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1.4 Sins of Our Grandfathers Part 5

“I’m glad to hear somebody going to stop these monsters escaping justice if it comes to that,” replies Oakley, “I would warn you to think of the consequences of doing that, but I doubt you or the rest of the League care after what Vengeance has done”

He sighs.

“I don’t understand why Vengeance would arm Hall and Edison’s gang,” says Oakley.

“I don’t think they did,” I say, drawing a look from Oakley, “When I brought that up to them whilst they had me pinned down, it confused them. I think it was a set up by whoever did supply the weapons to kill off some of the League, maybe scare the rest of us away.”

“You think so,” mutters Oakley, his face deep in thought.

“We still don’t know what Vistorix was after when we stopped him,” I explained, “We stopped him then some heavily armed gangsters and supers attack nearby to us. I think the suppler wanted some of the League to get killed in that. Then Narszara shows up and this happens. And how it was set up make it seem so clearly like a trap in hindsight. We were closer enough to check it out instead the Defenders. Too dangerous for the police, but not too dangerous for us. And at the same time, it was quite far from are base so it take the rest of a while to respond. Vengeance would easily take an excuse to kill Bulk and Storm Knight and anybody who fought alongside them. And if someone died, some of us might quit in fear while the others would be too angry at Vengeance to see it was too unlikely for them to have been the ones behind all of this. We would have blamed Vengeance for setting us up not whoever actually did set it up. We would be weaken and unaware of our true enemy, leaving he or she or they to continue pursuing their goals without our interference.”

“That does make a lot of sense,” says Oakley.

“Narszara figured out most of it, but Lantern and I still figured out someone else has been behind recent trouble,” I say.

“Here comes Britannia,” says Oakley, looking up.

I look up just in time to see Britannia come down to land.

“What happened?” demands Britannia, “All Warden told me was that Bulk, Storm Knight and Bolt were attacked by Vengeance and Sentinel and Narszara were on their way to help.”

“Bulk, Bolt and Storm Knight went to investigate a warehouse where Hall and Edison got their weapons,” I explain, “They walked into an ambush by Vengeance minus Shade. I and Narszara put on our armour and flew over here. I then called the police, MI9, Warden and Aquiline while in flight. I arrived when Storm Knight was down and Bulk and Bolt were going down. I held Vengeance off so they couldn’t kill the others. They had me pinned down when Narszara arrived. Then she wiped the floor with them while I watched in awe.”

“Aquiline is on her way here?” asks Britannia, “And Narszara took out all five of them while you just watched?”

“Laura will be here in about thirteen, fourteen minutes,” I answer, “And Narszara turns out to be a Class 6.”

For the first time I have ever since her, Britannia looks shocked. She shakes her head before replying.

“Damn,” says Britannia, “A Class 6. Now I don’t feel so bad about her breaking my arm the other day. Still a Class 6. Damn.”

“At least no one died tonight,” I note, “I been having unpleasant dreams about Gorlack recently and I hope never to have repeat of that. I should also mention that I can’t fully say for certain Narszara is Class 6.”

“His death was a very good thing you know,” says Britannia, “And you got Narszara because of it.”

“I’m feeling better about it,” I reply, “But better doesn’t mean good. Takes Vengeance for example. They’re better than some of their enemies, but that doesn’t make them heroes or even the good guys.”

“You’re smarter than you seem kid,” comments Britannia.

“Smarter than Forsworn and Avenger,” I reply, “Tried to use my own tech against me. Oh yeah, Inspector Oakley you should check them for dangerous weaponry. I deactivated the stuff I built that they had, but they might have other stuff.”

“How do you know that they have your tech?” inquires Britannia.

Instead of being accusing like I would expect from her, it appears to be simply curiosity.

“Neither I or my granddad would sell folks like them anything so they didn’t legally acquire them,” I answer, “Unless they got them second hand. I wouldn’t put it past an American superhero to pass on my tech to them. That’ll be something I have to look into one day even if it isn’t that major.”

“I’ll into it to as well,” says Britannia, “What about the Evil Empire that Gorlack belonged to? Should we be expecting trouble from them anytime soon?”

“Narszara says we don’t need to worry about them for the next year or two,” I reply, “And maybe not at all.”

“Good,” replies Britannia, “I take it you’re not going to let Vengeance get away with this despite whatever the Americans might do. I know I wouldn’t if was my team that was attacked.”

“If any American supers try to get them out of this mess, the League will fight them,” I reply harshly, 
“They just tried to murder two innocents. They will not get away with that not if I have any say. Not here, not today, not anywhere, not ever. But I doubt it will come to that.”

“If it does comes to a fight,” says Britannia, “You kids can count on me to be by your side.”

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