Friday, 27 March 2015

1.9 Mad Beasts Part 2

I look around granddad’s house. Despite telling people this was where I was spending most of my time when I was at the base, I haven’t actually been here for quite a while now.

I notice a police car roll up outside and it occurs to me that, as Daniel Griffin, I haven’t given a police statement about my fight with Nightblade yet due to my attempts to avoid the press.

I look out the window to see who’s in the car and I blink in surprise when I spot Inspector Oakley get out. I consider him a helpful associate when dealing with the police as Sentinel and we get on fairly well.

Of course I have to pretend I don’t know him thanks to my secret identity.

I look at the second officer to get out on the passenger side, wondering if it is also someone the Sentinel knows.

The answer turns out to be yes as I spot Constable Melville, one of the three supers on the Hampshire police force.  I guess the reason both of them are here is due to this involving a superhuman and them both being part of the superhuman department.

I walk towards the door and open it before the officers can knock.

“Hello?” I greet to them.

Let me tell you something, it is weird meeting two people who you know, but they don’t know you and don’t know you know them and you have to pretend not to know them.

But something must click into place as Oakley blinks at me and stares for a moment. Melville gives him a look.

“Daniel Griffin?” asks Oakley as he focuses again.

“Yes Inspector,” I reply and I flinch internally at my mistake.

Not many people know how about different police ranks, particularly the higher up ones, here in the UK due to the lack of them on TV, especially how to recognise one. That must have tipped him off about something.

“We’ve here to collect your statement about your fight with the supervillain assassin Nightblade last Thursday at St James Park,” says Oakley as he looks at me, “May we come inside?”

“Sure,” I tell him.

Normally I wouldn’t invite the police inside, but I know Oakley well enough to trust even if he doesn’t know it.

I step aside and let Oakley and Melville inside.

“I saw your face after Narszara arrive,” says Oakley in a causal manner.

Yup, he’s figured it out. Next time, I need to be more careful.

“So you pieced it together,” I reply as Melville looks at the two of us, confusion on her face.

“What’s going on?” asks Melville.

“Meet Daniel Griffin, Eleanor, also known as the Sentinel,” answers Oakley.

“Him?” blurts out Melville.

“Me,” I reply, “By the way, my identity is secret so keep it secret. You weren’t supposed to find out and you don’t want to find out the consequences if you reveal it.”

“After all the trouble that it’s caused Britannia, I’m not revealing any super’s secret identity,” says Oakley, “But you sure do make a lot more sense now.”


“We were looking over your background over the last few days, especially since you held your own against Nightblade,” says Oakley, “And kid, you are not normal. You’re a millionaire that lives like middle-class. Not only that, but you got your grandfather’s money, company and house over the rest of your family. And people you hang out with just don’t fit. I’m going to guess they make up the rest of the League? Anyway, you and your friends are very mysterious. You seem to go off the grid while hanging out with each other, but it’s not only when the League shows up. Not to mention how well you have avoided the media, it’s almost unreal. You also took on Nightblade and almost beat him. Yet you don’t have any powers like he does. But you do have training from an old family friend who we can’t trace at all. Plus you’re associated with the Sentinel and the League like your grandfather was. None of it made any sense.”

“So you’re the Sentinel?” says Melville as she looks at in mild surprised, “You’re not what I expected, but then again, I’m not sure what I expected. I never really fought about what the Sentinel was beneath the armour. Apart from he was male. But even that, along with your age, we only had your word for.”

“That was sort of granddad’s idea,” I reply, “He felt that he should keep his normal identity separate from the Sentinel’s.”

“Except for when he was the Sentinel’s number one business partner it seems,” points Oakley.

“People just figured he worked with Sentinel, not that he actually him,” I reply with a shrug, “But aren’t you here to get my statement regarding Sunday’s events?”

“Good point,” concedes Oakley, “We best get onto that.”


I watch the police car pulls out before I call Sam.

“Hello,” answers Sam.

“Hey Sam,” I reply, “I called to called to tell that the police just collected my statement about Sunday at granddad’s house.”

“Anyone we know?”

“Just Inspector Oakley and Constable Melville. That’s part of the reason I called. Oakley put two and two together about our secret identity.”

“Is that bad or good?” asks Sam.

“Neither, just unexpected,” I reply, “Oakley and Melville can be trusted.”

“Anything else?”

“Yeah,” I say, “Can you remind the others about the meeting this evening?” 

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