Friday, 14 August 2015

1.13 Breakout Part 1

“Wow!” exclaims Judy as we enter the base together.

I smile. It is her first time down here after all. I guess it would seem impressive to someone who hasn’t seen it before. I never really had that feeling myself, but then I’ve been using the base for as long as I can remember. I grew up with it as part of my life.

“I suppose it is pretty impressive,” I say to her, “This is where I spend most my time hanging out.”

“It isn’t a bad place to hang out in,” says Judy as she looks around, “So who else is here?”

“Narszara and Rileys be here,” I tell her, “The Rileys are Britannia’s sister and her family by the way. There is also Alex, you might have met her before. Oh and Janelle is about as well. She’s the AI of the League’s starship. You have properly met any of them yet mind you.”

“You have a spaceship!?” says Judy as she stares at me.

“Starship,” I correct, “And technically it belongs to the League, but on the paperwork it belongs to the Sentinel. Here comes Narszara by the way.”

I spot the Norgardian coming towards us. She is wearing a green cos-mat suit that, I have to admit, shows off her generous curves. I’m glad Judy isn’t the jealous time as I’m going to have a hard enough time trying to explain the relationship between Narszara and I.

I’m not actually sure what to define that relationship as. It doesn’t feel like an employer-employee one and I have too much authority over Narszara for it to be a mere friendship or partnership. It is as sure as heck not a slave-master relationship and a lord-servant relationship just makes me feel uneasy.

“Hello milord,” says Narszara, using her usual greeting for me.

I flinch internally at it and Judy gives me an odd look as she hears it.

“Hey Narszara,” I return the greeting before introducing Judy, “This is my girlfriend Judy. She is Eternal’s sister and has recently gotten the same power set. I’m helping her get set up as a superhero. Please explain the relationship between you and I to her.”

I decided that the best way to explain the relationship to let Narszara to it as she’s the one who started it and only one who actually knows what it is.

“Ah, yes,” says Narszara as she walks Judy, “I have sworn loyalty to your suitor as his servant. It is a custom of my people that your own do not seem to understand. In practice, I serve him as a loyal follower and do as he asks as long as I do not have ethical issues with what he asks, which so far, I have not. It is a pleasure to meet you Judy and I hope your path goes well.”

And with that, Narszara embraces Judy in a hug. Judy makes a small noise as Narszara squeezes her. I resist the urge to laugh as Narszara releases her and walks off.

Judy waits until Narszara is out of sight. She seems a bit bemused by the turn of events. Even her hair looks a little ruffled by the hug.

“That was odd,” says Judy to me, “I admit was a bit jealous by how you describe Narszara to me, but having met her in person...”

Judy trails off and I understand how she is feeling and laugh.

“Narszara is a one of a kind,” I agree, “In this dimension at least. She is actually quite representative of her people.”

“I can see what you meant when you said she was the hottest girl I knew,” says Judy, “Does she usually hug people like that?”

“Not that I know of,” I admit, “Maybe it’s got something to do with your relationship with me that affects how she treats you due to her relationship with me. She did call me your suitor after all.”

“What about the others here?” asks Judy.

“The Rileys are mainly here for the protection after Britannia’s outing and the fact Nightblade went after them,” I reply, “They’re nice folk, but I doubt you’ll interact with them much. Then there’s Alex. Her full name is Alexandra Aquiline. I hope that answers most of your questions about her. She is living here due to not wanting to continue the family business. You’ll be seeing a lot each other as she’ll be giving you training. And finally there’s Janelle. As I mentioned, she is a starship’s AI. The ship itself is called the Star Guardian by the way. She’s a nice person and is linked up with the base’s systems. Recently Janelle has been helping me with operations and other stuff. You have no idea how usefully it is to have an AI helping with computer stuff. So much quicker and more efficient.”

“Can I meet them?” asks Judy, “Alex and Janelle that is?”

“Sure,” Janelle chips in, “Hi, I’m Janelle.”

“Umm,” says Judy, unsure of how to respond.

“Janelle, this is Judy,” I say as I decided to step in, “Judy, you’re currently hearing Janelle. I can take you down to the Star Guardian later if you want.”

“That sounds cool,” says Judy, “So what are going to do now?”

“Well, first I want to figure out the extent of your powers,” I tell her, “It’s always useful to know your limits. After that, we’ll come up with a codename and costume for you.”

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