Tuesday, 9 June 2015

1.11 Outsider Part 4

“Call me Fiona,” replies Morgan before sighing, “I’m not a normal person anymore is the main reason, not by my home dimension’s standards anyway. I changed both physically and mentally over the last few years. Those changes have been overtime, always a good idea at the time. I haven’t regretted them at all and still don’t, but those changed weren’t made when it was possible for me to go home. If I had the possibility, I would have done so and not have made those changed.”

“What changes are you talking about?” I ask.

“For starters, I’m cyborg,” answers Fiona, “I got nanites pumping through my veins and rest of my body. My nervous system is supported by two artificial ones and an exoskeleton and all be bones are reinforced and coated in metallic alloy I doubt you ever heard of. It’s one of Warmind’s inventions. I also got emergency memory storages in my body, some for storing data and others for backing up my memories. My senses are all cybernetically enhanced and I can easily function beyond a normal human with only those alone.”

Fiona takes a deep breath and appears to be gathering her thoughts.

“I have also been genetically enhanced to the point my DNA isn’t the same as when I was born,” continues Fiona, “If you tested it against the rest of my family, you wouldn’t get a match. So I’m superhuman thanks to my enhanced genetics and cybernetics. But I willing and choose to have my genetics changed and it has saved my life on more than one occasion. I also think a lot faster and efficiently than a regular human and can process things much quicker. Thanks to my genes and cybernetics, I have perfect memory or as close as you can get. I also got wards to protect against magic. Since nobody in my universe has powers or magic, I would stand out easily.”

“What do you mean nobody has powers or magic?” I inquire.

Fiona shrugs before replying, “Exactly that. My universe is an Earth on which nobody has superpowers. Never in history.”

I try to wrap my head around the concept. No powers in the entire of history? How on Earth does that work? I can’t even to begin to imagine the implications or how a world like that could function. It would be radically different from our own.

“Do you have powers?” asks Alex, “By your standards, not those of your home universe.”

“No,” says Fiona after thinking for a moment, “By the standards of the Drakesguard, I’m normal and I know because a few of us, such as Tidal and Colonel Gorene, have superpowers.”

“You could go home and be a superhero?” I suggest, “You would be pretty good since no one, good guy, bad guy or otherwise, could compete with you.”

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the concept of an Earth without powers. The whole idea is just, well, weird.

“That is a possibility,” concedes Fiona, “But I would have to explain my disappearance to my family and the authorities. But I could do that if I am consistent in my cover story and don’t leave any ways for them to properly check it. Warmind could help with that. I could easily keep my changes and any activities hidden and Warmind could false electronic records if needed. It could work if I was a vigilante. And if the authorities did find out, well, it’s not like they could do much about me or even catch me if I didn’t want them to.”

“What about your costume?” I ask, “You won’t fit in as a normal wearing that armour.”

“That’s true,” says Fiona, “I would need a more mundane costume. And a name. I really don’t want to end up with the media picking my name.”

“Trust me, I know,” I reply, “We got superheroes in this world. Lots of them.”

“Any ideas on who to go to?” asks Fiona.

“On our world, almost all the heroes go to same guy for their equipment,” says Alex with a smirk.

“Who?” asks Fiona.

“Sentinel,” answers Alex and her grin becomes even wider.

“Really?” says Fiona.

“Really,” I confirm, “I can provide you with a high quality costume, gear and gadgets. Usually I would charge money, but this is one of those special cases where I don’t.”

“Thanks,” says Fiona.

“Alex,” I say, looking at the Aquiline, “Since you’re both girls, please get Fiona’s measurements. I’ll be off checking the base’s stock for other equipment.”

Of course, that is only a half-truth and Alex can spot it. While I may be a pretty good liar, I do have to be able to keep my secret identity up after all, those who know can easily spot it when I’m attempting to be deceitful.

And then there is the fact that Alex is an Aquiline.

But she trusts me and doesn’t let any acknowledgement of my deceit show as she leads Fiona out of the room.

I should be able to avoid being overheard, but Fiona has really good hearing. She didn’t overhear me quietly call Narszara earlier and shouldn’t now.

But I am not one to take careless chances, especially when dealing with someone that’s extremely dangerous.

“Narszara?” I whisper quietly as I walk up to the base computer.

I do need to check the stock to cover up my actions.

“Yes milord?” answers the Norgardian.

“Did you overhear the conversation?” I ask her.

“Aye,” comes the reply, but Janelle also cuts in.

“So did I,” says Janelle, “I’m enjoying taking an active role by the way.”

“Glad to hear,” I answer, “But do you think Fiona can be trusted? I feel we can, but you two seem to know more about her and Multiverse politics than I do.”

“The Drakesguard can be trusted like the Sangor and Norgardians,” replies Narszara, “But it varies with other members of Warmind’s forces.  But overall, Warmind and Drakesguard, Traggan and the Norgardians and the Knights of Deltae and their Sangorra form what is known as the Good Three to the communities of the Multiverse.”

“I agree with Narszara’s assessment,” agrees Janelle.

“Good,” I say, “Because I was thinking of offering to use the Awakener on Fiona.” 

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