Tuesday, 11 November 2014

1.3 Dragon Knight Part 6

“You broke Britannia’s arm?” I say blankly, staring at Narszara, “How?! She has nigh invulnerability.”

“She attempted to hold me in place with her hand on my shoulder,” says Narszara, “I tackled her. I bent her arm and it snapped under my strength. I then tossed her into the wall. I once again declared my intentions again and left.”

“I see,” I reply despite not really understanding.

I wonder how power she really is. At first I figured she was a Class 1, a human with some above average abilities, but not being actually superhuman. I would count as a Class 1 without the Sentinel armour on.

But Narszara proven to be really tough to point she could keep fighting her injures and dismiss them as minor. Plus she has to be pretty strong to be walking around in that heavy unpowered armour. But she just took down Britannia, a Class 5. Now I’m thinking she might be a Class 2.

Class 2s have either weak or useless abilities or ones which supplement their normal class 1 abilities. I’m thinking that Narszara is one of the later Class 2s despite being strong enough to break the bones of someone with nigh invulnerability.

Unless she has some other abilities we don’t know about yet in which case her Class will be even higher.

Laura and all of the other Aquilines are Class 1s and they’re the most feared supers in history. Maybe Narszara is like that. After all, I’m certain Laura could easily take Britannia.

But Narszara claimed to have bent and snapped Britannia’s arm. Laura or any of her kin couldn’t have done that.

“I’m going to have to test your abilities at some point,” I tell her.

“I understand,” replies Narszara.

“So what is it that you want to talk about?” I ask her.

“I wish to talk about my new home and duties,” says Narszara.

She looks around her a moment before continuing.

“Now I am trapped in this realm and you are my Thariloth,” she says, “I am in need of a home and I believe this undar’delore fortress is the best place for me to stay. I therefore request that you please show me my new quarters so I may begin settling in.”

“Anything else?” I inquire.

“As has been mentioned, my armour has suffered much damage in the course of my fighting,” replies Narszara, “I will need to take if off and inspect it. In addition to making the necessary repairs, I will require clothing to wear as I have none of my own with me.”

“I’m sure Skyler or Lucy will help with that,” I assure her.

“Thank you milord,” says Narszara, “With your leave, I shall find Skyler and Lucy to assist me.”

“I’ll show you to your quarters first,” I say, “It’ll be small, just big enough to fit in your bed, a desk, some drawers for clothes and a chest to store your items in. Roughly two metres wide and three metres long. It was built for functional purposes not comfort.”

“That will suffice fine,” says Narszara, “My private quarters only have to provide a place to sleep and store my private belongs.”

I lead Narszara through the corridors of the base. A stranger might easily get lost once leave the main section of the base, but after years of being here with granddad and being the one operating the place after his death, I know the place like the back of my hand.

“So here it is,” I say once we reach Narszara’s new room, “Will you be able to remember where it is?”

“My memory is impeccable,” replies Narszara, “I shall not forget this location or any others.”

“Good,” I say, “Lucy and Skyler should still be in the main room.”

“I shall find them,” says Narszara.


“Is she ready yet?” asks Charlie as we wait outside Narszara’s quarters.

It’s been roughly four hours after Narszara arrival and everybody has shown up to see her. She has spent most of that time in her quarters after Lucy, Skyler and Aunt Mary helped her pick out some clothes for when she wasn’t wearing her armour. For what she said, she was using the computer in there to learn about the Earth or at least our version of it as Narszara seems to have been to some alternate ones.

“She should be coming out soon,” I say, “It’s quite obvious that she dislikes being out of her armour so I doubt she’ll be conformable in normal clothing or even cos-mat.”

“She’s surprising good looking under there,” says Skyler, “I’m little jealous to be honest.”

“You look fine,” says Samuel, “Personally I’m looking forward to seeing what she looks out of that armour.”

“Narszara looks like a Norsemen or something like that,” I say, “Vance looks the most like her.”

“She doesn’t act like a Viking though,” says Lucy, “More like a knight or paladin. Though she did take out Britannia kind of like one.”

“The fact she took down Britannia is all over the news,” says Helen, “Everybody speculating about it. Especially on the Cape and Cowl website and other super focused ones. I think that Restorer mentioned it on social media or something.”

“I didn’t know you read that,” says Sam surprised.

“My mother is a superhero,” says Helen dryly, “And I’m one now as well as I like to keep track of what people are saying.”

“Good point,” concedes Sam, “It just doesn’t seem like your sort of magazine.”

“I’ll give you that point,” grins Helen.

“I am ready to present myself,” says Narszara from inside her room, “Anyone who laughs or makes fun of me shall be punched and harmed.”

“Sounds fair,” mutters Stefan.

“No one will tease you Narszara,” says Carrie soothingly.

“Fine,” grumbles Narszara as she opens the door.

I’m fairly certain most of our jaws dropped. I know mine did.

Narszara is wearing a green cos-mat costume that leaves her head uncovered. A belt with her sword and scabbard is around her waist. It’s also rather skintight in a manner that really shows off Narszara’s rather...curvaceous body shape.

It also shows off her muscles and strong and healthy body. Of course that doesn’t stand out as much because we were all expecting it. Her curves on the other hand were completely unexpected as they were totally hidden beneath her armour.

Narszara continues to be full of surprises. I wonder what else about her is still hidden.

“Man,” says Stefan while Sam barely suppresses his laugher, “You got curves. And such a large chest. No wonder Skyler was jealous.”

Pretty much all of us glare at him. Then Sam breaks out in laughter.

Narszara lunges at him.

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