Tuesday, 2 June 2015

1.11 Outsider Part 2

The scene is well under control when I arrive to the point that the sight of it amuses me.

The portal opened in the middle of a farmer’s field and while it has closed since then, I can still see where some of the crops have been damaged by its sudden appearance. Several police cars are parked by the road and the police have secured the area before I arrived.

The farmer of the field is speaking to a policewoman at one edge of the field while rest of the police have formed a perimeter alongside the road.

What does get my attention is the person that has to have come through the portal.

Speaking with a policeman and surrounded by a trio of armed response officers is a person in sleek midnight black armour that covers their entire body.

Despite the armour being of such an obviously advanced level of technology, it has what seems to me to be extra space as the armour could easily be form-fitting if it weren’t for that extra layer of bulk to it.

I can’t be wonder why and decide to try and figure it out before landing. The person seems peaceful, but they are still an unknown. If I have to deal with a potential hostile situation, I want to know as much as I can beforehand.

If it was me, I would have the armour smaller to lessen the impact it has on the user’s mobility. Some, like Charlie and his grandfather, do prefer to have the extra armour despite the impact on their mobility, but I know enough about power armour that it isn’t the case here.

The only other likely reason is the same reason the Sentinel armour isn’t as sleek and smooth as possible is that its gadgets like the rocket pack, lasers and sonics need to take up a certain amount of mass to be effective no matter how advanced your armour is.

It is like that with all advanced gadgets. No matter how small you can make it, you still need to make sure your buyer can still use the screen.

That means this person has a darn lot of aces up their sleeve from my estimates.

With that piece of knowledge, I take another, closer look at the visitor.

Some sort of folded up weapon smoothly equip the back of the armour, right next to what appears to be something similar to my own armour’s rocket pack, but probably higher tech.

The two bumps at her thighs would be folded up sidearms given the weapon on her back though I doubt anyone without my expertise would notice that.

The other bumps and bulges scattered in symmetrical points around her armour must be other inbuilt weapons or gadgets, like my lasers or sonics.

Time to go in. Given how they are interacting with the police, the person seems to be friendly, but you have to expect a certain amount of proficiency and danger from someone capable of travelling between dimensions.

You never know what you might find in a foreign dimension after all.

I cut the fuel to my rocket pack, but keep it ready to zoom straight up or forward if I have to. I hit the ground with the thud as I drop from the sky. If I hadn’t been wearing my armour, that fall would have shattered my legs and broken my back.

“Hello, I am the Sentinel,” I introduce myself to the visitor and coppers surrounding them.

“I’m Corporal Morgan of Drakesguard,” replies the visitor as they turn to face me.

The visitor is female, I can tell that much from her voice. Given her shape and size, most likely human too, but with that armour I can’t be sure. For all I know, she could be android.

That title she has seems to have some significance to it, but given my lack of knowledge on the subject, I have no idea how much.

Time for some more intel.

“Narszara,” I whisper into my communicator and not outside my armour, “Ever heard of the Drakesguard?”

“The closest thing the Multiverse community has to special forces and mercenaries,” answers Narszara, “Their leader Warmind is a danger to even to my god and the Sangor and is not to be trifled with. Fortunately he is extremely strong about his morals and loyalties. Don’t cross a Drakesguard. They look after their own like many of the communities between dimensions.”

“Got it,” I reply and end the call.

Darn it. An interdimensional spec-op commando who even Narszara, the toughest and most dangerous person I know, consider them a serious threat. Even the Sangor, the all-around alien elite space-cops commandos consider them a danger.

I stiffen before relaxing into a subtle defensive posture.

The visitor straightens up.

Darn it again, she spotted my change of posture.

Please don’t let her be hostile.

“I’m going to blunt here,” I say, deciding to get straight to point, “Are you a hostile or friendly?”

“Friendly,” replies the woman.

I relax. Just a little. No imminent threat of danger right now and she seems to be telling the truth as far as I can tell.

The police around all relax as well, clearly having picked up on the tension.

“So what are you going here?” I ask.

“Just visiting this universe,” answers the woman with a shrug, “I retired from the Drakesguard recently. Guess you know something about them given your reaction. So I’m just been going place to place like I did before I joint up with Warmind.”

“I got the Norgardian on my team,” I reply, “I called her quietly and she give me the gist of what I needed to know about the Drakesguard.”

“A Norgardian?” says the woman approvingly, “Impressive. Do who have any idea how dangerous those guys are?”

“I feel I have good idea,” I answer, thinking of how tough and powerful Narszara is, “So what are you going to do here?”

“Not sure,” admits the woman, “I sort of just decided to show up here to investigate its unusualness and see what happened once I got here.”

“Unusualness?” I inquire.

“Something just stood out in this universe,” casually says the woman, “Something to make it special compared to its many alternates.”

That will require further investigation, I think to myself before deciding on what I feel is the best course of action.

“Want to come back to my base with me Corporal Morgan?”

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