Tuesday, 28 July 2015

1.12 The Machine 3.0 Part 5

The dragon is about fourteen to sixteen feet long and three metres high. Its scales are the same green as Narszara’s sword and cover creature’s entire body. Its wings are massive and leathery like a bat.

The dragon drops the beast and rips its other arm off with its claws before pinning it to the ground.

Sensing defeat its defeat, either the Machine or whoever is controlling it activate its self-destruct. The Machine’s internal circuitry explodes and pops until only the outer casing remains.

I was hoping for something useful from its wreckage, but I can still study the armour the Machine uses and look for weak points in its design.

But first, I have to deal with the dragon.

As I walk towards the beast, it swiftly shapeshifts into Narszara. The Norgardian is wearing her new armour, the first time she has worn it in the field.

I can’t say I’m surprised as Narszara has a dragon motif to her and given her level of power, the idea of her being able to turn into a dragon isn’t that farfetched.

Most of those watching us however seemed to be deeply impressed by the mysterious Narszara. While Narszara is a known member of the League and has been seen in public, she’s not an active crimefighter like the rest of us. The primary time she has been out of base is when Narszara is escorting the Rileys when they go out in public.

Her power level and set aren’t known to the public so there has been lots of speculating about what Narszara can do, especially since she took out Vengeance.

I bet now people are going to believe she’s a powerful shapeshifter.

Now what to do with the remains of the Machine? My first thought is to take them back to base to study them in the lab, but safety always comes first.

While I may want to study, I am not about to bring the enemy in the heart of my base of operations, even if it is ‘dead’. Especially when who knows what could be inside? The Machine could easily be a Trojan Horse and I wouldn’t know until it was already inside the base.

So taking back to the lab isn’t an option, but I still want to study the Machine and I need somewhere with the equipment to do which I don’t need to worry about compromising security.

The perfect solution hits me in a moment of Eureka and I call my Aunt Mary’s Warden phone number, using my own Sentinel number.

“Hello Sentinel,” answers Aunt Mary, “I’m assuming this to do with news at the moment.”

“If you’re referring to Machine, then yes,” I reply, “I would like to study the Machine, but taking it to the base is not an option.”

“Agreed,” agrees Aunt Mary, “I’m going to assume you want to use my lab in Defender Tower.”

“Yup,” I reply, “If you don’t mind that is.”

“I don’t,” says Aunt Mary, “When can I expect you to arrive?”

“I’ll grab one of the arm and Narszara will carry the rest,” I reply, “While I can make the journey in about fifty minutes, Narszara is slower than me so it’ll take about twenty to half an hour longer. And we’ll need to make police reports first. We’ll already got a bunch of officers on the ground.”

“Understood,” says Aunt Mary, “I’ll be waiting and inform the folks here that you’re coming.”

And with that, Aunt Mary hangs up.

“Narszara?” I say as I approach her.

She is standing by the Machine’s wreckage where no one has dared approach her yet.

“Yes milord,” replies Narszara.

“We got to make police reports than we’re taking the wreckage to Defender Tower in London,” I tell her.

“Aye,” is Narszara’s reply.

I turn to face some of the police officers as they tried to form a barrier around the wreckage of the Machine. A pair of reporters, including the one I saw earlier, are trying to get through.

I sigh internally. I hate dealing the media. They always try to twist your words and the situation to make things more interesting for their viewers. And if you complain to them about that, they do their best to portray you in a bad light.

The last thing I want to do after a hard fight like that is have to explain what happened to the press. Especially since they’ll want to know more able Narszara.

My spirits pick up as I spot Inspector Oakley exit a newly arrived police car. As the guy in charge of crimes relating to powered or gifted people and the liaison to the League of Heroes, we see a lot of each other and get on well.

It doesn’t hurt that he knows my secret identity and has kept it secret. I also believe that he has been able to piece together some of the others’ secret identities, but if he has, Oakley hasn’t given me or anyone else any hint of it.

“Hello Inspector,” I say as walk towards him, Narszara following me in tow.

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