Sins of Our Grandfathers Part 6

Once Aquiline shows up, I decide to leave. Narszara is taking care of Storm Knight and Bolt while Britannia and Aquiline talk and Oakley has taken control of the arrests of Vengeance. He has agreed that I can send in my police statement later.

I am still bothered by a few things. The first one is the political consequences of tonight. The second is the fact people allow people like Vengeance to operate. The third is Shade, the sixth member of Vengeance and the only one missing tonight.

Shade is easily the most dangerous member of Vengeance. Not only has he got powers like his teammates, he also has multiple powers. And his powers are capable of harming me unlike the rest of his team. He’s also the smartest of them and that what worries me the most.

Shade is ruthless and not worried about killing his enemies. He is cold and calculating and because of that I doubt he would just try to kill Stefan and Charlie because of their grandfathers. That would explain why he wasn’t with Vengeance tonight.

Regardless of that, Shade is still dangerous if he tries to break out Vengeance.

“I’ll just have to find him,” I mutter as I descent.

Luckily not many people are still out at dark tonight and I go unnoticed by anyone. Except for one man.

He walks out of the shadows. A black cloak obscures his body from sight and only his glowing white eyes can be seen.


I instantly prepare for battle, adopting a defensive stance. What could Shade possibly want?

“We need to talk,” says Shade, his voice cold and uncaring.

Shade may be cold hearted and a have a very poor choice in friends, but he’s smart and could be counted as decent person. His claim of wanting to talk is reasonable enough for me to believe and he’s right, we do need to talk.

“I’m listening,” I reply, relaxing a little, but still keeping my guard up.

“I wish to apologise for my former teammates’ actions tonight,” says Shade, “I left them when they refused to investigate the matter further. Something seemed off so I investigated our information that lead to us being here tonight. I am pleased to say I was successful in that matter. I assume you wish to hear about what I found?”

“Let me summarise what I know first,” I answer, “We knew it was set up. It was too perfectly set up to be otherwise, but we couldn’t afford not to go. An enemy is working against the League of Heroes. He, let’s call our foe a he for now, supplied Hall and Edison with their weaponry. You may not understand being an American, but guns are extremely serious here and there’s only a few ways to get that kind of firepower undiscovered. The only one of those ways open to Hall and Edison was to have been given them. In addition this all started after the League stopped Vistorix and we still don’t know what Vistorix was after despite what the public believes.”

“That pretty much covers what I discovered,” replies Shade, “We were given a tip off about Bulk and Storm Knight secretly supplying Hall and Edison. The others were all too willing to believe that. I wasn’t. Something wasn’t right about what was going on and I felt we were being used. To go over and kill Bulk, Storm Knight and any Leaguers who defended them. And the others’ reactions confirmed that for me.”

“So you left and found proof that you were set up to attack and kill us?” I inquire.

“Would like to see it?” asks Shade.

“Send to the League of Heroes under message from Ven-Shade,” I reply, “Do you need a way to get home?”

“Shadow Stepping, but thanks for offering,” replies Shade, “Anything else?”

“No,” I start to say, but I change my mind as a thought hits me, “Actually yes. Vengeance tried to use some of my own tech against me. I would like to find out how they got it as there’s isn’t any way they could have legally brought it.”

“I know your attitude to people like me and Vengeance,” says Shade, “And after tonight, I can see why. Still I hope you don’t mind if I continue using your tech.”

“Can’t say I do mind after having met you,” I reply, “But how did any of you get it in the first place?”

“Some of the heroes back in the states like us more than you do,” answers Shade, “Prefer to help us as fellow superheroes.”

“Your way of doing it things conflicts with my way of doing it,” I counter coolly.

“That’s because you and the League, both new and old, are old school when comes to ethics and morals,” says Shade and I’m sure he’s grinning, “Don’t worry kid, it’s nice to see that in today’s youth. I’ll tell our fellows back in states about tonight and that you Leaguers were right and Vengeance were downright wrong and crossed a line. I feel that we’ll meet again someday Sentinel. Good luck.”

“Good luck to you too,” I reply as Shades moves to leave, “Oh and I’ll let you buy tech now.”

Before he Shadow Steps away, Shade turns and flashes me a brief smile. And then he’s gone.

What a hectic evening it has been tonight.

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