Friday, 7 August 2015

1.12 The Machine 3.0 Part 8

We spent a few hours working on the Machine’s remains. At that point it was starting to get late so Aunt Mary called my parents to say I was with her to keep them from worrying and me out of more trouble.

In the end, efforts proved to be useless as all of the insides were utterly destroyed. The only piece of new information we got was the locations of its new weaponry, something I could have gotten by reviewing the footage of the fight. Just like how I found out the old locations by watching replays of my fights with the Machine.

“Thanks for the help,” I tell my aunt as I exit her lab, “Even if we didn’t get much out of it.”

“I was a pleasure,” replies Aunt Mary, “I’m going to start here for a bit and get some paperwork done.”

“Okay,” I say before remembering something, “If you head over to the base at some point, I can show you the upgrades for the Sentinel that I’ve come up with.”

“Thanks, that would be great,” says Aunt Mary as I close the door.

I stroll down the corridor as I head for the lift. Narszara left about an hour ago after a long meeting with Director Dean, Britannia and a few other people in suits. I hope it didn’t go too poorly.

Eternal is waiting for me at the lift.

“Can I speak with you?” asks my girlfriend’s brother.

“Sure,” I reply.

“It’s about my sister,” says Eternal as the lift opens up.

He stops talking as he checks to see if it is empty. It is and we both step in.

“Top or bottom?” I inquire.

“Bottom,” answers Eternal, “Why would I go to the top?”

“Some of us can fly,” I reply as I press the bottom for the ground level.

“True,” agrees Eternal, “But most can’t.”

I shrug. He does have a point.

“So want to talk about my girlfriend?” I inquire.

“Yeah,” says Eternal, “You know about the fact she has powers too now.”

“Found out just over a week ago,” I confirmed, “The same time I revealed I was the Sentinel to her. Any reason you didn’t tell her that?”

“I thought it would best if she heard it from you first,” answers Eternal, “From what she’s told me, you’re helping her start up her superhero career.”

“That would be correct,” I reply, “I think she would find it better starting off with associating with the League than joining the Defenders. No offense of course.”

“None taken,” says Eternal as the lift doors open and we enter the entrance hall to Defender Tower, “I agree actually. But what about equipment and training?”

“I’m going to provide her with those,” I tell him, “Alex has agreed to give her some training and I’m sure some of the others will help out a bit. As for equipment, I’ll take her down to the base some point later this week. I checked with the rest of the League, they won’t mind if I show her the base.”

“That’s good,” says Eternal, “But what about actually going out in the field? We both know how dangerous it can get.”

“I know,” I agree, “That’s why I’m going to make sure she gets a good amount of training done before I let her go out in costume.”

“That is a relief,” replies Eternal, “It was also one of our parents’ main concerns even if they never exactly brought it up with us.”

At this point we’re just exited the building and it’s time for me to go home. I bid Eternal farewell before activating my rocket pack and beginning the long trip home.

Darrac can wait until tomorrow.


It was Tuesday after school when I began building the Sentinel Mk VIII armour from the almost finished spare set I been working on. It took me until Friday evening for me to finish it.

But I am finally done. The magnetic gauntlets and boots were added and only a bit of extra bulk was gained around those areas. I doubt anyone who doesn’t know the armour as well as I do would even notice the difference.

Another upgrade from the Mk VIII is the addition of wrist mounted grappling hooks, the same ones from the Lightweight armour. Not the exact same ones of course, just the same design altered to work with the main Sentinel armour.

Like with the new boots and gauntlets, they also added some more mass to the wrists of the armour.

Just as I put the new armour away in the lab, I receive a call from Aunt Mary over my League communicator.

“A favour please,” says Aunt Mary after we exchange greetings, “I got some information about a villain job going down in America and I’m hoping you can find some more information about it.”

“Sure,” I reply, a bit surprised at the requested, “Any particular reason?”

“Just for Liberty and her team,” answers Aunt Mary, “They’re currently intercepting the job now and I would like some more information for them when they call back.”

“Send me what you got and I’ll see what else I can find out,” I say.

Aunt Mary hangs up and I quickly receive the files that she sends me.

I get onto the main computer and start looking through the information. It’s about a member of the Consortium, Void Knight, and a robbery of an armoured truck carrying several precious gems.

I start to look for more data, but it’s late and I’m tired after working on the new set of Sentinel armour.

“Janelle,” I say as I get up from my seat, “Can you get more information and send it to my aunt please. I’m too tired to do it myself.”

“Of course,” answers the AI.

I yawn as I grab my school bag, sling it over my shoulder and walk towards the exit.

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