Friday, 31 July 2015

1.12 The Machine 3.0 Part 6

“Hello to you too Sentinel,” replies Oakley, “I came as soon as I received your message about killer alien robots. I assume this wreckage is what is left of them?”

“You would be correct,” I say, “If you don’t mind, Narszara and I are going to take the remains of the big guy so I can study them. You can keep the stuff from the smaller guys.”

“I’m not sure how that fits into the law about collecting evidence,” says Oakley with a shrug, “But I know that all of this way beyond me and my people. We always relied on folks like to deal with abnormal stuff.”

“I assume you won’t mind if I fill a police form later?” I politely inquire, knowing the answer will be yes as always.

“Of course,” answers Oakley with a wave of his hand, “You’ve done this enough times to know the drill. Beside, I’m hoping you deal with this as quickly as possible. While attacks like this are good PR is fended off with nobody hurt and minimal collateral damage, the longer they drag on, the more likely things are going to go sour.”

“No need to tell me about it,” I say, “Anyhow, I should get going before Narszara and I get swamped by the press.”

“Good idea,” agrees Oakley, “I’ll keep them off your backs. Or I’ll try to anyway.”

“Narszara,” I say privately over our League communicators, “Grab the body. I’ll carry the arms.”

Narszara complies as she hefts the Machine’s remains up and holds it over her shoulder. As the gathered media bombards us with questions, I pick up one of the Machine’s arms in each hand. Ignoring the reporters, I ignite my rocket pack and fly into the air.

“Warden,” I say as I call my aunt and she answers, “Narszara and I are on our way now.”

I end the call and look behind me. Narszara is trailing behind me. While the Machine isn’t slowing her down, Narszara’s flight is naturally slower than that of the Sentinel armour.

“Narszara,” I say as we fly in silence, “Why didn’t you tell me you could shapeshift into a dragon?”

“I never came up milord,” replies Narszara.

“Never seemed important at all?” I continue to press her.

“It is an ability I have had all my life and is extremely common amongst my people,” answers Narszara, “It did not seem to be of major significance at any point. It still does not seem to be overly important Verigar.”

“To public and authorities it will be,” I tell her, “It’s a powerful and overt ability. The potential dangers will worry people, especially since they know little about you.”

“I do not care that others worry about me being normal,” says Narszara.

We fall silent again and I go back to my old fall by for when I have to do long flights, thinking about technical problems.

It occurs to me that each time I fought the Machine, I’ve been forced to rely on the more powerful heavy hitters that are Sam and Narszara.

Despite my upgrades to the Sentinel armour, I’ve been growing weaker against the Machine as it continues to upgrade itself while I have only made minor improvements.

If Narszara hadn’t shown up in the nick of time, I would have probably been killed or maimed. When we first encountered the Machine, the majority of the League would have been killed if it weren’t for Sam. And when I encountered the Machine for the second time on Spartan’s carrier, I would have also died if Sam hadn’t saved me. I would have also fallen in battle before Sam arrived if it weren’t for Darrac or Spartan.

Oh Darrac. He’s probably still waiting.

“Janelle?” I call.

“Yes?” replies the AI

“Is Darrac still there?” I inquire in an innocent enough voice.

“Yes,” says Janelle, “I’m assuming you won’t be coming to deal with him anytime soon?”

“Not right now,” I admit, “I got other things to do right now,”

“I’ll inform Darrac,” says Janelle, “He’s willing to wait until you’re free.”

“Let him wait in the base if he wants,” I say.

“I’ll extend your offer to him then,” replies Janelle.

That’s that sorted. But I still need to figure out the latest upgrade the Sentinel armour.

Granddad was always continuously upgrading the Sentinel armour. He never wanted to end up stagnant or outdated, especially when it counted.

Right now, I got several upgrades I have yet to implement. The rocket boots, grappling lines, the magnetic boots and gauntlets. All major upgrades that I come up with, but the Sentinel armour is currently lacking.

Normally I would just add those upgrades to the current set of Sentinel armour, but I’m almost finished putting together a spare set of the Sentinel Mk VII armour.

Right now, I feel that I should just add the upgrades to it to create the Sentinel Mk VIII armour.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

1.12 The Machine 3.0 Part 5

The dragon is about fourteen to sixteen feet long and three metres high. Its scales are the same green as Narszara’s sword and cover creature’s entire body. Its wings are massive and leathery like a bat.

The dragon drops the beast and rips its other arm off with its claws before pinning it to the ground.

Sensing defeat its defeat, either the Machine or whoever is controlling it activate its self-destruct. The Machine’s internal circuitry explodes and pops until only the outer casing remains.

I was hoping for something useful from its wreckage, but I can still study the armour the Machine uses and look for weak points in its design.

But first, I have to deal with the dragon.

As I walk towards the beast, it swiftly shapeshifts into Narszara. The Norgardian is wearing her new armour, the first time she has worn it in the field.

I can’t say I’m surprised as Narszara has a dragon motif to her and given her level of power, the idea of her being able to turn into a dragon isn’t that farfetched.

Most of those watching us however seemed to be deeply impressed by the mysterious Narszara. While Narszara is a known member of the League and has been seen in public, she’s not an active crimefighter like the rest of us. The primary time she has been out of base is when Narszara is escorting the Rileys when they go out in public.

Her power level and set aren’t known to the public so there has been lots of speculating about what Narszara can do, especially since she took out Vengeance.

I bet now people are going to believe she’s a powerful shapeshifter.

Now what to do with the remains of the Machine? My first thought is to take them back to base to study them in the lab, but safety always comes first.

While I may want to study, I am not about to bring the enemy in the heart of my base of operations, even if it is ‘dead’. Especially when who knows what could be inside? The Machine could easily be a Trojan Horse and I wouldn’t know until it was already inside the base.

So taking back to the lab isn’t an option, but I still want to study the Machine and I need somewhere with the equipment to do which I don’t need to worry about compromising security.

The perfect solution hits me in a moment of Eureka and I call my Aunt Mary’s Warden phone number, using my own Sentinel number.

“Hello Sentinel,” answers Aunt Mary, “I’m assuming this to do with news at the moment.”

“If you’re referring to Machine, then yes,” I reply, “I would like to study the Machine, but taking it to the base is not an option.”

“Agreed,” agrees Aunt Mary, “I’m going to assume you want to use my lab in Defender Tower.”

“Yup,” I reply, “If you don’t mind that is.”

“I don’t,” says Aunt Mary, “When can I expect you to arrive?”

“I’ll grab one of the arm and Narszara will carry the rest,” I reply, “While I can make the journey in about fifty minutes, Narszara is slower than me so it’ll take about twenty to half an hour longer. And we’ll need to make police reports first. We’ll already got a bunch of officers on the ground.”

“Understood,” says Aunt Mary, “I’ll be waiting and inform the folks here that you’re coming.”

And with that, Aunt Mary hangs up.

“Narszara?” I say as I approach her.

She is standing by the Machine’s wreckage where no one has dared approach her yet.

“Yes milord,” replies Narszara.

“We got to make police reports than we’re taking the wreckage to Defender Tower in London,” I tell her.

“Aye,” is Narszara’s reply.

I turn to face some of the police officers as they tried to form a barrier around the wreckage of the Machine. A pair of reporters, including the one I saw earlier, are trying to get through.

I sigh internally. I hate dealing the media. They always try to twist your words and the situation to make things more interesting for their viewers. And if you complain to them about that, they do their best to portray you in a bad light.

The last thing I want to do after a hard fight like that is have to explain what happened to the press. Especially since they’ll want to know more able Narszara.

My spirits pick up as I spot Inspector Oakley exit a newly arrived police car. As the guy in charge of crimes relating to powered or gifted people and the liaison to the League of Heroes, we see a lot of each other and get on well.

It doesn’t hurt that he knows my secret identity and has kept it secret. I also believe that he has been able to piece together some of the others’ secret identities, but if he has, Oakley hasn’t given me or anyone else any hint of it.

“Hello Inspector,” I say as walk towards him, Narszara following me in tow.

Friday, 24 July 2015

1.12 The Machine 3.0 Part 4

I grin viciously as the scorpion drones’ weapons flicker and exploded, taking out both their ‘tails’ and their ‘claws’.

I don’t get to enjoy my small victory very long as the now crippled drones still have one weapon left to him.

I’m able to shoot down two of the drones as they rush me dead one, but a third slams into my back and explodes.

Ramming and self-detonation. Is it called suicide bombing or a kamikaze attack? I don’t know right now and don’t care either as I have bigger problems. Such as actually dealing with it instead of trying to figure how what the proper term is.

My rocket pack took some damage, but still working while the right shoulder rocket launcher got taken out. It doesn’t really matter as it was already empty.

I fly straight up to give a height advantage against these suicidal drones.

I blast two with my lasers as they rise to follow me. A third gets through, but I smack it aside before taking out with a laser. Another also reaches me, but I’m able to kick away and avoid most of the explosion.

Only six left, I think as I take down another scorpion drone with my lasers.

Another drone almost reaches me, but I cut my rocket packet and drop, dodging the explosion as it take out one of its fellow drones. Four remaining now.

I activate my rocket pack again and zoom downward at the Machine as it fires its lasers at. I’m easily able to dodge the Machine’s remaining lasers while the crippled drones pursuing me are less so.

Two drones are destroyed by their own ally as I turn suddenly. I look over my shoulder and pick off one of the last two drones. Then, just I am about to crash into the field below, I pull up. The final drone, intent on catching me, is unable to follow my manoeuvre and actually crashes.

I’m glad that field is also badly trashed already so I don’t have to worry about that extra bit of damaged.

Speaking of damaged, I better check nobody was hurt by the falling debris from the scorpion drones. I fly up against and take a look at the road, I’m surprised by what I see.

Nobody seems to be hurt and a few more police cars have shown up. The police are keeping order and the few armed ones have their weapons aimed the Machine. Most people are watching the fight and many have their phones or cameras out.

I even spot a reporter and cameraman filming the battle.

I receive another call as I continue to dodge the Machine’s laser. I might have taken out the scorpion drones, but I still have to deal their leader.

I’m surprised as I realised who the caller is. My Mum.

What could she want?

“Hello Mum?” I ask, “Can you wait and call back in a bit. Because I’m kind of busy.”

While I can talk openly to my Mum about my secret identity, the rest of my family doesn’t know and I don’t know who could be listening.

“Just me at the moment Daniel,” replies Mum, “I was wondering if you’re okay? I’ve just seen you on the news.”

“I’m fine Mum,” I reassure her, “I was having a bit of pickle, but I got under control now. Just need to keep the Machine busy until Narszara shows up. She or Lantern can easily take it and Sam is only a few minutes behind Narszara if she somehow doesn’t win by then.”

“Okay then,” says Mum, “I’ll let you get back to your work now. Stay safe darling.”

"Don’t worry Mum, I will,” I say before hanging up.
I fly in circles around the Machine, picking off its remaining lasers. Narszara should only be a couple minutes away when the last of Machine’s lasers falls silent. Sort of.

Unfortunately, it isn’t going to let me win that easily as it drops out of the sky. It slams into the motorway below to the shrieks from the public gathered below.

They never truly expected to be in danger and now the big killer robot as landed amongst them, they’re terrified.

I better go and save them.

I zoom at the Machine and swing my fist at it.

I barely survive with my life.

My combat reflexes took over as I saw the glowing giant blade swipe at me. I bend back and it goes over me before I use my feet to push myself off of the Machine. I land with a roll and look up at the Machine.

From above where its fists would be it if were human, the Machine has a pair of glowing pink energy blades. I have no doubt that one of those could tear through the Sentinel armour ease.

I pick a fighting stance and prepare to hold off the Machine until backup can arrive. The Machine rushes me, both of its blades prepared to strike. It is only a couple of feet away when the shadow descends.

The Machine doesn’t get a chance to react as the massive scaled reptile picks it up in its jaws. The Machine goes crunch as the beast bites down on it and its right arm is bitten off.

I step back as I look at the dragon eating one of my most dangerous opponents.  

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

1.12 The Machine 3.0 Part 3

I barely register it is the Machine before it unleashes a barrage of those multi-warhead micro missiles.

I hate those things.

I activate my jetpack and zoom through the mud, still on my back. The missiles slam into the ground just below my feet, the explosions chasing after me. I pull up into the sky just before I hit the fence on the farside of the field, but it gets destroyed anyway by the missiles.

Poor farmer.

I focus on the machine. It appears to more heavily armoured this time around and has twice as many missiles launchers.

I am so out of my depth.

“Class 5 threat!” I yell over my communicator, “I repeat Class 5 threat!”

I dodge through the air as more of the micro missiles come at me in a massive swarm. I try to fly away from the motorway in attempt to bait the Machine away from the civilians, but it seems content to hover of the motorway and fire missiles at me.

I wish still had some of my own. But the Machine can’t have infinite missiles and must run out at some point. In the meantime, I try and pick off some of the lasers mounted on the Machine with my own.

Unfortunately for me, it seems to have twice as many lasers as it does missiles and I only knock a few out before it starts returning fire with its missiles.

I’m barely dodging both missiles and lasers though I’m making more of an enough to avoid the missiles as I can take hits from the lasers unlike hits from the missiles. I so didn’t need another two dozen scorpion drones to show up.

Like I didn’t to avoid their humongous amount of firepower as well. Personally it feels like the mysterious foe behind these robots is now making an open and blatant attempt to kill me.

In fact I am actually feeling a bit honoured that the foe feels this amount of firepower and resources is actually necessary to kill me. Given how well I’m faring, it might not even be overkill.

I actually fly towards the closest groups of scorpion drones, dodging their fire as it cuts into the swarm of missiles behind me. The thing about being caught in a crossfire like this is that the two different arcs of fire end up taking each other out if you can avoid.

I smile as the energy blasts from the drone take out the Machine’s missiles.

Hah! I think as the exploding missiles take out even more in a domino effect.

I fire my lasers at the drones, taking out a mere two before I pass through the group. That could have been better. I spin around and yank the tail of one of the drones as it zooms by me.

I toss the tail aside and use the laser on my other arm to finish the drone off.

I hope someone like Lantern or Narszara can get here soon. I go back to dodging again, taking potshots at the scorpions drones when I can. I’m certain I’ve taken four out with a possible two also down or damaged at the very least.

“How close is help?” I ask Janelle.

“Still a few minutes until Narszara can get to you,” answers Janelle, “Lantern will be about ten minutes. He has just entered the base. On the bright side, it appears the Machine has run out of missiles.”

“Thanks for the heads up,” I say before cutting the connection.

A few minutes until one of our heavy hitters can arrive. I can handle a few more minutes of this. 

I aim and fire my lasers at another drone. I allow myself a small grim smile as it explodes. Only the fourteen more and the Machine to go.

“I know this isn’t the most opportune time,” says Janelle suddenly, “But Darrac has just made contact with me. He has an offer I’m sure you’ll find quite interesting.”

“Tell him I’m busy with the killer robot we fought on Spartan’s carrier,” I reply, “Ask he if he’s willing to wait until I’m free.”

“Will do,” answers Janelle before hanging up again.

I rip one of the ‘claws’ of passing scorpion drone off and toss it at another drone. Despite how cool it would have been if I had taken the drone out with it, the claw is blown out the sky by another drone midair.

I fly up and backwards towards the sun in an attempt to gain what us flyers call the “Aerial Sun Advantage”.

It is to no avail as while the glare of the sun might have affected organic opponents, these mechanic foes are unaffected by the light.

“Sorry to interrupt you again,” says Janelle to my somewhat annoyance.

Couldn’t she pick a better time to try and talk with me? A life-and-death battle against killer alien robots is definitely not the best time to try and hold a conversation, no matter what the movies would have you believe.

“I just told Darrac your situation,” continues Janelle, “And he has a potential solution. He recognises the type of weaponry used by the scorpion drones. It is outdated Sektain technology that has a particular frequency that causes the energy within the weapons to become unstable.”

That could work or at least I hope it would. I know the drones are using alien tech, Sektain to be precise, and Neriarr like Darrac are masters of Sektain technology. Darrac has given me no reason to distrust him. In fact, Darrac has saved my life at least once.

With a solution that is all gain and no lost, I set my sonics to the frequency Janelle has just sent to me and open fire.

Friday, 17 July 2015

1.12 The Machine 3.0 Part 2

It isn’t long before I spot a chase below as I fly over the motorway. A red Ferrari swerving in and out of the lanes with a police car struggling to keep up.

I don’t hesitate to step in. Given how fast and reckless that Ferrari is driving, it is only a matter of time before an accident occurs. Possible a fatal one.

I zoom down and fly along the side driver of the car. The look on the driver’s face is glorious as he stares at me. Time to give him the warning to stop.

“Please pull over and stop before anyone gets hurt,” I say to him.

The driver’s face hardens and he pulls over. Right into me.


Doesn’t the fool understand how tough my armour is and slam into me will cause the vehicle to break before it even begins to damage the Sentinel armour.

The car’s frame and door bent inwards and the glass window shatters. The driver screams in panic and pain as the fragments of glass slice into him.

With another car in front of us and with us moving at this speed, I have little time to act.

I grab the car’s bend roof with one hand and the underneath with the other. With the Ferrari in my grip, I zoom upward, taking the car with me. I then take us over to the other side of the road and dump the wreck as the police car pulls up by us.

I look at the driver. He is mostly okay. Other than some shallow cuts from the glass, the driver has what is probably a broken arm from where he connected with the Sentinel armour at high speed.

Despite the fact it had the potential to be much worse, it is still bad enough so that I have my armour call an ambulance.

“Hello Sentinel,” says the police officer as he steps out of his car, “Thanks for the help before anyone else got hurt.”

“You’re welcome Constable Harvey,” I reply, recognising the man from previous interactions over the summer, “But I’m afraid the driver here has most likely suffered a broken arm from when he rammed me at high speed. Other than that, he has mostly suffered just come glass cuts and shock.”

“Got it Sentinel,” says Constable Harvey as he walks up to the Ferrari, “Want to know that started the chase in the first place?”

“I’m judging that multiple bags of cannabis in the car is the answer,” I reply, my armour detecting the smell of the drug from a few spots in the car.

“How do you know that?” ask Harvey.

“My armour has detected it and I called an ambulance by the way,” I answer as another police car pulls up and two more officers spill out, “I can detect cannabis there, there and there. Do note there might be more I haven’t detected yet.”

“Got it Sentinel,” says Harvey with a grim smile as he starts to search the first of the three places I pointed out.

“Incoming!” suddenly says Janelle over the League communicator, “Up and to the east.”

“Excuse me,” I say to the three officers before activating the rocket pack.

“Give me more details,” I say to Janelle once I’m in the air.

“Several scorpion drones have just appeared and are en route to you,” says Janelle, “I’m picking up more similar signatures. Alerting the League of Heroes and Albion Defenders.”

Looking to the east, I can see the incoming drones. A dozen of them if what my armour is saying is correct and I have no doubt it is. Time to inform the police.

“Inspector Oakley,” I say as the unofficial Hampshire police liaison to the League of Heroes answers, 
“I have a dozen killer alien robots at my position. Most likely more are coming.”

I hang up before he can reply. Better alert the police below me as well.

I drop back down.

“Hostile killer robots inbound,” I say before flying back up.

I vaguely hear Harvey cursing.

Back in the air again, the drones are much closer now. Close enough for me to lock on with my shoulder missiles.

A dozen missiles for a dozen robots, I think as I fire all twelve of my missiles, six on each shoulder.

Ten of out twelve hit, the final two dodging the missiles. But I’m ready for that and I already have my lasers at the ready. Within moments, both remaining drones are cut in two by lasers mounted on my wrists.

“You said there was probably more?” I asks Janelle.

“I am picking multiple clusters of hostiles, but can’t you exact numbers or locations,” answers Janelle, “They appear to be partially jamming. If it weren’t for the advanced technology available to me, I would be able to detect them at all.”

“Darn it,” I curse.

I hear a noise and yelling below. I look down only to see the cars coming to a halt and people pointing upward.

Either pointing at me, the drones or something else. I turn around looking for the next attacker as I hear something behind me.

A mechanical fist slams into my chest and I go flying into a field at the far side of the motorway.

Laying on my back, I look up to see an new and improved version of the Machine looking down at me from high in the sky.

Not the nice and quiet patrol I was hoping for.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

1.12 The Machine 3.0 Part 1

Dad had yelled at me a lot when I returned home with the bags. Mum was initially worried, but was fine after I explained things in private to her. Lily was overjoyed at me getting her stuff back and the news of her attackers getting arrested.

The police questioned me for a bit, but there wasn’t any evidence and given the situation, they just let me off with a warning.

But, yeah, Dad was real angry at what I did. He yelled at me for an hour straight about how I was incredible stupid to do what I did, how I was lucky not to get into trouble with the police and how I was even luckier not to get hurt. I am so glad Narszara healed my black eye.

In the end I was grounded for the first week back at school. Go to school and come home once it ended. No hanging out with friends or staying at granddad’s old house out in the forest. That basically amounted to no patrols or being at the base. Dad also took away my phone for the week.

Fortunately for me, no phone didn’t mean no League communicator that Dad doesn’t know about, but basically does the same thing any smart phone would do and more.

And despite not actively hanging out with the others gave me time to work on the projects I been working on from the quiet of my bedroom. I managed put goggles into all of the League’s costumes to provide access to the HUD that Sam and I use.

While I wasn’t able to leave the house to personally do it, I still had access to a loyal and ever dutiful Narszara.

Speaking of Narszara, we finally got her some new armour to replace the worn and broken stuff she been wearing ever since she arrived several weeks ago.

Her new armour is non-powered like her old armour and uses a similar ceramic to the Sentinel, but is denser, thicker and heavier than what my armour uses. It’s basically dull grey plate armour with a Nordic style to it.

Nothing fancy, just some plain old armour to protect Narszara in battle as well as give her a costume to wear. Unlike in the past, Narszara isn’t wearing her new armour as normal clothing like she did with her old, instead wearing green cos-mat suits instead.

I was also able to finally figure out how to get the magnetic boots and gauntlets for the Sentinel armour working. Not that I’ve been able to update the armour with them yet.

But now at the end of the second Monday back at school, I’m finally allowed to do my own stuff. Which means going to the base instead of home to put on the Sentinel armour.

After a week without wearing one of the most awesome if not the most awesome suit of power armour on the planet, I’m pretty eager to get back into the field.

I march in granddad’s house. I’ll only really think of it has mine once I move into it as an adult. I laugh as I stroll down to the cellar to take the stairs down the base.

Boy I am giddy today.

Narszara is waiting with Danielle Riley, the oldest of the Riley kids, on riding on her shoulder. As I have come to recently expect, Narszara is in a cos-mat suit.

“How was your day Danielle?” I ask the young girl.

I still think of her as little girl despite her only being a mere three years young than myself and most of the League.

“It’s been good,” cheerful replies Danielle, “Alex is a great teacher. She knows everything!”

I smile. I’m glad how well the Riley family has adapted to their change of location. Especially as since they can’t attend normal school, Alex has been using her vast amount of knowledge to keep the Riley girls educated. Mark and Jane Riley have mostly been getting on with their lives despite not actively working except for helping out around the base.

The only time they leave the base is when they go out with an escort, usually Alex or Narszara.

“Glad to hear that Danielle,” I say.

I genuinely mean that statement. Not just making small talk with a little girl.

“Now if you two don’t mind,” I continue, “I’m going to go and put on my armour. It has been too long since I last got to use it.”

“Yes milord,” says Narszara, “Let us go little one.”

As we go our separate ways, I overheard Danielle talking to Narszara.

“Why do you call them milord Narsey?” asks Danielle.

“Because he is my lord and I his servant little one,” replies Narszara, “I have sworn loyalty to him.”

“Why did you swear loyalty to him?” inquires Danielle.

“Because it is part of what my people do,” answers Narszara, “You wouldn’t understand. It is an aspect of Norgard that Earth does not share.”

Danielle starts to say something else, but they are too far away for me to overhear.

Narsey, I think as I enter the lab, I wonder how Narszara would react if I called her that. Probably be rather annoyed.

Within minutes, I am armoured up and soaring through the sky.

Friday, 10 July 2015

2015 - Fiona

Fiona goes through the last of her checks before she goes stumbling out into public. While she might not be a shaken, traumatised girl who has suddenly returned home after being missing for the last two years, Fiona needs to play the part of one.

She doesn’t exactly needs to if you’re being precise, but if she wants to reintegrate into her family and society, Fiona will definitely have to.

Fiona checks the appearance of her eyes and hair. While they are now naturally blue and blonde respectively, Fiona was born with brown eyes and black hair. Without any good way to explain the sudden, supernatural change in colour, Fiona will just have to fake them.

Her short hair is also suitable messy as would be expected of her.  Her clothes are old, torn and dirty. Not pleasant to wear, but Fiona has been in much worse situations over the years and has done much more icky things.

At least I won’t to wear them for long. I’m sure my family would get me some nicer stuff once I returned. Perhaps Laura will lend me some of her old clothes.

It has been a week since Fiona returned to her home dimension with the aid of Sentinel and the League of Heroes.

Fiona has spent most of that week finding out the local situation, getting a good amount of recon done.

I hate going into an unknown situation without intel. And that’s not even mentioning that I wouldn’t be able to form any plans if I dived in headfirst.

As for her plans, Fiona has gotten herself a little hideout on the outskirts of town to store her stuff in and act as her secret base. It is there that Fiona has hidden away her costume, armour and gadgets.

Of course I still have my new powers, my training, my experience and the fact that I am a genetically enhanced cyborg supersoldier. Nice to know that I’m the most powerful and dangerous person on the planet.

Fiona sighs. She hates the idea of deceiving her family, but she needs to get this right.

I had to deal with so much worse during my travels. I can handle this.

She staggers out into public.


Fiona doesn’t bother holding back her tears as her mother hugs her, gushing with joy at the return of her eldest daughter.

Meanwhile her father is dealing with the two police officers that brought her here. Fiona doubts her sister even knows she is back as she is currently at school like she should be.

Perhaps they’ll let her leave early once she finds out about my return.

“I missed you so much,” wails her mother into her ears as she holds Fiona tight.

“I missed you too mother,” Fiona whispers back.

“Don’t ever leave us like that again,” gushes her mother through her tears.

“I won’t, I promise,” Fiona reassures her mother.

And that is a promise Fiona is certain she can keep. She is not the same person she was when she was taken away from her home against her will. Now Fiona is genetically enhanced cyborg spec-op supersoldier with actual superpowers. There isn’t anything on this world that can take her on and not that many in other worlds either.

They’re silent as Fiona’s father joins in on their hug.

After she was brought to the attention of the police, Fiona was brought to the local station where they checked her out. Whilst they were making sure she was okay, they were able to identify her as missing person who disappeared two years ago and called her family.

Since then the police have been trying to get information on what happened to her, but Fiona has been playing the part of traumatised victim who doesn’t want to share information on what happened to her. She has been avoiding, ignoring and redirecting all questions on what she has been doing while projecting image of someone trying to be cool, calm and confident whilst secretly messed up by what happened to her on the inside.

So far it has been working, but I doubt the FBI will be so soft on me. No matter as I’m actually looking forward to it. It seems like something interesting to do.

Fiona is both trained and experienced in resisting interrogation and keeping information secret. She won’t give up any information to them by accident unless it is by ‘accident’.

Still it might be annoying if it takes up too much time. I want to spend as much time with my family as I can at the moment. They might have lost me for two years, but it has been over six for me.

Not that I particularly regret anything other than being away from my family. I enjoyed my travels once I got used to things. I learnt a lot, made friends and seen so many wonderful places and helped more people than I can count

And that isn’t including my time serving the Warmind as one of his Drakesguard. I made friends with pretty much all them, got cool stories and experiences out of it and became better than I ever possibly could have been without it.

So no regrets other than not being with my family.

But I’m with them now. And I’m going to enjoy that no matter what my future has in store for me.