Friday, 19 June 2015

1.11 Outsider Part 7

“Done yet?” I ask Fiona as I keep my eyes away from the training room as she gets changed into the white cos-mat suit Alex brought her.

“Yeah,” answers Fiona and I finally look back at the training room.

Fiona has piled her armour at the side of the room and is looking up at the observatory from the middle of the training room.

I almost don’t recognise Fiona. Fiona in a white closefitting cos-mat suit looks very different to Corporal Morgan in her black concealing armour.

I look at Fiona for a moment, observing this new look to her. Fiona would make a great superhero iconic. Her figure is most definitely there and is both shown up off by her closefitting fabric and concealed by it being a full body suit with thick material. Her body is lean and muscular, making her look strong and powerful. Her hair is cut short just short of the top of her neck and is a startlingly blonde.

Overall, Fiona looks like an amazon without being over the top buff and large. Strong, confident and power projecting. She has the look of a grand superhero and the power and skill to back it up to become the real deal if she so wishes.

Fiona suddenly poses and says, “Looking at me Sentinel?”

I look away and blush slightly.

“Just the contrast behind you in a superhero costume versus your armour,” I reply truthfully, “You have the potential to be a great superhero icon if you do go home.”

“Thank you dear Sentinel,” says Fiona as she adopts another pose.

Rather than reply to Fiona’s playful flirting, I press a bunch and a trio of humanoid combat drones drop from the ceiling. I do have a girlfriend after all.

“Whoa,” mutters Fiona as she rolls away from the drones.

She starts to move to take something off her back, but halts when she realises she doesn’t have her armour and weapons with her.

“Damn,” curses Fiona.

“Good superheroes don’t curse or swear,” I tell Fiona, “It sets a bad role model. I only recently got Storm Knight to come off swearing. Now he only uses words like banana or sugar.”

“So none of the League of Heroes swears?” inquires Fiona as she backs away.

“Only the old Leaguers when it got really bad,” I reply, “Try and use darn instead.”

Fiona smiles and pretends to look for her weapons again before saying, “Darn.”

I let out a little chuckle as Alex re-enters the control room and observatory.

“Can I punch them?” asks Fiona, “No complaining about breaking your property?”

“Sure,” I answer, “We had people a lot stronger than you train down here. I expect the drones to end up broken.”

“Great,” says Fiona as the closest drone takes a swing at her.

Fiona sidesteps and casually grabs the drone’s arm at the elbow whilst readying her other arm for a strike. She punches the drone in its shoulder, her fist slamming into it and denting its armour. Then it explodes.

The drone’s shoulder has blown open internally where Fiona punched it. The arm has gone flying across the room and the head is limply hanging backwards. The drone was blown off its feet, only Fiona’s grip on its other arm keeping it in place.

That was not supposed to happen, I think blandly as I try to figure out what did happen.

“I’m freezing the drones,” I tell Fiona as I deactivate the training drones.

“What was that?” asks Fiona as she drops the drone in her grip, “I saw the explosion, but didn’t feel it at all.”

“I’m just going to check the footage,” I reply, “But on a limp, I say you caused the explosion when you punched it.”

“Another power?” says Fiona excitedly.

“Most likely,” I mutter as I pull up the footage in front of me and review it.

I zoom in where Fiona punched the drone and press play. While it dents under the impact of her strength, it does explode or show any signs of exploding. Then the shoulder joint of the drone suddenly blows up from the inside.

Powers are easier to understand when they obey the laws of physics.

I turn the footage off when I hear a boom in the training room.

“Hey Sentinel,” says Fiona, “I think I can send out explosive blasts.”

She waves her hand at one of the frozen training drone with a boom, shaking it. You can’t see the explosion, but the sensors picked it up.

An invisible explosive wave with no logical source other than Fiona. At least we got a basic idea of what happened now.

“Okay,” I say, “Now we know what your powers seem to be, let’s figure how they work and what their limits are.”

And that’s how we spent the next couple of hours, figuring out the details of Fiona’s powers. By the end, I could say for certain that Fiona had the two powers.

Fiona quickly dubbed her teleporting ‘Flash-Stepping’. It works by moving and then teleporting further while in the same motion. So if she jumps, she could teleport up further. If Fiona rolled, she would teleport further and then come out of the rolling motion. Plus she could do through solid objects. The limits on distance seem to be a maximum of a few metres with no limits on how little she could go, but with her enhanced senses, reflexes and reaction times, Fiona could flash-step several times a second in the same direction.

The blinding flash of light always happens when Fiona flash-steps. She can dim it so it isn’t as blinding, up to the point where it is just a dull flicker of light. Fiona was also able to weaponise the light her flash-step gives out by simply move about by a couple of millimetres, giving off the flash while not really moving.

As for her explosive waves or concessive blasts as Fiona prefers to call them, Fiona can direct them with her hands and scale their power up or down. She can also cause selected parts of whatever she has made contract with to explode. Such as at point in the training, she destroyed all the joints of one drone.

I look at the time. This is taking too long. I still need to deal with those punks who went after my sister before school starts back up tomorrow. 

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