Tuesday, 14 July 2015

1.12 The Machine 3.0 Part 1

Dad had yelled at me a lot when I returned home with the bags. Mum was initially worried, but was fine after I explained things in private to her. Lily was overjoyed at me getting her stuff back and the news of her attackers getting arrested.

The police questioned me for a bit, but there wasn’t any evidence and given the situation, they just let me off with a warning.

But, yeah, Dad was real angry at what I did. He yelled at me for an hour straight about how I was incredible stupid to do what I did, how I was lucky not to get into trouble with the police and how I was even luckier not to get hurt. I am so glad Narszara healed my black eye.

In the end I was grounded for the first week back at school. Go to school and come home once it ended. No hanging out with friends or staying at granddad’s old house out in the forest. That basically amounted to no patrols or being at the base. Dad also took away my phone for the week.

Fortunately for me, no phone didn’t mean no League communicator that Dad doesn’t know about, but basically does the same thing any smart phone would do and more.

And despite not actively hanging out with the others gave me time to work on the projects I been working on from the quiet of my bedroom. I managed put goggles into all of the League’s costumes to provide access to the HUD that Sam and I use.

While I wasn’t able to leave the house to personally do it, I still had access to a loyal and ever dutiful Narszara.

Speaking of Narszara, we finally got her some new armour to replace the worn and broken stuff she been wearing ever since she arrived several weeks ago.

Her new armour is non-powered like her old armour and uses a similar ceramic to the Sentinel, but is denser, thicker and heavier than what my armour uses. It’s basically dull grey plate armour with a Nordic style to it.

Nothing fancy, just some plain old armour to protect Narszara in battle as well as give her a costume to wear. Unlike in the past, Narszara isn’t wearing her new armour as normal clothing like she did with her old, instead wearing green cos-mat suits instead.

I was also able to finally figure out how to get the magnetic boots and gauntlets for the Sentinel armour working. Not that I’ve been able to update the armour with them yet.

But now at the end of the second Monday back at school, I’m finally allowed to do my own stuff. Which means going to the base instead of home to put on the Sentinel armour.

After a week without wearing one of the most awesome if not the most awesome suit of power armour on the planet, I’m pretty eager to get back into the field.

I march in granddad’s house. I’ll only really think of it has mine once I move into it as an adult. I laugh as I stroll down to the cellar to take the stairs down the base.

Boy I am giddy today.

Narszara is waiting with Danielle Riley, the oldest of the Riley kids, on riding on her shoulder. As I have come to recently expect, Narszara is in a cos-mat suit.

“How was your day Danielle?” I ask the young girl.

I still think of her as little girl despite her only being a mere three years young than myself and most of the League.

“It’s been good,” cheerful replies Danielle, “Alex is a great teacher. She knows everything!”

I smile. I’m glad how well the Riley family has adapted to their change of location. Especially as since they can’t attend normal school, Alex has been using her vast amount of knowledge to keep the Riley girls educated. Mark and Jane Riley have mostly been getting on with their lives despite not actively working except for helping out around the base.

The only time they leave the base is when they go out with an escort, usually Alex or Narszara.

“Glad to hear that Danielle,” I say.

I genuinely mean that statement. Not just making small talk with a little girl.

“Now if you two don’t mind,” I continue, “I’m going to go and put on my armour. It has been too long since I last got to use it.”

“Yes milord,” says Narszara, “Let us go little one.”

As we go our separate ways, I overheard Danielle talking to Narszara.

“Why do you call them milord Narsey?” asks Danielle.

“Because he is my lord and I his servant little one,” replies Narszara, “I have sworn loyalty to him.”

“Why did you swear loyalty to him?” inquires Danielle.

“Because it is part of what my people do,” answers Narszara, “You wouldn’t understand. It is an aspect of Norgard that Earth does not share.”

Danielle starts to say something else, but they are too far away for me to overhear.

Narsey, I think as I enter the lab, I wonder how Narszara would react if I called her that. Probably be rather annoyed.

Within minutes, I am armoured up and soaring through the sky.

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