Tuesday, 31 March 2015

1.9 Mad Beasts Part 3

We’re sat around the table, all of the League plus Alex. The others are all in costume while Narszara and I are wearing our respective armours. Alex is wearing a white shirt and jeans and we all got food and drink. Mainly cola and margarita pizza.

“So what’s happening?” asks Sky, “I’m assuming there is a reason behind this meeting.”

“Let’s cover some simple things first,” says Sam, “For starters, nobody has a problem with the Rileys and Alex moving into the base?”

A smattering of agreement come from around the table. It seems some less of a problem than others.

“I sure everybody heard about out Oakley figured Sentinel’s identity out?” continues Sam.

“No,” says Stefan with a look at me while Vance shakes his head.

“Okay,” says Sam, “Let’s recap. Inspector Oakley and Constable Melville when to Daniel’s granddad’s house to get this statement about the fight on Sunday. Once there, Oakley figured Daniel’s identity using a variety of information, not just putting two and two together so we don’t need to worry about someone else figuring our identities in the same manner. Both agreed to keep our identities secret and it might be useful have a high ranking field member of the police on our side.”

“I’m not sure about it,” says Stefan nervously, “I had enough trouble with the police knowing I’m the grandson of Black Storm without them knowing I’m also Storm King.”

“We don’t need to worry about Oakley,” I reassure him, “He’s trustable and one of the good guys. While it may not be a good thing he’s figured out my identity, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. And we got more important matters to deal with.”

“Vengeance is being transported to secure locations tomorrow night following information about a breakout attempt,” says Sam, “Our MI9 liaison, Agent Lewis, has asked for our helped in escorting them as most of the Defenders are busy. That’s why we asked you to clear your Friday nights.”

“Who’s with who?” asks Lucy.

“Spectre, Powerbeam and Controller will be escorting Mad Cat,” says Sam, “Kevin, Werebeast and I will be with Avenger. Sky, James, Vance and Lucy, you’ll be guarding Forsworn. Charlie, Stefan, Helen and Narszara, you guys will be escorting Nightmare. Daniel and Carrie, you two will guard Mad Dog along with Robyn Hood. Any questions?”

“How long will it be?” asks Carrie, “I don’t want to be up too late.”

“It’ll start at seven, but we will have to be there in costume before then,” answers Sam, “It should last roughly an hour if everything goes according to plan.”

“So who’s trying to break them out?” inquires James.

“No clue,” answers Sam, “MI9 isn’t convinced it isn’t a trick to get Vengeance into the open, but can’t afford not to beef up Vengeance’s security.”

“I’ll look into it,” offers Alex, “And I can act as mission control.”

After that it, the topic turns to small talk.


“It’s cold,” says Robyn Hood as we watch Mad Dog get loaded up into an armoured police truck.

Robyn’s real name is Linda Pierce and is the only non-powered superhero in the Albion Defenders if you count owning power armour as a superpower. Her hair is short and brown while her eyes are covered by a large domino mask. The rest of her costume is a green cos-mat version of Robin’s hood, complete with a silly green hat that usually gets lost in the opening moments of battle. A leather quiver containing a dozen assorted arrows is strapped to her back.

I look at Mad Dog. In her untransformed state, she has muscular body, a feral look, a messy mane of tattered black hair. Her eyes have a crazed look to them. How on Earth could people have mistaken his madwoman for a hero? Especially when she maimed people in such a brutal manner.

“That’s why I’m morphed,” replies Carrie in a deep growl, “My fur is pretty thick.”

“My armour has internal air conditioning,” I say, “That scum looks as crazy as she is.”

“How the hell can she enjoy losing control of her beast side?” asks Carrie, a sicken look on her furry face, “I know at first it can be hard to tame, but it gets easier with time. A lot easier. The only way you lose it like she and her sister do if you’re forced into it or you choose to.”

“I wouldn’t know,” mutters Robyn.

“Is something wrong?” asks Carrie.

“No, I just don’t like powers that much, especially the ones people lose control of,” replies Robyn with a wave of her hand, “It’s hard being the only superhero in the nation without any superpowers and at times, it just gets to me. Especially when most of your friends and co-workers have hit the jackpot when it comes to powers.”

“I haven’t got any powers myself, but I can’t complain with all the other stuff I got,” I reply, “But do understand what’s like going up against supers with no powers and only training.”

“I believe you,” says Robyn, “I’ve worked with Narszara before you. She’s strange and scary to watch in battle, but seems nice and has a good heart.”

I’m about to reply that’s not what I meant when we receive the all clear. They’re ready to move out.

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