Wednesday, 31 December 2014

1.5 The Machine Part 5

I promised myself that I would give Narszara a good time once everything was over and that is what I’m going to do.

What I didn’t consider was that she hasn’t got a secret identity while I do. So if we do go out I’ll have to be in the Sentinel armour, which puts a number of options straight out of the window, mostly the normal, mundane ones such going out for drink at a coffee shop going to the beach.

So I ask some of the old League members and some of the Defenders for ideas and advice on what to do.

Eventually I decided on going to a superhero pub in London. It is called the Great Lion and is it is where superheroes, other people with powers and their guests can go without worrying about the public or media interrupting them.

It is a good thing since people like us can’t go to normal places in costume and get left alone. Like how celebrities hang out together without getting swamped by their fans.

The trouble is getting Narszara not to wear her armour.

I decided to let Skyler persuade her as it feels wrong to use my authority over to just order to not wear her armour. She and James are coming with us, also in costume. They aren’t exactly dating yet, but they’re close to it.

“People gaze at me,” I hear Narszara complaining.

“That’s because you’re beautiful,” sighs Sky, “I wish I had a body as pretty as yours.”
I understand what Sky is talking about. Of the League, only Narszara looks like a comic book superheroine the same way the Lanterns are the only League members to look like traditional comic book superheroes. The rest of us aren’t what attractive and good looking.

Despite that, Narszara dislikes showing her body off. Not that it surprises me given what I know about her and not to mention that neither of the Lanterns like showing off their physique. Plus Narszara prefers to show off her muscles and strength.

“I lack other clothing,” protests Narszara.

“You can wear your cos-mat costume,” counters Sky.

“It is tight fitting and shows too much of my form,” grumbles Narszara.

“Just wear it!” says Sky loudly, “Stop making such a fuss! Only Sentinel and Warden wear their armour to Great Lion! And that is so the people there know who they are!”

“Fine!” snarls Narszara, “I will change into it now.”

As Sky leaves Narszara’s quarters, I catch her on the arm.

“Let’s go to the main room,” I say to her and she nods.

We talk together in silence. James is at the main table while Sam is on the computer, doing research for his genetics and environment differences report. The same report I finished on Monday.

“Narszara is wearing her green cos-mat costume, but is rather unhappy about it,” I say to James as Sky and I sit down, “I hope the rest of the night at the Great Lion goes well otherwise this is going to be total failure.”

“It’ll go fine,” says Sky, “Granddad always said the Great Lion was a great club before he disappeared.”

“Dad often takes mum there,” agrees James, “It’s an excellent place, especially for people like us.”

“I guess I better get the Sentinel suit on,” I sigh, “You two should get in costume as well.”

By the time I have suited up, the others are already waiting to go.

“How are we getting there?” inquires Sky.

“Sam!” says James sharply.

“What?” demands Sam.

“You were ogling Narszara’s chest!” replies James.

“She’s very pretty,” says Sam sheepishly.

“We’ll be taking the jet,” I say, answering Sky’s question, “We can land on top of Great Lion and it’ll be about ten minutes once in the air.”

“Let’s go,” says Narszara gruffly as she gets to her feet.

I sincerely hope this night goes well.

The League jet is basically a black private that has been built for superheroics rather than comfort.
James and Sky chat during the flight well I fly. Narszara is extremely interested the jet and its capabilities despite being focused on magic over technology.

“Does it have interplanetary travel?” asks Narszara as she sits in the co-pilot’s chair.

“It has limited interplanetary travel,” I reply, “It can go about as far Neptune before needing to turn back. It can’t go fast, taking almost a year to reach Neptune at top speed. But is supersonic and can fly around the world in a couple of hours and can make short trips to the moon.”

“Do you have any interstellar craft?” inquires Narszara.

“We have a small interstellar ship,” I admit.

“Have you ever flown it?” asks Narszara.

“Granddad let me take it for a spin a few times,” I answer, “But most of the time I just rode in it while he flew. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure what the legal age to fly it is or whether you need a licence. Same with the jet and the rest of the League’s vehicles.”

“Are you breaking the law by driving and flying then?” inquires Narszara curiously.

“Technically yes,” I reply, “In practice, no one knows or if they do, they don’t care.”

“Makes sense,” says Narszara, “It would also add up with what I know about the League of Heroes and its quests.”

By the time we land, I would bet decent money that Narszara knows enough to fly the League jet on her own.

We land on top of the Great Lion, which is at the top of a skyscraper in London. Below are apartments for government supers to live, either on their own or with their families. You can also see the towers that MI9 and the Albion Defenders operate from.

“You’re with the League?” inquires the guard, an Irish man called Doyle Braden. He’s got superpowers, simple super toughness and super strength.

“I’m Sentinel,” I say as I introduce us. “This Vision, Commando and Narszara.”

“So that what she looks like under the armour,” says Braden as he stares at Narszara, “Who would have thought it.”

Narszara grunts.

“Well I guess you lot can go in,” says Braden, “It’s a slow night.”

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