Friday, 4 September 2015

1.13 Breakout Part 7

I shove the section of solid metal wall aside as I get to my feet. The thing slammed me  into the wall.

“Everybody out!” I yell as I realise how bad the situation is.
Somebody let all of the prisoners out. Every single last one and the power restrainers won’t keep their power neutralised for long.
And the person to blame is without doubt Glenn Bateson.  I should have known, but it wasn’t like I could do anything about it without any proof or evidence of wrongdoing.
How would have that gone? Hey, I think is prison officer I just met isn’t to be trusted because I think he might be a bad guy. Let’s arrest him and throw him into one of the cells.
But that would explain why a chuck of the wall just flew into me.
All of the country’s native supervillains, Vengeance, Vistorix and a rogue superpowered prison officer scattered between the ground level and the two walkways versus me, Treves and the other officer on the tour.
I can take them. Or hold them off long enough for someone else to arrive.
“Hey Janelle,” I say into my League communicator, “We got a breakout here at Blackguard. Officer Bateson just released all of the inmates.”
“I understand,” comes the swift reply, “Informing all relevant authorities.”
“Don’t bother calling for help,” Bateson tells me as several more chucks of the wall hover around him, “I’m jamming all signals in or out. No one will hear you.”
Now there is a trick up my sleeve. If they don’t realise that I have already called for help and their jamming is actually affecting me, then I might be able to catch them off guard.
Both Treves and the other guard have drawn their stun guns, but they’ll do little against the freed prisoners.
At least the crowd of reporters are heading back out. No idiots hanging around to get some footage.
Target priority first. Who are the biggest threats and which ones to use spyders on and which to use missiles on?
Black Death’s touch won’t affect me through the Sentinel armour while Gaia’s Vengeance doesn’t have any vegetation to work with. Hall’s lightning and Avenger’s fire are also useless.
With high amounts of metal in Blackguard, Bateson and Forsworn could be pretty dangerous as well. The rest also have the potential to cause some trouble for me, but I can probably take them if I play if smart.
But Vistorix, along with Gravilord and Edison, is the most dangerous with a very real chance of beating me. The three of them are easily the biggest threats of the assorted supervillains.
Two missile for each of the Mad sisters and the last two for Vistorix. Electro-spyders will take care of Edison and Gravilord. The rest I should be able to take.
I open fire with all of my missiles and electro-spyders as I activate the rocket pack. I zoom straight at Bateson.
I crash into the rogue prison officer and we both slam into the other wall that has mostly been stripped away by Bateson.
I hear something cracking and huff of breath from Bateson before I pull away. Bateson starts to drop to his knees, but before he can collapse into a heap on the floor, I slug him one in the face.
Not too hard, just enough to break a jaw. That combined with the ribs I probably just broke will keep Bateson out of the fight.
I spin back around to face the rest of the supervillains. Both Mad sisters are transformed, but only Mad Cat is down with Mad Dog shaking off the effects the missiles that caught her. It seems that her missiles were intercepted by Forsworn and Avenger judging by how those two are on the ground.
I should have expected teamwork from Vengeance. They were a successful team back when they were ‘heroes’.
Gravilord is also out while Edison is staggered. It seems that he was able to catch two of the three spyders I sent at him in his temporal field.
Vistorix is getting back to his feet after being blown onto his back.
Time to thin the herd. I grab one of the chucks of metal that were floating around Bateson and lob it at Mad Dog before reactivating my rocket pack and flying up at Nightmare.
Best to take Vengeance out of the fight.
The metal takes out of the stunned Mad Dog and knocks her off the walkway while Nightmare is better prepared for me. He shapeshifts out of the way, but I still catch him with a kick that sends him flying.
I unleash a flurry of low-power laser shots at the other villains to scatter them. Edison is still busy dealing with the electro-spyders. That leaves only White Lord or Redmund McNamara as main threats until Vistorix or a member of Vengeance recovers.
I launch myself at White Lord, ignoring Hall’s crackling lightning. My armour can more than handle bit of lightning.
White Lord attempts to dodge, but even with his enhanced speed, I’m still faster in the Sentinel armour. I catch his arm and yank it out of the socket before tossing White Lord into a wall.
I feel something ding against me and somebody yelp in pain. I turn around to find Gaia’s Vengeance clutching her fist in pain.
I punch her in the gut, kick her knee before finishing her off with a backhanded slap that knocks her aside.
I spare a glance at Treves and his officer. The two of them are covering the door and have even taken out Black Death with their stun guns.
I turn to take on Vistorix only to find his fist coming straight at me.

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