Tuesday, 30 June 2015

1.11 Outsider Part 10

I casually walk into the living room that first gangster had left. Another of his mates is in there, already on his feet. Unlike the first, this one has short black hair and the beginnings of a beard that he is growing.

I catch the punch he swings at me and bring me other fist down on the elbow of his arm.  The man screams, alerting the rest of the gang. I need to finish him off quickly.

Within a split-second I kick him into the knee to put him off balance and grab his shirt. I slam him face first into the wooden table in the middle of the room a few times, stopping when the man is finally out cold.

I don’t even glance back at him. He’ll be fine apart from a nasty headache when he wakes up and a collection of bumps and bruises.

This is going well so far. Two members of the gang are already down and I don’t even have a scratch on me. I exit the living room to go back into the hall. Further down the hall you have only two places to go. The dining room or up the stairs.

Those stairs don’t look particularly safe. This house is one of the worst in the area so I suppose that is to be expected. And those two burly men coming down them don’t help their image of safety.

Two men plus the guy leaving the dining room make up over half of the remaining gangsters.

I step backwards. I can use the hall to funnel the gangsters towards me, one at a time. With only one of them able to reach me, I minimise one of the greatest dangers of this fight. It doesn’t hurt that I’m personally trained by one of the greatest fighters on the planet while these punks use little more than crude brute force.

The closest one rushes me and I easily dodge his clumsy swipes. My counter-attack is brutal. Two swift jabs to the head followed up by a gut punch to daze and winded my opponent respectively.

I kick the man backwards into his comrades. As he staggers backwards, I vault over his tumbling body and kick the next guy’s head into the wall. I only half-hope he isn’t too badly hurt as he slumps down against the wall.

I trip of the last of these guys up before kicking the first in the head. With a couple more kicks to the other downed gangster’s head, both are out of the fight. Five down, two to go.

I hear footsteps coming down the hall and I turn to face my latest foe, only to receive a fist to my face.

Despite being stunned, my training and reflexes take over as I grab the arm of attacker and pull it backwards with me. I hear a grunt of pain as I come to my senses. Seizing the initiative again, I pull the arm into the lock and yank it hard.

I’m rewarded with a scream of pain before letting go. I quick look at my muscular foe and I know I’m fighting the bodybuilder leader of the Marauders. That and his right shoulder is now dislocated.

I follow up with flurry of blows to his face until he drops over backwards. I step over the bodies of my opponents to face the final member of the gang as he backs away from me at the far end of the hall.

“I don’t want no trouble mate,” protests the gangster as he raises his hands in surrender.

I take the sight of him in. He looks like scum with only jeans and white tank top. Tattoos go down both of his arms while his head is clean shaven.

“Neither do I,” I reply calm as I slowly walk towards him.

I can only imagine how terrified the gangster is. After all, some kid just came in, beat up all of his tough guy pals with nothing more than a black eye in return and now he is coming after him.

“But you guys mugged my sister and her friend yesterday,” I continue before I pause about a half metre away from the petrified man, “And I’m sure you understand I can’t just let it go.”

“Totally,” agrees the gangster nervously.

“But it hasn’t gone far enough to involve police just yet and I’m sure you’ll want wrap this up without getting hurt,” I say, “So let’s make a deal. Tell me where the stuff you took is and let me take it and leave and you won’t end up like the rest your friends over there.”

The gangster gulps before answering, “Upstairs, third room down.”

“Thank you,” I say, “Now get out of my way.”

The man is eager to comply and scrambles into the dining room. I walk up the stairs quickly and find the room. It’s a pigsty, but I quick pull how my League communicator and scan the room as I pick up the bags of my sister and her friend.

Using the data from my phone, I spend another minute or two collecting the items from the bags that were lying about before heading back down. A couple of the gangsters are getting to their feet, but I ignore them.

I decide to head out the backdoor. I barely spare a glance to covering gangster I march past him. I use my parkour skills to hop over the fence before heading towards the sewer entrance.

It is useful having a sewer system large enough to fit people in. In the past, the authorities have proposed making it smaller and more efficient, but Sentinel Technologies have always paid the extra maintenance.

It really helps having this secret tunnel system, I think as I hop down, The sheer usefulness easily outweighs the smell of using it.

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