Friday, 18 September 2015

1.14 Endgame Part 1

“Let’s see how well you can take this!” I yell as I fire a pair of missiles at Sam as we engage each other in aerial battle.

He crushes one with his telekinesis, but the other explodes into a dozen micro-warheads. Unable to respond in time, the warheads hit Sam, engulfing him in explosions which send him flying backwards.

For some context, James, Vance, Stefan, Lucy, Sky and I are currently facing off against Sam in the training room while Alex, Narszara and some others watch on from the control room.

He is coming in low James warns me.

I see him I think back as I spot Sam flying close to the floor.

I’m on it says Stefan as he unleashes several bolts of lightning at Sam.

While the lightning doesn’t actually do anything to hurt or even slow Sam, it does block his line of sight and forces him to pull upwards.

Hit him Vance! yells Stefan and Vance obliges as unleashes two beam of energy from his hands directly at Sam.

Good use of teamwork so far. While Sam may have started with the upper hand and has already taken out Lucy and Sky, I was able to force him back and between me and Stefan, we have been able to control Sam’s path of attack. Now Vance, one of the few of us with an attack actually able to stand a chance of taking Sam down, is hitting Sam dead on.

Sam grunts as the beams of energy blast hit. He raises his arms to block the attack as he is slowly forced backwards and downwards.

My turn I tell the others as I grin beneath my armour.

I unleash the other four missiles at Sam before firing both of my sonics at him. The missiles go directly for Sam, but curve as they fly through the air so when they explode into the micro-warheads, they’ll hit him in the side.

Unlike most with super senses, my sonics won’t do much against Sam as his psionic field protects him, shielding him from most of it. But a little will help quite a bit when used to support other attacks.

The missiles hit Sam, engulfing him in a large explosion. Barely a split-second later, Vance’s energy beams blast Sam out of the explosion and into the ground.

Sam crashes into the floor, leaving a small crater. Vance and I keep our respective energy beam and sonic attacks, but after a moment we cease.

“Lantern is-” starts Alex from up in the control room when Sam suddenly springs to life. He zooms straight at me, catching me off guard.

He punches me in the chest, sending me flying. It takes me a moment to stabilise myself, but when I do, it’s just in time for me to hear Alex declaring Stefan out of the match, just as she had with Sky and Lucy earlier and almost did so with Sam just now.

Stefan is down James informs me.

I heard I reply

Look out! yells Vance.

I feel a mental strike of pain from James a mere moment before the mental connection is broken.

“Vision is out,” declares Alex.

“I’ll hold him, you hit him,” I yell at Vance as I fly at Sam.

This time it is my turn to catch Sam off guard as I tackle him mid-air. He huffs in surprise as we slam into the wall.

But Lantern has always been stronger than the Sentinel and Sam easily breaks free of my grip. He slams his fist into my face and I go flying.

“It’s not going to be that easy Daniel,” says Sam with a grin on face.

“That’s soon going to be mutual,” I reply.

“We’ll see,” says Sam as he swings another fist at me.

I sidestep and roll to his side just as Vance blasts him in the back again.

“Don’t count me out just yet,” says Vance as he blasts Sam with another energy beam.

“Oh, I’m getting to you-” starts Sam as he blocks Vance’s energy beam with a raised up, but I cut him off as I punch him.

“You’re still out numbered,” I point out.

“But you’re out of heavy firepower,” retorts Sam.

“Then bring it on!” I tell him as swing another punch at him.

But Sam dodges easily, his flight being much more manoeuvrable than that of the Sentinel armour. He punches at me and I raise both my arms to block. Not very effective as Sam’s strike still sends me flying.

I hear Sam zooming off and Vance blasting with his energy beams. As I gain control of my flight once again, I hear Alex’s voice.

“Bolt is out!” declares Alex, “Good luck Sentinel, you’re going to need it.”

“Oh, I won’t need luck,” I reply.

Unbeknownst to the others, I still have one last trick up my sleeve.

“Want to call it quits?” asks Sam, “I got you outnumbered and outpowered.”

“You wish,” I reply, “Bring it on! I’m ready for you.”

“As you say,” grins Sam and he zooms at me.

I activate one of the training room’s attack features and a giant beam of purple energy fires from the wall behind me at Sam. Sam barely has a split-second to look shocked before it hits him dead on.

The energy attack slams him into the wall on the far side of the room and Sam drops face first into the floor.

“Lantern is out!” declares Alex, “Sentinel is the winner. By the virtue of cheating.”

“I didn’t cheat,” I protest, “I just used my home field advantage!”

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