Friday, 10 July 2015

2015 - Fiona

Fiona goes through the last of her checks before she goes stumbling out into public. While she might not be a shaken, traumatised girl who has suddenly returned home after being missing for the last two years, Fiona needs to play the part of one.

She doesn’t exactly needs to if you’re being precise, but if she wants to reintegrate into her family and society, Fiona will definitely have to.

Fiona checks the appearance of her eyes and hair. While they are now naturally blue and blonde respectively, Fiona was born with brown eyes and black hair. Without any good way to explain the sudden, supernatural change in colour, Fiona will just have to fake them.

Her short hair is also suitable messy as would be expected of her.  Her clothes are old, torn and dirty. Not pleasant to wear, but Fiona has been in much worse situations over the years and has done much more icky things.

At least I won’t to wear them for long. I’m sure my family would get me some nicer stuff once I returned. Perhaps Laura will lend me some of her old clothes.

It has been a week since Fiona returned to her home dimension with the aid of Sentinel and the League of Heroes.

Fiona has spent most of that week finding out the local situation, getting a good amount of recon done.

I hate going into an unknown situation without intel. And that’s not even mentioning that I wouldn’t be able to form any plans if I dived in headfirst.

As for her plans, Fiona has gotten herself a little hideout on the outskirts of town to store her stuff in and act as her secret base. It is there that Fiona has hidden away her costume, armour and gadgets.

Of course I still have my new powers, my training, my experience and the fact that I am a genetically enhanced cyborg supersoldier. Nice to know that I’m the most powerful and dangerous person on the planet.

Fiona sighs. She hates the idea of deceiving her family, but she needs to get this right.

I had to deal with so much worse during my travels. I can handle this.

She staggers out into public.


Fiona doesn’t bother holding back her tears as her mother hugs her, gushing with joy at the return of her eldest daughter.

Meanwhile her father is dealing with the two police officers that brought her here. Fiona doubts her sister even knows she is back as she is currently at school like she should be.

Perhaps they’ll let her leave early once she finds out about my return.

“I missed you so much,” wails her mother into her ears as she holds Fiona tight.

“I missed you too mother,” Fiona whispers back.

“Don’t ever leave us like that again,” gushes her mother through her tears.

“I won’t, I promise,” Fiona reassures her mother.

And that is a promise Fiona is certain she can keep. She is not the same person she was when she was taken away from her home against her will. Now Fiona is genetically enhanced cyborg spec-op supersoldier with actual superpowers. There isn’t anything on this world that can take her on and not that many in other worlds either.

They’re silent as Fiona’s father joins in on their hug.

After she was brought to the attention of the police, Fiona was brought to the local station where they checked her out. Whilst they were making sure she was okay, they were able to identify her as missing person who disappeared two years ago and called her family.

Since then the police have been trying to get information on what happened to her, but Fiona has been playing the part of traumatised victim who doesn’t want to share information on what happened to her. She has been avoiding, ignoring and redirecting all questions on what she has been doing while projecting image of someone trying to be cool, calm and confident whilst secretly messed up by what happened to her on the inside.

So far it has been working, but I doubt the FBI will be so soft on me. No matter as I’m actually looking forward to it. It seems like something interesting to do.

Fiona is both trained and experienced in resisting interrogation and keeping information secret. She won’t give up any information to them by accident unless it is by ‘accident’.

Still it might be annoying if it takes up too much time. I want to spend as much time with my family as I can at the moment. They might have lost me for two years, but it has been over six for me.

Not that I particularly regret anything other than being away from my family. I enjoyed my travels once I got used to things. I learnt a lot, made friends and seen so many wonderful places and helped more people than I can count

And that isn’t including my time serving the Warmind as one of his Drakesguard. I made friends with pretty much all them, got cool stories and experiences out of it and became better than I ever possibly could have been without it.

So no regrets other than not being with my family.

But I’m with them now. And I’m going to enjoy that no matter what my future has in store for me.

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