Friday, 28 August 2015

1.13 Breakout Part 5

“Just this way,” I say as I get up.

I lead Judy to my lab and armoury. I graciously hold the door open for her with an overdramatic bow. She smirks at my over the top attempts at being a gentleman. It is at times like this that I remember why we’re dating.
“This is... not as impressive as I thought it would be,” says Judy as she looks around the room, “You got a messy workspace and the armours stored circularly around a raised disc. I was expecting something more fancy and flashy.”
“I have always preferred function over form,” I reply with a smile as I enter behind her, “Besides, I work in here on a regular basis, I so I have to keep it conformable. Give a moment to get the armour on. The process takes a couple of minutes.”
I walk over to the platform and have the latest Sentinel armour, my very own Mk VIII, selected. I’m acutely aware I got an observer as the armour is put on me and the two minutes feel like forever.
“So,” I say as I step of the platform, “What do you think?”
“You look great,” says Judy, “And I can see how it conceals your identity. Even your voice is different. If I didn’t know it was you under there, there is no way I would have even come close to figuring it out.”
“I don’t think anyone has an idea of who they expect to be under the armour so everyone is surprised when they do find out,” I reply, “At least that is what it has been like in my experience.”
“Sorry to cut in,” says Alex from the doorway, “But the Sentinel does have business to attend to at Blackguard Prison quite soon.”
“Oh yeah,” I say, slapping by forehand with my head, “Totally forget about that. Judy, this is Alexandra Aquiline. Alex, this is my girlfriend Judy.”
“You mentioned her before,” says Alex as she walks up to Judy and holds a hand out to her, “Nice to meet you.”
“Nice to meet you too,” replies Judy as she shakes Alex’s hand.
“Umm Judy,” I say, “As Alex reminded me, I got some things to do at Blackguard Prison so I got to go. You can hang out with Alex if you want or you can head home.”
“I think I’ll get to know Alex,” says Judy, “If she doesn’t mind of course.”
“I don’t,” replies Alex, “We can get started on your training. I watched your fight down in the training room, but I still want to figure how much you know and what your current style is.”
“Umm sure,” says Judy, looking slightly worried.
“Don’t worry Judy,” I reassure her, “Alex won’t hurt you. If she does, I’ve have Narszara.”
“My family’s skills and techniques are pretty much useless against a Norgardian,” says Alex with a smile, “And while I may be an Aquiline, I’m still a very nice person. Most Aquilines are nice people actually. It is hard not to as it sort of comes with the power.”
“I’ll leave you girls to it,” I say as I march out of my lab, “Try to find another part of the base to hang out in. I’ve prefer if you didn’t spend your time together in my lab.”
I quickly make my way out of the base and take off into the sky. I can’t believe I forget about Blackguard today. It was planned a couple of weeks ago, but it completely slipped my mind with Judy and all of that.
There is a press tour of Blackguard Prison, Britain’s superhuman prison, and it was asked that a member of the League would be present for it, officially for security and unofficially for publicity.
So I, the Sentinel, agreed to be part of the tour since it gave me the opportunity to personally inspect Blackguard. I feel that its important its security is as good as it can be as it currently holds all of Britain native supervillains and just as many foreign ones.
Actually, I’m certain that there are more foreign villains in Blackguard than there are locals since they locked Vistorix and Vengeance up in there.
And the supervillains aren’t the only people locked up in Blackguard. People who lack superpowers, but have abilities and skills that are equal to them are also locked up there. For example, a criminal that builds and uses power armour might not have superpowers, but have an equivalent to a superpower so they would usually get sent to Blackguard.
But it varies case to case. Even if they are clearly dangerous enough to end up at Blackguard, a supervillain without powers and a good lawyer can argue their way into normal prison well enough.
To be honest, Blackguard isn’t that full as it only boasts a total of twenty captives at the moment with only thirteen actually having superpowers.
Now I think about it, the majority of Blackguard’s empowered prisoners were put there by the League. There is Vengeance, Vistorix, Hall and Edison, Gravilord and Gaia’s Vengeance.
I bet most of them really want to settle the score with me. 

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