Friday, 24 July 2015

1.12 The Machine 3.0 Part 4

I grin viciously as the scorpion drones’ weapons flicker and exploded, taking out both their ‘tails’ and their ‘claws’.

I don’t get to enjoy my small victory very long as the now crippled drones still have one weapon left to him.

I’m able to shoot down two of the drones as they rush me dead one, but a third slams into my back and explodes.

Ramming and self-detonation. Is it called suicide bombing or a kamikaze attack? I don’t know right now and don’t care either as I have bigger problems. Such as actually dealing with it instead of trying to figure how what the proper term is.

My rocket pack took some damage, but still working while the right shoulder rocket launcher got taken out. It doesn’t really matter as it was already empty.

I fly straight up to give a height advantage against these suicidal drones.

I blast two with my lasers as they rise to follow me. A third gets through, but I smack it aside before taking out with a laser. Another also reaches me, but I’m able to kick away and avoid most of the explosion.

Only six left, I think as I take down another scorpion drone with my lasers.

Another drone almost reaches me, but I cut my rocket packet and drop, dodging the explosion as it take out one of its fellow drones. Four remaining now.

I activate my rocket pack again and zoom downward at the Machine as it fires its lasers at. I’m easily able to dodge the Machine’s remaining lasers while the crippled drones pursuing me are less so.

Two drones are destroyed by their own ally as I turn suddenly. I look over my shoulder and pick off one of the last two drones. Then, just I am about to crash into the field below, I pull up. The final drone, intent on catching me, is unable to follow my manoeuvre and actually crashes.

I’m glad that field is also badly trashed already so I don’t have to worry about that extra bit of damaged.

Speaking of damaged, I better check nobody was hurt by the falling debris from the scorpion drones. I fly up against and take a look at the road, I’m surprised by what I see.

Nobody seems to be hurt and a few more police cars have shown up. The police are keeping order and the few armed ones have their weapons aimed the Machine. Most people are watching the fight and many have their phones or cameras out.

I even spot a reporter and cameraman filming the battle.

I receive another call as I continue to dodge the Machine’s laser. I might have taken out the scorpion drones, but I still have to deal their leader.

I’m surprised as I realised who the caller is. My Mum.

What could she want?

“Hello Mum?” I ask, “Can you wait and call back in a bit. Because I’m kind of busy.”

While I can talk openly to my Mum about my secret identity, the rest of my family doesn’t know and I don’t know who could be listening.

“Just me at the moment Daniel,” replies Mum, “I was wondering if you’re okay? I’ve just seen you on the news.”

“I’m fine Mum,” I reassure her, “I was having a bit of pickle, but I got under control now. Just need to keep the Machine busy until Narszara shows up. She or Lantern can easily take it and Sam is only a few minutes behind Narszara if she somehow doesn’t win by then.”

“Okay then,” says Mum, “I’ll let you get back to your work now. Stay safe darling.”

"Don’t worry Mum, I will,” I say before hanging up.
I fly in circles around the Machine, picking off its remaining lasers. Narszara should only be a couple minutes away when the last of Machine’s lasers falls silent. Sort of.

Unfortunately, it isn’t going to let me win that easily as it drops out of the sky. It slams into the motorway below to the shrieks from the public gathered below.

They never truly expected to be in danger and now the big killer robot as landed amongst them, they’re terrified.

I better go and save them.

I zoom at the Machine and swing my fist at it.

I barely survive with my life.

My combat reflexes took over as I saw the glowing giant blade swipe at me. I bend back and it goes over me before I use my feet to push myself off of the Machine. I land with a roll and look up at the Machine.

From above where its fists would be it if were human, the Machine has a pair of glowing pink energy blades. I have no doubt that one of those could tear through the Sentinel armour ease.

I pick a fighting stance and prepare to hold off the Machine until backup can arrive. The Machine rushes me, both of its blades prepared to strike. It is only a couple of feet away when the shadow descends.

The Machine doesn’t get a chance to react as the massive scaled reptile picks it up in its jaws. The Machine goes crunch as the beast bites down on it and its right arm is bitten off.

I step back as I look at the dragon eating one of my most dangerous opponents.  

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