Tuesday, 18 November 2014

1.4 Sins of Our Grandfathers Part 1

“How is the patrol going?” I ask Charlie over his League communicator.

“Fine,” answers Charlie, “How’s Narszara doing?”

It has been two days since Narszara arrived. Since then, I have been helping her with repairs to her armour. We have come to the agreement that even once her armour is fixed, she will still wear cos-mat beneath it.

When it comes to more casual clothing, I was going to order clothing better suited to her like, I don’t know, fur coats or something made of leather? Instead Narszara has convinced me that if I got her the raw materials, she could make her own clothes to wear and that she would be happier with that.

Meanwhile we received an anonymous tip off about a weapon storage warehouse in Portsmouth. So we informed MI9 and the local police and decided to investigate it. Charlie, Stefan and Vance when out together to investigate it.

“She’s still uncomfortable with being outside of her armour,” I reply.

“Despite being the hottest girl in the League,” Stefan cuts in.

“Don’t let her hear you say that Storm Knight,” jokes Vance, “Lantern barely survive intact even with his powers.”

“None of us were expecting that,” notes Charlie.

“In fairness to Narszara, she did warn us before she came out,” I point out, “And she is clearly embarrassed when outside of her armour.”

“True,” admits Charlie, “Hopefully the two of you will get her armour fixed soon.”

“Almost done even if we won’t get as good as new,” I reply, “We have repaired the holes where she got injured and most of the dents and scratches. Only some of the outer plating and her helmet need to be finished. Narszara is working on them now. Have you found the site yet?”

“I can’t help, but feel that we’re being watched,” comments Vance, “And no, we haven’t reached the site yet, but we are almost there.”

“Yeah,” says Charlie, “By the way, I also feel uneasy as well.”

“The fact it is getting dark doesn’t help,” mutters Stefan.

“I know it’s late, but if anything does go wrong, Narszara and I are ready to come and help,” I tell them.

“Good because this feels like a set up to me,” says Vance.

“Good luck,” I say before cutting the signal.

I pause for the moment. Might as well get an update from Narszara. It’s not like I got anything better to do.

“Narszara,” I call over the bases internal communication system.

“Yes milord,” replies Narszara, her face appearing on a section of the main screen in front of me.

“How is your armour coming along?” I ask.

“It will be finished before dawn,” replies Narszara, she pauses before speaking again, “How do the others feel about their mission?”

“They feel uneasy about it,” I answer, “Why?”

“I feel the same,” explains Narszara, “I am certain is a trap.”

“A trap?” I repeat, confused.

“Aye,” says Narszara, “First you faced villain Vistorix. His mission remains unclear. Then after you stopped him, robbers with powers and weaponry attack. Weaponry that they should not have had and must have been given to them. Yet not enough to draw undue suspicion. I believe that was to draw some of you out and to slay you lest you interfere with their plans further. Then, while the League is all still live and stronger than before, we receive a tip off about the unusual weaponry used by the robbers. On that, we all feel uneasy about it, but we cannot afford to ignore it and must act upon it. In addition, its danger means that the watchmen cannot deal with it and its location means we, not the Albion Defenders, are closer and respond to it. As a result, we send a small force out at dark and quite far from our base and the rest of us. Plus most of those that did not go will be busy or unaware of any trouble that may occur until it is too late to act. So yes, I believe it is a trap set by a force with hostile intent and is attempting to remove or weaken the League so we cannot oppose it and its plans.”

I freeze. So that is what has been bugging me and Sam ever since Hall and Edison’s attempted robbery last Friday. Of neither of us figured it out like Narszara despite our suspicions.

“Darn it,” I curse, “You’re right. How close are you to finishing your armour?”

“Part from the helmet, only one dent requires repairing,” answers Narszara.

“Good,” I say, “Put on your armour once you’re done. We need to help the others.”

“We should warn them first,” suggests Narszara.

“Good idea,” I say, open the channel with the others, “Bulk, Bolt and Storm Knight, it’s a trap. We’ve been set up.”

“What do you mean it’s a trap?” inquires Charlie.

“Your friend is right,” rasps another voice.

I can barely hear it, but the speaker has to right on top of Charlie for him to overhear Charlie and for me to hear him.

“Oh £$*&, it’s Nightmare,” says Stefan.

I also curse though my language is polite than Stefan’s. Nightmare is a Class 3 with shapeshifting. What is worse is he is part of a six-person team known Vengeance.

Vengeance is made up of darker and vicious superheroes from America. And when I say heroes, I mean they got better PR than the villains that they fight and don’t go after the innocent.

Most of the time at least.

The old League members hate them and so do I. ‘Heroes’ like them are grim and dark and have no qualms with casual killing and generally don’t care about the crime as long as their victim is ‘guilty’.

And too often they take it upon themselves to decide who is guilty and who is not.

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