Friday, 11 September 2015

1.13 Breakout Part 9

I fire my sonics at Vistorix and after a moment, he loses his hold over my ankles and drops. As he falls, I cut power to my rocket pack. While Vistorix lands on his back, I come crashing down on his gut, feet first.

As the supervillain gasps, I leap off on him. He tries to get to his feet, but I quickly kick him in the chest. Vistorix is sent flying into the wall. He attempts to get his to his feet, but once he is almost done, I punch him in the face.
He roars and swipes at me, but I duck and blast him with one of my sonics. I follow my sonic attack with an uppercut to the face. Vistorix grunts as my fist connects with his jaw. I don’t give him a chance to recover as I fire both sonics at him.

Vistorix stumbles forward, groggily reaching for me. I step back out of his reach and fire both of my wrist mounted lasers into his eyes. Vistorix screams and drops to his knees.
While it might seem a bit little lethal or maiming, Vistorix’s superdurability means that the lasers only temporarily blind him, the same way a flash of bright light blinds a normal person for a moment. And since he also has super senses, the lasers are much more painful and the blindness longer lasting.

I unleash a fury of blows against the supervillain until he sways unsteadily and topples over with a loud crash. I let out a breath of relief and look around the room.
It seems like all of the supervillains are down. Better get back to work on restraining their powers with special cuffs and putting them back in the cells.

I suppose the tour was technically a disaster, but nobody apart from the escaped villains were injured and the cameramen actually got some pretty good footage of me in action.

Sure a few people were claiming I was excessively violent, but the vast majority were praising me for taking on that many supervillains singlehandedly and doing as well as I did.
Personally I feel that while it might seemed I was a bit over the top, I didn’t do anything to the villains if I wasn’t sure they would be able to survive it. And in my defence, I was horrible outnumbered with a whole load of civilians to protect.

Now all I need to do is finish finding out why Bateson when rogue. I mean sure he was going to cross the line at some point, but why then and not some point sooner or later.
“Janelle,” I say as I take the Sentinel armour off back at the base, “Can you bring up any relevant information on Glenn Bateson?”

“Sure,” replies Janelle, “Would you like me to check for anything which might explain his treachery today?”
“That would be helpful,” I reply back, “How were Judy and Alex after I left? Did Alex start on Judy’s training?”

“Alex started teaching Judy the basics before they stopped to play card games,” says Janelle, “They got on well and Judy exited the base mere moments before the breakout started.”
“Glad to hear that,” I reply, “How is the security at Blackguard at the moment? Any possibility of the villains breaking back out?”

“Not any that are worth mentioning,” says Janelle, “With most of the superheroes in the nation there and the beating you inflicted, I would be extremely surprised if any even tried to escape now.”
“True,” I mutter as I finish taking the armour off, “Part of me just wants to relax while another part wants to get this situation sorted out as soon as possible.”

“You can do both,” says Janelle and I look around.
It is quite hard to look at a disembodied voice so I settle for just looking up at the ceiling.

“Please tell,” I inquire.
“Well, you can trust other people to get the job done,” replies Janelle, “I, Alex, Narszara and the other members of the League of Heroes can all look into this. Meanwhile you can relax and have fun. Remember Daniel, you are part of a team and you don’t have to everything. You have people you can trust and depend on to help you out and get the job done.”

“True,” I agree with a smile, “There is the rest of the League plus our friends and allies. I almost made a fool’s mistake by trying to everything myself. I would have burned myself out at some point.”
“And that is why you should go and have fun,” says Janelle, “Play games or hang out with your friends or something.”

“Good idea,” I reply, “I haven’t played many of my strategy games in long time. There is probably bunch of new updates and some new DLC out.”
“Should be,” agrees Janelle cheerfully.

“Then I’ll get my laptop out and play some of my games,” I continue to speak as I head for area of the lab where I kept my personal belongs, “I’ll probably start a new save in CKII or perhaps EUIV.”
“Sounds good,” Janelle agrees again.

The AI goes silent as I get my laptop out and open up one of my games. Nothing like having some fun playing a Grand Strategy game after an intense day as a superhero.

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