Friday, 17 July 2015

1.12 The Machine 3.0 Part 2

It isn’t long before I spot a chase below as I fly over the motorway. A red Ferrari swerving in and out of the lanes with a police car struggling to keep up.

I don’t hesitate to step in. Given how fast and reckless that Ferrari is driving, it is only a matter of time before an accident occurs. Possible a fatal one.

I zoom down and fly along the side driver of the car. The look on the driver’s face is glorious as he stares at me. Time to give him the warning to stop.

“Please pull over and stop before anyone gets hurt,” I say to him.

The driver’s face hardens and he pulls over. Right into me.


Doesn’t the fool understand how tough my armour is and slam into me will cause the vehicle to break before it even begins to damage the Sentinel armour.

The car’s frame and door bent inwards and the glass window shatters. The driver screams in panic and pain as the fragments of glass slice into him.

With another car in front of us and with us moving at this speed, I have little time to act.

I grab the car’s bend roof with one hand and the underneath with the other. With the Ferrari in my grip, I zoom upward, taking the car with me. I then take us over to the other side of the road and dump the wreck as the police car pulls up by us.

I look at the driver. He is mostly okay. Other than some shallow cuts from the glass, the driver has what is probably a broken arm from where he connected with the Sentinel armour at high speed.

Despite the fact it had the potential to be much worse, it is still bad enough so that I have my armour call an ambulance.

“Hello Sentinel,” says the police officer as he steps out of his car, “Thanks for the help before anyone else got hurt.”

“You’re welcome Constable Harvey,” I reply, recognising the man from previous interactions over the summer, “But I’m afraid the driver here has most likely suffered a broken arm from when he rammed me at high speed. Other than that, he has mostly suffered just come glass cuts and shock.”

“Got it Sentinel,” says Constable Harvey as he walks up to the Ferrari, “Want to know that started the chase in the first place?”

“I’m judging that multiple bags of cannabis in the car is the answer,” I reply, my armour detecting the smell of the drug from a few spots in the car.

“How do you know that?” ask Harvey.

“My armour has detected it and I called an ambulance by the way,” I answer as another police car pulls up and two more officers spill out, “I can detect cannabis there, there and there. Do note there might be more I haven’t detected yet.”

“Got it Sentinel,” says Harvey with a grim smile as he starts to search the first of the three places I pointed out.

“Incoming!” suddenly says Janelle over the League communicator, “Up and to the east.”

“Excuse me,” I say to the three officers before activating the rocket pack.

“Give me more details,” I say to Janelle once I’m in the air.

“Several scorpion drones have just appeared and are en route to you,” says Janelle, “I’m picking up more similar signatures. Alerting the League of Heroes and Albion Defenders.”

Looking to the east, I can see the incoming drones. A dozen of them if what my armour is saying is correct and I have no doubt it is. Time to inform the police.

“Inspector Oakley,” I say as the unofficial Hampshire police liaison to the League of Heroes answers, 
“I have a dozen killer alien robots at my position. Most likely more are coming.”

I hang up before he can reply. Better alert the police below me as well.

I drop back down.

“Hostile killer robots inbound,” I say before flying back up.

I vaguely hear Harvey cursing.

Back in the air again, the drones are much closer now. Close enough for me to lock on with my shoulder missiles.

A dozen missiles for a dozen robots, I think as I fire all twelve of my missiles, six on each shoulder.

Ten of out twelve hit, the final two dodging the missiles. But I’m ready for that and I already have my lasers at the ready. Within moments, both remaining drones are cut in two by lasers mounted on my wrists.

“You said there was probably more?” I asks Janelle.

“I am picking multiple clusters of hostiles, but can’t you exact numbers or locations,” answers Janelle, “They appear to be partially jamming. If it weren’t for the advanced technology available to me, I would be able to detect them at all.”

“Darn it,” I curse.

I hear a noise and yelling below. I look down only to see the cars coming to a halt and people pointing upward.

Either pointing at me, the drones or something else. I turn around looking for the next attacker as I hear something behind me.

A mechanical fist slams into my chest and I go flying into a field at the far side of the motorway.

Laying on my back, I look up to see an new and improved version of the Machine looking down at me from high in the sky.

Not the nice and quiet patrol I was hoping for.

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