Friday, 6 March 2015

1.8 Assassins Part 5

I sit in the living room the next day with Lily as we wait for the Moors to arrive. Our uncle, Harry Moors, is Dad’s older brother. He and his wife, Olivia Moors, have three kids, a son and two daughters.

Their oldest, Oliver, is almost two years older than me and is almost the opposite of me. While I’m more technically oriented, Oliver is more of a sportsman. While I’m lean, Oliver has a muscular physique as befitting of his status as a footballer and a bodybuilder.

We don’t exactly dislike each other, but our lack of common interests makes it rather hard to get along with each other.

Their middle child, Emily, is fourteen and is outgoing and social while remaining on top of her studying and greatly enjoys reading. She likes to write fanfic about the League much to my annoyance.

The youngest, Chloe, is twelve like Lily, but half a year older. They both share the same interests, but Chloe is much more girly and silly than my sister. Also to my annoyance.

You probably gotten the impression that I don’t particularly get on with my cousins on my dad’s side. That might be a bit harsh. We get on with each other okay, but I prefer to keep out of their way and for them to keep out of mine.

It doesn’t help that the Riley family decided to move into the base today and I’m busy here. I’m lucky that Narszara, James and Sam are free to help them move in. Alex also might show up later today as well.

Oh well, I guess I just have to put up with this.

By the way, I should mention that Uncle Harry is a politician who doesn’t like the idea of non-governmental superheroes. He has been campaigning to get the League of Heroes to be either disbanded, outlawed or made to work for the government over the last few weeks.

Not that any of League actually cares.

And what makes the situation even worse is that Lily and I have had a falling out last night. She feels that Britannia’s secret identity to busted wide open to be ‘cool’ and, well, you know how I feel about the subject.

“Be nice,” Dad tells me as he enters the room.

“Don’t worry Dad,” I reassure him, “I’ll be fine.”

“Don’t start any fights,” says Dad, “I know how you disagree with Harry’s beliefs and ideas.”

I ignore that last part. I’ve been quite vocal about how I disagree with Harry’s politics around the house.

“Just don’t expect me to play nice with his dumb ideas,” I mutter.

Dad glares at me. Unlike Mum, who is much more understanding due to her knowledge about granddad, the League and the rest of it, Dad just doesn’t get why I’m so strongly opposed to his brother’s beliefs. It bugs him and he has no idea on why I behave like I do.

Today’s visit isn’t looking like it is going to be a good one.

“When are they arriving?” asks Lily as she looks out the window.

“Anytime now,” answers Dad, “And I mean it Daniel, no causing or starting any fights.”

“You don’t need to repeat yourself,” I retort.

Dad glares at me, but doesn’t say anything. I might be in trouble later though, but I don’t really care right now.

We sit in the living room in uncomfortable silence until Lily shouts, “I see them!”

Harry has the look of a politician even as he enters the house. A fit body with a grin on his face, my uncle has handsome features including stubble instead of a beard and slick dark brown hair. He is informal clothing, fancy trousers and a polo shirt.

Olivia looks like a businesswoman even in informal clothing. Emily is wearing a crimson top and snug dark pink trousers and has a slender body shape while Chloe as a girly look to her.

Oliver, on the other hand, is major contrast to his father, wearing sport attire. His football uniform to be precise. His body is buff and his blonde hair is even shorter than mine and much neater. His brown eyes are just like his father’s.

We exchange greetings. Oliver gives Lily a great big bear hug, but simply gives me a friendly slap on the back. I just smile at him.

Dad and Harry start speaking with each other while the girls chat about girl stuff.

“Did you see the game the other night?” Oliver asks me.

“No, I don’t watch sports,” I tell him.

“So what do you do then?” asks Oliver.

“School work, engineering, hang out with friends, self-defence training and running my company,” I reply.

“That sounds boring,” says Oliver dismissively, “Wait, your company?”

“Yup,” I answer, “Griffin Engineering. Granddad left it to me. While I’m not old enough to run it, I’m still learning about it so I can run when I’m old enough.”

“Still sounds boring,” replies Oliver, “Like how dad wants be to follow him into politics. Football is much more fun than all of that.”

“Politics are important even if I disagree with your dad’s,” I reply, “And football only works as a job if you’re really good. Besides as the-”

“I am really good,” cuts in Oliver, “The Portsmouth Football Club has signed me on. In a year, I’ll be playing for them.”

“Good for you,” I reply, “In a few years, I’ll be running one of the biggest companies in the nation.”

“Which one?” demands Oliver.

“I told already. Griffin Engineering,” I answer, somewhat annoyed that he wasn’t paying attention.

Then again, I wasn’t paying attention to what he was saying so I can’t really complain. Not without being a hypocrite.

“I know,” says Harry suddenly, “Why don’t you show Ollie the local park?”

“That sounds like a great idea,” agrees my dad, “The girls can play with each other and Harry and I can catch up.”

I sigh internal in response. It looks like I’m going to have no control over how my day is going to go.

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