Friday, 5 June 2015

1.11 Outsider Part 3

“Visiting your base sounds like a plan Mr…?” replies Morgan.

“Sentinel,” I answer, “Just the Sentinel.”

Morgan stiffs with surprise.

“Sentinel?” repeats Morgan, “Huh. Folks in suits of armour called the Sentinel tend to be hardasses. Never heard of one that wasn’t.”

“I’m going to take that as a compliment,” I state dryly, not bothering to mention I already told her who I was, “Can you fly with that armour? I assume you can, but it never hurts to make sure.”

“Sure I can,” shrugs Morgan.

“Good,” I take off and hover a few metres over the ground, “Follow me and don’t fall behind.”

Morgan lets out a laugh and flies up after me.

She easily keeps up with me and I’m sure she could go faster. I could too, but that would eat up my fuel reserves far too quickly.

“So what exactly is your origin?” I ask Morgan.

“Nothing special,” answers Morgan, “I came from an Earth without powers when I found myself in another dimension. Some of the locals helped me and eventually I entered another dimension. Since then I got by surviving different dimensions before moving on to the next. As I progressed, I have made friends with other interdimensional travellers, gained experience, skills and knowledge. After about two years of that, I encountered some of Warmind’s forces He offered me a job. Since it offered me some relative stability, I accepted. I spent half a year as one of his normal soldiers before joining the Drakesguard. I served four years as a Drakesguard, made friends and became an awesome special operations soldier. Once I had enough I decide to wander again and the first place I went was here.”

“So what are you going to do now?” I inquire, “Continue to be a soldier? Are going to stay here or go to another dimension?”

“No idea,” admits Morgan, “I’m sort of glad Warmind let me keep my equipment. I don’t feel safe without my armour or weapons anymore. A few bad experiences when I didn’t have them with me that could have been resolved with them. I sort of feel naked without them now.”

“My granddad felt the same in the later years of his career,” I say, “Always said he felt naked going into battle without the Sentinel armour on. Veterans who fight with their gadgets are like that I supposed. Ever thought about going back home?”

Morgan is silent. Several long seconds past before she answers.

“Can we talk about this once we are back on the ground please?” asks Morgan quietly.

“Sure,” I say, resisting the urge to shrug.


“Here is one of back entrances to our base and headquarters,” I say as we land, breaking the silence we spent the rest of our flight in.

“Looks dull and mundane,” notes Morgan, “That’s good.”

We’re standing out in the middle of the forest, completely off the beaten track.

“Nobody would look out here,” I say, “Not that anyone ever does look for the base. It’s kinda impossible to keep secret so we keep it hidden by stopping anyone looking for it.”

I open the hatch before turning to face Morgan.

“It is a bit of a drop, but we should be able to take it wearing our armour,” I tell her before stepping down into the hole.

I wasn’t kidding about the drop and fall for three seconds before hitting the metal floor with an audible thud. I sidestep out of the way, barely avoiding Morgan landing on top of me. 

“Who is home?” I ask out loud.

Janelle is the one to answer.

“No one, but Alex,” says the AI, “The Rileys have gone out with Narszara and the other Leaguers are either with family or friends. Hello Corporal Morgan, welcome the League of Heroes Base.”

“Hello disembodied voice,” answers Morgan in that jaunty voice of hers.

“That’s Janelle,” I explain to Morgan, “The AI belonging to the League’s starship.”

“And I already know as about you as I can,” says Janelle, “I was listening in on Sentinel. Hope neither you minded.”

“Not at all,” I say dismissively, but Morgan looks thoughtful.

“Do you know her origin?” asks Morgan.

“I asked and she politely decline to tell,” I say with the shrug, “Let’s head to the main room and discuss your plans.”

I lead the way and find Alex already sat at the table with three glasses, a bottle of Pepsi and tray of assorted biscuits.

“So this is Corporal Fiona Morgan of the Drakesguard,” says Alex with a smile on her face as she raises her glass of Pepsi in a mock salute.

“You know about her?” I ask.

“I listened in with Janelle and Narszara,” says Alex as Morgan and I sit down, “And a few of my relatives knew a thing or two about Warmind and his forces.”

“And you are Alex I assume,” says Morgan as she takes her helmet off.

“Yep,” confirms Alex.

Morgan has a pretty if worn face. She has a ‘been there, done that’ sort of look to her twinkling brown eyes and sharpen facial features.

No seriously, I can spot her eyes twinkling using my armour.

“So Morgan,” starts Alex with a sip of her glass, “Why don’t you want to go home?”

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