Tuesday, 17 March 2015

1.8 Assassins Part 8

I turn to face the person behind me. I blink in surprise when I realise who it is.

“Hey Daniel,” says Alexandra Aquiline as she strolls towards me.

Just from looking at her, who wouldn’t recognise the daughter of the planet’s most dangerous person. In fact, she looks like simple teenage girl with a tomboyish streak to her.

Her body is slender and really lean and only somewhat muscular. Her clothes fit her, a white shirt, brown leather jacket and black cargo trousers. Her hair is sleek black and goes all the way down to her shoulders. Alex shares the same blue eyes as her mother.

She smiles at me and pulls out a torch and turns it one.

“Thank you for letting stay at the base,” says Alex.

“You’re welcome,” I reply with a shrug as we walk down the tunnel as it slopes down, “I’m just concerned how the others will react. Some of them were annoyed when I invited Britannia’s to stay there for the time being.”

“I’m sure they won’t mind,” says Alex, “They know me after all.”

“So what are you planning to do?” I ask her.

“Well, I don’t want to be a fighter,” replies Alex, “So I’ll probably help out around the base. Maybe act as mission control.”

“Narszara and I could use the help,” I agree, “I was fine on my own while the League wasn’t active, but now it is, I have to manage our resources, coordinate our efforts and repair the Sentinel armour when it’s damaged. Plus I’ll helpful knowing that if someone does get into the base, they’ll have to face a master fighter.”

“I’m not going to fight unless I have to you know,” says Alex, “That’s why I’m here with you lot.”

“I know, but if the worse comes to the worse, it’s nice to know we got really good back up to save our butts,” I insist.

“Suit yourself,” shrugs Alex, “You did well against Nightblade. How are you going to explain that?”

“I got a good self-defence teacher and caught Nightblade by surprise twice,” I answer, “As I’m a normal, he underestimated me and I only fought him because I thought he was going to kill me regardless of whether I fought back. Once the League of Heroes showed up, I ran because I had a chance to get away. I hid away afterwards because once the adrenaline went away, I realised exactly what I did.”

“Good cover,” notes Alex, “I approve. It covers how you were able to beat him and why you ran. I noticed that the Britannia’s family has moved into the base.”

“Only until the government can sort out something safe for them,” I reply.

“What are you going when you find out who ratted her identity out?” inquires Alex.

“Depends if we can physically go after them,” I answer.

“What it’s just a foreign civilian?” asks Alex.

“We got Narszara,” I reply, “I might just sic her on them.”

“That might be bad,” points out Alex.

“What happened to Britannia and her family is worse,” I counter.

“I don’t disagree,” says Alex with a wave her hand, “I’m just surprised by your opinion on the matter. Many superheroes would be more wary about starting an international incident.”


“They already knew about Britannia, the Albion Defenders and the League of Heroes,” says Narszara to us at the base, “And they most definitely know not to reveal your identities.”

“I have no doubts about that last part,” I say dryly, “Especially after what happened to them.”

“I concur milord,” agrees Narszara, “But we shall discuss Nightblade now.”

“What about him?” I inquire.

“You were foolish to engage him without the Verigar Derl,” says Narszara disapprovingly.

“The Verigar Derl?” I inquire again.

“The Sentinel armour,” answers Narszara, “But you could have been killed or severely injured by Nightblade. And I was not there to defend you.”

“Are you really that concerned about my safety?” I ask her.

“Aye milord,” says Narszara, “You are my Thariloth, of course I am deeply concerned about your safety. I value your life over my own.”

“I guess that’s good,” I mutter.

Narszara is really different from most humans. While she counts as human, she has come from an Earth and her people have taken a very different route, both evolutionary and culturally. And while you can ignore it or forget about most of the time, it really stands out when Narszara speaks and acts all hammy while remaining deadly serious.

“Are you going to hunt him down?” Alex asks her.

“If Verigar permits me to,” replies Narszara.

Both look my way for my answer.

“If you the spare time, you can,” I tell her, “Just try to bring him to justice instead of just killing him.”

“As you will milord,” states Narszara matter-of-factly, “Recommend we begin working on a spare set of armour for you.”

“Since I’m moving in, I ought to help you two,” says Alex.

“I’ll call Charlie,” I say as I pull out my communicator, “He’s an engineer and mechanic like me, he won’t want to be left out. Oh that reminds me, we need to put some heavier firepower into the Sentinel and Bulk armours.”

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