Tuesday, 25 August 2015

1.13 Breakout Part 4

“This all feels really surreal,” says Judy.

“Oh?” I reply, hoping for her to expand on her sentence.
“I’ve got superpowers and they’re actually pretty powerful,” says Judy, “I’m standing the League of Heroes’ base with the Sentinel, who happens to be my boyfriend. I’ve just fought a training drone with my superpowers. Not only that, but I now got my very own codename and I’m wearing a superhero costume. Plus my brother is also a superhero. If you had told me that this would all happen a year ago, I would have laughed and called you crazy!”
“I suppose this would all be a bit strange for someone like you,” I admit, “But I grew up around this sort of stuff so it is all pretty normal for me.”
“I can’t even imagine any of this being normal,” says Judy.
“Give it time,” I tell her, “We’ll see how you feel after a couple years as an active hero.”
“That seems like a long time,” replies Judy.
“I’ve been active for two months now,” I say, “Trust me, it goes quicker than you would think.”
“So how many supervillains have you fought?” asks Judy as I sit down at the main computer.
“Not as many as you might think,” I reply, “That was Vistorix on my first night. Since then there has been Edison and Hall, Nightblade, Vengeance. Not sure if the Machine counts as a supervillain. I also fought others well who don’t count as supervillains like space pirates, Spartan and Gorlack. Not to mention I beat up a gang who mugged Lily, but I did that last one as Daniel Griffin. Plus there are all those mundane criminals that we help the police catch.”
“That sounds like quite lot,” says Judy, “I haven’t heard of some of those ones that aren’t supervillains. And what about Vengeance? Aren’t they supposed to be heroes?”
“I don’t believe they were ever heroes,” I reply, my voice going cold as I remember my encounters with Vengeance, “But no one can claim they haven’t crossed the line since they came to England.”
“Who’s Spartan and Gorlack by the way?” inquires Judy.
“Spartan is a leader of some bounty hunters and mercenaries,” I explain, “We meet once and fought a little before fighting the Machine together when it showed up and tried to kill me. And Gorlack... well, I don’t like to talk or even think about him. He was evil madman who Narszara was hunting when she arrived on our world. His forces had killed her friends and old team and attempted to kill me the moment they met me.”
“What happened to him then?” asks Judy curiously.
“What was necessary,” I reply in a hard voice.
I don’t think about that day. I hate that day and I hate thinking about that day as well. What I did had to be done, but I just wish it didn’t have to be me that did the deed.
“So what was that,” probes Judy, but I remain silent.
“Okay,” says Judy after several moments, “Don’t tell me. So what about my costume?”
“I recommend a full suit with pull up mask that leaves only your lower face exposed,” I say, “As for colours, time doesn’t really have any associated colours with it so pick what you think is best.”
“Well,” says Judy, “My brother has a white, green and blue costume, but I don’t really fancy those particular colours. I do like this purple I’m wearing and I might as well stick with it.”
“So purple as your base colour,” I say, “What about secondary colours? I recommend having at least one, but no more than two.”
“Hmm,” says Judy as she thinks, “I think yellow or white would be good. What do you think?”
I think about it for a moment. Purple and yellow is okay, but I prefer purple and white. I like the greater difference in the colour better. Purple and white has a nicer contrast than purple and yellow as well.
“I like purple and white better,” I say.

“Then purple and white it is,” says Judy proudly, “So when do I get my costume?”
“I’ll see what we got in stock,” I say as I pull up the list of inventory and search for purple and white costume.
I suspect that Janelle helped with the search as it is surprising accurate for what I want to fine. All of the search results are costumes with purple as the main colour and white as the secondary colour rather than the other way around as would normal happen.
But I can’t say that I’m unhappy or ungrateful with the unasked for assistance.
“I think this one is a good one,” I say as I select a costume, “What do you think?”
The costume is a purple with a thick white stripe on either side of her body. There is another white stripe going up each arm from the wrists and across the shoulders while the insides of the legs are also white.
Judy studies it the pictures of it for a moment.
“I like it,” she declares after a few seconds, “But what if I what to change it in the future?”
“That can be done easily,” I reply with a dismissive wave of my hand, “Now we got your codename and costume sorted, do you want to see the Sentinel armour?”
“Oh yes,” answers Judy excitedly.

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