Friday, 21 August 2015

1.13 Breakout Part 3

The drone didn’t get close to connecting with Judy at all. I can easily spot the tell-tale ripple in the air that indicates the invisible forcefield that separates my girlfriend from her attacker.
The training drone attacks Judy again, but the force field stops it from hitting her again.
It must be Judy that is creating the forcefield. She hasn’t been in a real fight since getting her powers and that explains why she doesn’t know about it yet. After all, how could Judy even think about trying to create a forcefield if she had no idea that she could do it in the first place? Especially since she already knows she has a different type of power.
I look at my girlfriend. She is just sitting there on the floor with her arms raise above her. Judy is looking away with her eyes closed as she waits for the drone to attack her. I bet she doesn’t even realise what is going on.
Better address this new power before continuing with the fight. I press another button and deactivate the combat training drone. It freezes in mid strike.
“Judy,” I call and she finally looks up, the forcefield dying as she does so.
“What’s going on?” demands Judy before realising that the drone is frozen, “Did you turn it off? Why would you do that?! I told you that I didn’t want you going easy on me! I can handle it! I was doing great!”
“I didn’t turn it off because you couldn’t handle it,” I reply, “You actually were doing great at that. I did it because of how you were doing that.”
“And why was that?” asks Judy as she calms down, “All I was doing was using my power.”
“It’s exactly there,” I explain before projecting a holographic screen in the middle of the training room.
Judy looks up at it and I play the recorded footage of her being protected by the forcefield. I pause it as it reaches the point where I deactivated the drone. Judy is look up at the screen in awe by the time it’s over.
“I can create forcefields!” exclaims Judy, “That is so cool!”
“Let’s test it now before continuing with the fight,” I tell her, “Can you create one now that you know you can?”
“I can try,” replies Judy and she raises a hand.
I spot the ripple of the forcefield as it appears. So she can create forcefields. That is very interesting.
You know, I find the idea of having a powerful girlfriend quite cool and very appealing.
“Hey Daniel,” says Judy, “You have no idea how cool this is!”
“I think I do,” I reply, “I do have the Sentinel armour after all.”
“I guess you do,” agrees Judy, “So now what? Do we test my new power out as well?”
“No,” I reply, “That’s enough for now. We figured out your time power, discovered you can create forcefields and that you need some serious combat training.”
“I’m great in my Judo class,” protests Judy.
“But you didn’t do quite so well against a training drone set to easy,” I counter, “Unlike in your classes, the sort of fighting the League doesn’t isn’t constrained by rules and regulations. Pretty much anything goes out in the real world with the exception of lethal force and crippling injuries. We also try to avoid inflicting injuries that won’t heal with time.”
“That makes sense,” says Judy, “So what are we going to do instead?”
“We’ll get started on getting you a name and costume,” I reply, “We’ll do that up in the main room. The computer there is ideal for that sort of stuff. It’s was actually one of the main purposes that granddad built it for.”
“So I change out of this suit then?” asks Judy.
“If you want to,” I reply, “You can keep it on if you wish.”
Judy is thoughtful for a moment before answers.
“I think I’ll keep it on,” says Judy, “It feels like I’m wearing a real superhero costume. Should we go now?”
“I’ll meet you outside the training room door,” I say as I get up from my seat.
Judy is already waiting when I arrive at the entrance to the training room.
“Pleased with how things went?” I ask her as we begin walking.
“They were great,” replies Judy, “I will admit that the drone was a little tough to handle, but I feel that I did pretty well.”
“Well you don’t have any proper experience or training yet so I suppose you did pretty well considering,” I agree, “Any ideas about what sort of name you’ll want to take?”
“Not really,” replies Judy, “I sort of thought about something related to time because of my powers. I was hoping that you would have some good ideas.”
“Let’s see,” I mutter as I rack my brain for ideas, “You got time powers as your main thing so something... I got it! Temporal Shift!”
“What does that mean?” inquires Judy, “I assume it means something.”
“Well temporal means time so it while shift is when you change or move something,” I answer, “So I suppose it refers to your ability to manipulate time.”
“You suppose?” probes Judy.
“I sort of picked the first name that I thought of that sounded cool,” I admit as we enter the main room of the base again, “Can’t say I’m surprised that something random I thought of turned out to have quite a bit of meaning to. Then again, I was thinking on the subject of time powers when I thought of it so maybe it wasn’t all that random.

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