Friday, 13 March 2015

1.8 Assassins Part 7

Nightblade is crouched over us on the cafe roof. He has gotten one of his swords fixed, but the other isn’t there.

The reporters turn and start speaking as they realise it is Nightblade.

He jumps down and points his sword at Oliver.

“You’ll do nicely kid,” growls Nightblade, “I’m sure with you along, I’ll persuade your father to come along nicely.”

Harry gives out a strangled cry of “Oliver” as my cousin freezes in terror.

This bad, like really bad. I’m in my secret identity without the Sentinel armour. None of the League will be able to show up in time.

I might not count as a Class 4 without the armour, but I still count as Class 1 with my fit body and training from Laura.

And I am not able to let Nightblade go after my family without a fight, even family I dislike and don’t agree with.

I grab Nightblade’s arm and twist the sword out of his hand. He doesn’t react, probably out of shock. He also doesn’t react when I swing the sword into his side, getting the blade stuck inside him.

“Run!” I yell at Oliver as Nightblade staggers back.

“What the £$@&?” mutters Nightblade before he pulls his sword out of his side.

Oliver and I run past the crowd. Both of us are good runners and while Nightblade might be better than us with his enhancements, he’s injured and we got a head start.

Meanwhile I set out a subtle distress signal with my communicator as I run. I doubt Nightblade will underestimate me next time and the best I can hope for without the Sentinel armour is to delay him until another member of the League shows up in costume.

I hear Nightblade cry out in anger as he rushes towards us. I halt as he catches up with us.

I duck as he swings at my head and grabs his arm. I twist it behind me and knee Nightblade in his cut side. He grunts and shakes me off.

I try to get to my feet, but Nightblade is already over me with his blade raised to cut me down.

That’s when Night Beast intervenes. Carrie has turned into a basically a bipedal wolf-cat hybrid that’s two metres all. Her grey and black fur can only be seen on her snout and mane as her black cos-mat suit covers the rest of her minus Carrie’s wolfish yellow eyes.

She grabs Nightblade and tosses him back, swiping at his armoured chest.

I spot Kevin behind her, stretching towards his twin his grey costume that leaves only the eyes visible.

It occurs to me this is the fight time I seen the Walter twins fight a supervillain. When they fought the Machine and Gaia’s Vengeance, I wasn’t there.

Nightblade kicks Night Beast off, but is then engulfed by Multiform. When he uses his powers, Kevin is basically a morphing grey mass that is near impossible to harm. Which Nightblade finds out when he tries to get rid of Multiform.

I decide that since Daniel Griffin is a civilian, he ought to get back and out of the way. I back off into the crowd as Carrie attacks Nightblade again. Oliver is nowhere to be seen.

I watch from the crowd as Kevin latches onto Nightblade’s arms and holds them behind his back while Carrie rips his helmet off.

I see a light in the air and spot Sam coming down from the sky. I better slink away before the fights over. I’m a non-super who just took on a supervillain and held my own and now I’m in a crowd of reporters.

Ever since the League restarted, I developed a dislike for the media and the press to the point of borderline hatred.

Fortunately for me, the reporters are all distracted by the fight as I slip away. Once out of sight of the crowd, I run for it.

I’m sure they’ll come after me later for interviews, but at home, I can refuse more easily than if I’m caught out in the streets.

Home’s not too far away, but do I really want to go home with how I fought Nightblade on the news. I don’t want to hear what Dad or Mum has to say.

I’m better off taking refuge in the base. An entrance isn’t too far away from my current location.
It is an old one behind an old building. The system recognises me as I approach and opens up, showing a hatch that two feet by two feet with a ladder going down. I look inside.

Definitely one of the older entrances. It seems to be the same as an old, worn sewer without actually being part of the sewer system.

I with a glance around, I climb now the ladder. Once I reach the bottom, the hatch closes behind me, leaving me in darkness with no lights.

“Darn it,” I mutter as look for an emergency light that I also carry around.

I eventually find it and pull it out. It’s nothing fancy, merely a three inch long stick with a decently bright light on the end.

I walk down the tunnel when I hear someone access the hatch behind me.

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