Tuesday, 22 September 2015

1.14 Endgame Part 2

“That was a good match,” says Sam as we exit the base in civvies, “Even if you cheated at the end.”

“I didn’t cheat,” I protest, “I just used an advantage that the battlefield granted me to win.”

“In an official match, that would have been considered cheating and you would have been disqualified,” points out Sam.

“In a real battle, your foe wouldn’t have cared and would beat you,” I counter.

“True,” agrees Sam, “You have to admit that I would have taken you out otherwise.”

“It would have taken you a while, but you would have,” I concede, “Then again, you are the second most powerful superhuman in the British Isles minus Narszara.”

“That I am,” says Sam with a grin.

“Do you want hear what Janelle found out about the Blackguard Breakout?” I inquire, “She filled me in as I was getting changed.”

“Definitely,” replies Sam.

“Well, Prison Officer Glenn Bateson was always a troublemaker so it was really only a matter of time before he ended up on the other side of the law,” I explain, “He was discretely paid a lot of money from anonymous source. We’re talking tens of millions here so it is no surprise at someone like Bateson accepted the offer.”

“Oh for sure,” mutters Sam, “That much money should traceable. At least to us if not to government. We’re able to use illegal methods that they can’t after all.”

“Surprisingly, Janelle was unable to track it and if she couldn’t, I won’t be able to either,” I reply, “Call me paranoid, but I think it was the Machine’s creator who paid him.”

“Really?” inquires Sam, “Why so?”

“Because Bateson was told to wait until I was there with the media tour before breaking them all out,” I tell him, “That breakout was a trap set for me. But don’t go spreading that around. I don’t want our enemy to know we know and it might get us some unneeded bad PR.”

“I understand,” says Sam, “Any closer to finding out whom this mysterious enemy of ours is?”

“Not really,” I reply, “Other than they have access to large amounts of outdated Sektain technology and mass amounts of money, there isn’t much they left out there. Personally I’m hoping that I can use the sensors I brought off Darrac to find out more information.”

“What is Darrac up to?” asks Sam, “I know he is still hanging around the planet, but not anything more than that.”

“He is visiting Mia over in Australia,” I reply, “Darrac is getting to know the family and new life of his captain and they’re getting to know him and her old life.”

“Darrac isn’t getting into any trouble is he?” inquires Sam.

“Hah!” I laugh, “Between him being him and his spaceship, there isn’t much that can actually trouble Darrac. But he is playing nice due to Mia. Even if he wouldn’t suffer consequences, his captain would.”

“I assumed he cares about Mia then,” says Sam.

“He is absolutely loyal and devoted to his captain,” I reply, “From what I have found out, Darrac is cooperating nicely with the authorities like Mia has been.”

“So do you think these new sensors will help?” asks Sam.

“Without doubt,” I tell him, “I’m certain that our foe is using outdated Sektain tech leftover from the Invasion to keep them hidden. This modern Sektain tech should counter that advantage of theirs.”

“Just don’t go into more detail,” says Sam.

“Why not?” I tease him, “I’m sure you would enjoy it.”

“Oh no,” says Sam with mock horror, “Whatever shall I do to escape this horror.”

I snigger and Sam soon joins me.

“But on a more serious note,” I say as I stop laughing, “MI9 has finally sorted things out for the Rileys. They should be able to get back to a normal life. Or least more normal than what they got currently.”

“They should be looking forward to that,” says Sam, “Well, I don’t know about the kids, but Mr and Mrs Riley will be.”

“Yeah, the kids have been getting along great with their Auntie Narsey,” I reply.

“Have you called her that?” asks Sam, “Narsey that is.”

“Would you?” I counter.

“True,” replies Sam with a laugh, “But you are her lord.”

“And I don’t want to know how far that extends in this case,” I reply.

“Talking about Narszara,” says Sam, “Have you considered the idea of sending her to school for education like some have suggested?”

“You have to be kidding me!” I laugh, “Sending Narszara to school would just be asking for trouble. You wouldn’t believe the body count she would rack up in a mere week. Besides, even if she is only thirteen years old, her people grow up faster both physically and mentally. As of such, her body is more in its late teens and her mind is that of a young adult rather than a girl who has just entered her teens.”

“This is the point where we go our separate ways,” says Sam as we come to a halt at the junction of a road.

Sam is correct as his route home requires a turn to the right while my own route means that I need to go left.

“See you tomorrow then,” I tell him, “Give your parents my regards.”

“Yeah, see ya tomorrow,” replies Sam as he heads down his route while I got my own, “Same for your parents and tell Lily I hope she makes her full recovery real soon.”

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